Common myths about acne

Acne is the most unpleasant appearance – so says 80% of respondents in psychological studies of adolescents. Improperly or inadequately treated acne can cause loose skin and unsightly scars afterwards. There are many myths regarding the root causes of acne and worsening of acne, most of which has been disproved by physicians.

Myth # 1. Sex

When the girl or young man start to live a sexual life, then almost immediately cured from rashes. Sorry, it’s just a story for high school students. In fact, eels have nothing to do with number of sexual partners, number or frequency of contacts with the opposite sex. But women’s cycles do have an impact on the exacerbation of acne in approximately five to seven days before menstruation.

Myth # 2. Hygiene

Acne occurs regardless of how often and by what means is flushed face. Furthermore, too aggressive washing and using alcohol-based lotions may dry up the skin, destroying its natural defenses, and to provoke a further «blooming» of the lesions, itching and flaking. The norm for oily skin – cleansing the skin twice a day special gentle means with anti-inflammatory supplements.

Myth # 3. Food

No chocolate, no oranges or eggs can cause acne. But if after eating certain foods were seen the acute reaction of the skin and increase the skin rash, it is wise to reconsider your diet and undergo a medical test to allergens.

Myth # 4. The sun

Tan, regardless of whether he was received in the sunroom or on the shores of the warm sea, makes acne just less noticeable, but does not cure them completely. Moreover, ultraviolet light contributes to the blockage of sebaceous glands and formation of comedones. Excessive sun bathing can also reduce the natural immunity of the skin and allow infection to spread uncontrollably.

Myth # 5. Stress

Many agree that acne is not the most pleasant that can be seen on the face. However, getting depressed is not worth it. Perhaps excessive tension and does not affect the number of lesions, but positive emotions and a positive attitude will certainly help to quickly get rid of acne.

Text: Valentine Shmidova