Crisis correction

It is no secret that procedures for the correction – one of the most expensive in the segment of aesthetic medicine. So how better to prepare for the fly at the lowest possible cost? What you can save? This will tell the doctors of the medical cosmetology branch of the center of beauty of the Noble Manor. So, problem # 1 – the fight against cellulite. It affects 90% of women: thin and full; very young and age; leading a sedentary lifestyle and athletes. Cellulite is a problem that occurs at the level of adipose cells, and therefore to treat it is necessary at the cellular level. Rigid diets and haphazard sports sometimes only worsen the picture. And creams and scrubs bring a temporary and insignificant effect. So if you want to get the perfect result, in some cases without the help of professionals can not do. There are several types of cellulite and its 4 stages, respectively, to approach the choice of methodology must be strictly individually.

In this case, costs less, and more results. Note: the figure without cellulite is possible at any age!

In women with cellulite, in combination with excessive fat deposits on the forefront lipolytic treatments, ie those that «kill» fat cells, that «too much». Under attack automatically hits and body fat affected by cellulite. Best lipolytics are that the injection of preparations or ozone. Ozone therapy is extremely effective and the most budget way, but also the most painful. The bruising also need to be prepared. If You are able to tolerate, then the expected effect will come about after the third treatment. All they will need from 8 to 12 pieces. By the end of the course You – «slender sweetie,» and without cellulite.

If You are afraid of injections, in this case, the optimal selection method – lifting (rf-lifting) or low frequency ultrasound, or preferably both combined in one procedure. In this case, the ultrasound destroys the fat cell membrane and rf (radio waves) due to thermal treatment «melts» its contents, decomposing into components, which are then excreted. Unconditional positive that concurrently with lipolysis radio wave tightens skin, and removes the «orange peel». Pain is no no effect see already 3-4 days after the first procedure. Although «fun» and it turns out more expensive, but the result is worth it.

If the fat cell is destroyed, its contents should be disposed of and removed by the body via the lymphatic system. Treatments of lymphatic drainage on costly apparatus, you can replace the manual massage, and at home drink more water and herbal teas. Of course, it is very important to follow a diet. It is important not to overload the liver, and then she can easily cope with the detoxification on their own.

Have cellulite the «skinny women» – use a different program. Their main task is not to «kill» fat cells, and restore it work «healthy». In fact, why do You need a flat butt and skinny legs?! The basic procedures directed to the restoration of cellular metabolism of adipose tissue. And instead of flabby fat, You get a spectacular cast shape, slender and toned. In this case, the real leader of the anti – cellulite treatment is extracorporeal shock wave therapy (aw-therapy). She does «everything at once», ie, in scientific language: «affects all pathogenetic links of cellulite»: it separates the fat «slices»; it creates a «shock effect» for fat cells; increases blood circulation, providing a powerful lymphatic drainage; tightens, lifts and rejuvenates problem areas. The effect is apparent immediately after the first treatment and continues to grow.

This «all at once» in the end turns out to be very profitable!

The most complex and difficult of correction fibrotic cellulite (also known as «nodular») – the scourge of young sports women. Exercise and home remedies are absolutely useless. With this kind of cellulite (aw-therapy) is the optimal selection method, «break» fibrosis. By the way, according to European cosmetic, the shock wave is not only most effective but also the safest cellulite remedy. And, most importantly — self-sufficient!!! This is an obvious economic advantage.

So, to sum up…. To save you should that you can do yourself at home: easy lymphatic drainage; massage; body scrubs and body wraps that improves blood circulation. In the competence of the professionals leave an impact on cellulite on the level of fat cells.

Expensive hardware massage and muscle toning possible to change to a hand massage and self-performed exercises.

In the end, a beautiful figure – a kind of feminine capital, and it is worth it to invest in it was literate.