Curly hair: the basic principles of care

Beautiful curly hair is a source of pride, they add charm and flair of its owner. But the hair shone with beauty and health, you need to look after it correctly.

Curly hair gets inherited. They have in the building has its own characteristics: if you look at curly hair in a cut, you can see the oval. Straight hair has a round shape. How elongated oval in the structure of the hair depends type hair, it can be small curls or very curly curls.

Curly hair is usually brittle, unruly, and obstinate. The reason is that curly hair is porous, and the bends in their structure hinder the circulation of oxygen in the barrel of the hair so strands look dry or, on the contrary, fat. Such hair is prone to breaking, so you need to very carefully approach the choice of a hair dryer, Curling iron and Styler.

How to wash curly hair?

For such hair shampoos and other care products you need to choose very carefully. The owner of dry hair, it is recommended to give preference to shampoos that contain moisturizing ingredients and emollients.

If the hair does break down, you need to use shampoos for enhancing. Their composition should be present keratin, sage, nettle. The owner of wavy curls do not need to wash their shampoos for adding volume, since they affect the hair.

After wash hair is better to dry not hot air from a hair dryer, and the usual towel promaqua throughout their length and trying to give the strands a spiral shape.

You can use special sprays that considerably facilitates combing. Your hair should be trimmed every few months. Great improves blood circulation of the scalp and adds health to your hair a head massage a few times a month.

Mask for extra care

1. Oil mask for very dry curls. Prepared a mixture of oil of sea-buckthorn and any other oil, it all rubbed into the scalp. After an hour wash off the mask and wash with shampoo. You can apply a couple times a week.

2. For dry and damaged hair mask fit of cabbage. Into the roots and throughout their length need to RUB cabbage juice, then cover with polyethylene. After 30 minutes, rinse the hair well.

3. Nourishing mask. Mix three tablespoons of oil, preferably olive, and a little honey. Apply the mask then wrap hair and leave it for 45 minutes. Then wash off with just water, without using shampoo.

Some rules in the care of curly hair:

– Well-chosen haircut. If you cut your hair ladder length up to the shoulders, they will be easier to style;

– Use for staining of natural gentle paint not to dry and not to harm hair;

Hair washing often using air conditioning;

To eat because what we eat affects the health of all organ systems, including the hair.

To holders of wavy hair could be proud of them, you should pick a competent professional care, a special line of caregivers are also encouraged to pay attention to the proven recipes.