Components moisturizing lipstick and regulations of its choice

Beautiful, well-groomed and healthy lips always look attractive. Various external factors such as wind, sun or frost can have a negative impact on their condition. Lips can flake, crack or become weather-beaten that is why, lately, become a popular moisturizing lipstick, a tool that not only gives beauty and colors the lips but moisturizes them and protects from the adverse effects of nature. And even given the fact that she quickly erased or is eaten, its application will make the skin on the lips.

The right purchase

To get started is to decide on the brand of the manufacturer. Do not trust one of the most attractive and alluring parts of a person unknown cosmetic companies, or manufacturers from China, this can only hurt.

Next, consider the place of purchase, it must be proven store and not the tray on the stock market.

Pay attention to the product its smooth texture and smell. The application should be pleasant, no weird or tightening sensations. After washing a lipstick should not be stains on the lips. Another important aspect is the fluidity of the lipstick, if it flows on the lips – it’s not your brand and type of moisturizer, let’s turn to another manufacturer or seller.

If there are some disturbing moments from the purchase should be abandoned.

An important factor when buying a moisturizer is its shelf life, consider this. After the opening, the lipstick can be used from 5 to 9 months, up to this point the term shall not expire. If the vehicle is not visible – this may mean that an unscrupulous manufacturer or seller had them removed. Conclusion – refusal to purchase.

Package integrity and uniformity of lipstick needs to be seen. Carefully consider a box of tools, cracks should be force to abandon the acquisition. In this case, the lipstick could get germs and bacteria, which absolutely must not fall on his lips.


Moisturizing lipsticks contain a variety of substances. It dyes and fragrances (responsible for the colour and smell of money), the basis and useful supplements.

Based usually use natural waxes and various oils add Shine after application, and enable them to be kept longer means on the lips.

For moisturizing lipsticks as additives use vitamins E and A. they both are the beauty vitamins, are responsible for the elasticity and youthfulness of the skin. Vitamin E is able to heal small cracks and soothe irritation, so it is rare what lipstick do. Some moisturizers contain UVF-factors preventing them from ultraviolet light on the lips.

Of course that’s not all. Worth noting is definitely the presence of preservatives in lipstick, they do not allow it to deteriorate prematurely.

Also to complement these tools supply a variety of oils with different effects, from anti-aging to healing. This can be coconut oil, avocado, or lanolin oil.

As a conclusion it is necessary to specify that the lips must follow, even expensive and longlasting lipstick will not make flaky lips beautiful. If you know that this part of the face most often exposed to weather – control measures, including use and home remedies that at night time help to get rid of the problem and once again become stunning.

Text: Kseniya Aleksandrovna