Dandruff and flaky scalp: how to fight?

The wrong hair care (lack of moisture), and various external factors (dry air, chlorinated water, UV rays, stress), it has a negative impact on the health and beauty of the scalp. While this area of the skin of the man stands out because, as a rule, receives minimal care.

The first sign of lack of attention to hair is the presence of dead cells of the scalp. A layman will not be able to separate a simple peeling of the skin from appearing of dandruff, although their symptoms are similar. Having had «dandruff» a woman wants to change the usual shampoo for one that is most touted as the miracle tool, able to resolve the trouble.

However, in reality, dandruff is a disease caused by excessive oiliness of the scalp.

What should be the prevention of this disease?

First and foremost, do not need to create for the scalp additional stress. Frequent shampooing and use of various mousses, conditioners, masks and other styling products, walk under UV rays without a hat, sudden changes in temperature – all this can lead to the appearance of dandruff. Here, the first thing you need to carefully consider his numerous jars with special tools, to do their audit, which is especially needed after a holiday. Hairdressers recommend periodically change shampoos and styling hair, as though they have no suit.

Principles of treatment

Treatment flaky scalp, oddly enough, pleasant process. Trichologists – experts in the field of healthy hair, recommended to eat hard cheese, oysters, fish. Not to exclude from their diet eggs, liver and wholemeal bread products, containing a large supply of zinc. We should not neglect the scalp massage that not only improves circulation, but also relieves stress.

If you choose a moisturizing mixture, then stop your opinion on funds from natural oils can make hair black, and the scalp to replenish water and lipid balance.