Combined facial: how is who need. Features combination of cleansing the face, contraindications

Clean, healthy skin gives beauty and allows you to look younger. Therefore, deep cleansing is necessary at any age.

Choosing a salon procedure, you should pay attention for the whole cleansing. It combines the use of aggressive mechanical and safe ultrasound exposure on the skin.

What is it — combined cleaning

The essence of the procedure is to use the opportunities that gives you the mechanical manual cleaning, but to exclude injury of the skin. Combined facial is suitable even for those customers who are forced to abandon their aggressive but effective ways of facial care because of the excessive sensitivity of the skin. The procedure is characterized by high comfort because of the pain the client hardly feels.

Hand massage and cleansing can achieve full cleansing of the pores of the sebaceous plugs and the use of the ultrasonic device helps to avoid redness of the face, appearance of bruises and painful areas. The rehabilitation period after the procedure is minimal. As a rule, the redness completely disappear for 3-4 days, max a week.

It is important that clean the skin can locally, that is, to work with individual sections. Manual cleaning, for example, is where formed blackheads, white bumps, pustules, Milia (Bunting, or whiteheads). On healthy skin using an ultrasonic handpiece, the final purification of dirt and accumulations of sebaceous secretion. Due to ultrasonic effect is not observed swelling, no scarring and redness rapidly.

Thus, in one session, the client receives two types of cleaning. And hence, efficiency of treatments is doubled. Beautician tailor a plan of care, conducting mechanical removal of purulent and sebaceous secretion only in those places where it is really needed. The rehabilitation period lasts 2-3 days.

Indications for combination facial cleansing

The procedure can be performed at any age regardless of the time of year. In this it differs from chemical peels, which can not be carried out during the period of active sun, which in spring and summer.

Indications for combined cleaning of the face skin are following defects:

• oily skin with enlarged pores;

• acne, pimples;

• black and whiteheads (comedones and Milia);

• inflammatory elements;

• uneven skin texture;

• grey, unhealthy complexion;

• the first signs of aging skin.

usually for the procedure of prior consultation is not required. However, there are a number of contraindications, which have to tell the beautician.

How is the combined cleaning

The combination of one session of cleaning two different procedures makes the salon visit long. Combined face cleaning is performed in seven stages.

1. Preparing the face for further manipulation, make – up remover. Cosmetologist necessarily cleanse it using a mild lotion to client’s skin type.

2. Easy peeling for opening the pores and increasing the effectiveness of the procedure. This step is not always carried out, the beautician takes into account the condition of the skin of the client and the need to solve a specific problem. Scrub removes dead skin cells, particles of street dirt and dust.

3. A light hand massage to relax the facial muscles and increasing skin sensitivity.

4. Skin steaming jets of hot water vapor. Due to this effect the contents of the clogged pores softens and remove them easier. Steaming is not carried out in severe rosacea, sensitive or dry skin, as well as bronchial asthma. In these cases, the alternative is chemical cold steaming. Skin is applied a special gel that opens pores, makes warrior a layer of more friable.

5. Delete the contents of the clogged pores and pustules special spoon UNO. The inflamed areas are not processed, since the probability of post infection. If the stomach fails, the cosmetologist can remove everything that needs to be removed manually. Squeezing safely as a doctor working in a sterile environment and knows the technique of manipulation.

6. Skin cleaning by ultrasound is the main manipulation in the combined facial. It is with special coating spatula. Skin during the procedure, periodically moistened with gel.

7. Extra care after the procedure is skin treatment means, which tighten pores, reduce inflammation, moisturize. As a rule, is applied to the face lotion, then applied a mask for the final step, the beautician, use the cream according to skin type – moisturizing or nourishing.

Some salons replace ultrasonic skin treatment laser. This is also valid. The laser beam destroys the upper horn layer of the skin, causing the cells to actively regenerate. An additional advantage of the laser is stimulating your own collagen fibers. Thus, this cleaning helps to improve skin elasticity, and hence facial rejuvenation.

In any case, and ultrasound and laser are gently, do not injure the skin. No scars are formed. Moreover, the existing old damage are smoothed, the skin flattens and looks smoother, fresher, healthier.

The results of combined face cleansing

Compared with conventional mechanical cleaning combined version is more delicate, gentle. All the advantages of a manual removal of sebaceous plugs and pimples remain.

The results of combined cleaning will please any woman:

• skin is deeply cleansed, then removed the accumulated sebaceous secretions;

• restores normal circulation and oxygen supply to the cells;

• shrink enlarged pores;

• restoring normal sebum, the skin becomes less oily;

• improves complexion;

• it cleans the face from acne and comedones;

• wrinkles disappear;

• the face oval is tightened, the skin becomes more elastic.

After a combined face face woman looks younger, fresher, feels more attractive. Of course, to be protected after the procedure will have to:

• about a week needs to avoid high temperatures, i.e., do not visit saunas, beaches and solariums;

• do not soak in a hot bath or hot shower (cool or warm);

• during the same week any additional aggressive treatments can not be done, that is, scrubbing and peeling under ban;

• it is better not to use decorative cosmetics to give then to recover in a natural way;

avoid heavy sweating, so you need to hold off on intense exercise and heavy physical exertion.

Manual squeezing of pimples and comedones injure the skin, no matter how steamed she was. If after visiting beautician appeared mild swelling and redness is a normal reaction. To help the skin to recover faster, you can use a soothing, anti-inflammatory products (tonics, masks, lotions) containing medicinal herbs.

Forget about daily care for your skin type too. In the morning, hydrating cream, night nourishing. Well, for a rehabilitation go to medical cosmetics, or handle the affected individual elements of a disinfectant and wound-healing agents.

Is a combined cleaning person once, repeat after two or three months depending on skin condition and needs. During this time, the resource of purity that the skin receives during the procedure, is lost and must be replenished.

Contraindications to combined face face

As with any cosmetic procedure involving violation of the skin, the combination of face cleansing there are contraindications. They are mostly associated with skin diseases or dermatological problems. Contraindications are:

• psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis;

• hermetic rashes;

• furunculosis and acute inflammatory processes on the skin;

• rosacea;

• vitiligo;

• demodectic mange;

• large moles;

• skin injuries (burns, scrapes, wounds);

• rosacea.

Not performed procedure in the acute stage infectious diseases, fever, malaise. It is impossible to do the combined procedure in some other diseases, acute or chronic:

• hypertension;

• bleeding disorders and other problems related to the blood;

• violation of blood circulation;

• neuralgia, epilepsy.

• bronchial asthma;

• fibroids;

• oncologic diseases;

• disruption of the endocrine system;

• the presence of metallic implants.

Not the procedure pregnant women. You should not do the cleaning during the critical days, so at this point, the body responds to damage of the skin heavy bleeding. If a woman has a very low pain threshold, it also should consider the appropriateness of any traumatic manipulation of the skin.

Contraindication is Allergy and the General tendency of the skin to rapidly respond to certain cosmetic products, temperature changes, etc. in addition, if the dermis (top skin layer) is too dry, it is necessary to abandon the procedure. It will become too much of a stress.