Miracles coffee wraps. Easy to lose weight, while enjoying the invigorating aroma: technology coffee wraps

Coffee is a wonderful product. Tasting Cup of coffee carries with it a lot of fun and cheerfulness.

Tonic effect of coffee is well-known. Still, coffee is a great diuretic.

It easily removes from the body excess liquid and it eliminates swelling.

The effect of drink on the skin, not too beneficial. But if coffee is be applied topically, it has no price! Also good for the skin and figure is also a wonderful Spa treatment.

Take a closer look at such a wonder procedure as a coffee body wrap. First and foremost, this is an amazing opportunity to spend at home, without spending money on salons, very nice action. Maybe meet with friends in the sauna, have a Spa and spend time in pleasant conversations and have fun at this time, and most importantly – lose Weight!

Coffee wrap: to do or not to do

Indications for coffee body wrap is enough to seriously pay attention to it:

• Cellulite. (This hateful «orange peel» will be defeated);

• Correction (to Indicate relief. To make the outlines clearer, lose weight in difficult areas);

• Stretch marks (After childbirth or dropping significant weight, to get rid of stretch marks);

• Occupation of active sports (after strenuous exercise the body accumulates a significant amount of lactic acid);

• Swelling (when eating salty or spicy foods, and if the kidneys cannot cope with excess fluid);

• Dry skin (type you have dry skin or skin became dry and flaky after sun or Solarium);

• Acne (age-related phenomenon or recurring rash, in connection with the cycle);

• Diseases of the joints (arthritis, arthrosis);

• Rheumatism;

Contraindications to the use of coffee wraps, of course there are, but it’s more contraindications to steaming, warming of the body that needs to be done before applying the weight for the coffee wraps.

Before you start losing weight, make sure that you do not have these diseases.

• Tumors. (And a suspicion on the tumor of any type);

• Diseases gynecological in nature (it is Better not to overheat without consulting with your doctor);

• Pregnancy and lactation. (Possible problems with lactation);

• Diseases of the kidneys;

• Cardiovascular disease and hypertension;

• Venous disease, including varicose veins. (It is better to choose a cold wrap with coffee, and avoid rubbing and other manipulations.);

• Allergy or skin diseases. (Coffee is not very allergenicity, but the mixture still consists of some components. You need to carefully read the recipe or to bring it under myself. Eliminating allergens and a negative effect.)

• General malaise. (The cause of sickness can be any. It is better to first understand the nature of the disease.)

• Uncertainty about the health of the endocrine system (e.g. diabetes.)

Coffee wrap: training

• Prepare ground for applying prescription. A lot better to cook in a water bath. Define a set of ingredients and mixing in the container, wrap in thick towel. If you are all ready at hand, you won’t have to leave the bathroom during mass.

• Be sure to steam the skin. Ideally, if you do the procedure in the bath or in the sauna. Can be done in the shower, but then need, a good warm up under running water or soak in the bath.

• Do not use bubble bath and shower gel, since coffee will clean the skin efficiently. You need to open the pores.

• In a good mood. Willingness to spare time for yourself and relax. To be sure that the next hour you will not ask for help or you do not need to go to work or walk.

Coffee wrap: recipes

There is a great variety of recipes and methods that you can choose for themselves personally, depending on the preferences and the complexity of the session.

You have to find the ingredients individually. In most recipes there honey, if you have an Allergy to it or you just don’t want to use honey you can substitute cream or gel.

Consider two coffee wrap slimming: hot and cold.

1 hot recipe mix coffee grounds wraps. To combat cellulite and eliminate toxins.

Three tablespoons coffee medium grind

Tablespoon of honey

Tablespoon of body cream

Red pepper on the tip of a knife

• Three tablespoons coffee medium grind weld in jazva or in a saucepan. (Begins to boil – off).

• Cooling until coffee is hot, but the hand can tolerate the temperature.

• In capacitance that may be put on the fire, mix a tablespoon of honey, a tablespoon of cream and red pepper on the tip of a knife.

• To take a shower. To steam the skin to redness.

• In a saucepan with honey and pepper add cooked ground coffee and to warm up the whole mass in a water bath to a temperature of 40-50 degrees.

• Apply this mixture locally to the areas that are most difficult give in to weight loss – the abdomen, thighs, area breeches and buttocks.

• Apply a little rubbing of the skin.

• Wrap the areas with plastic wrap in 2-3 layers on top and wrap with a towel or warm blanket.

• Useful if in advance to prepare on the sofa or bed revealed a blanket or Bathrobe.

• After 15-20 minutes, rinse the part with water.

2 hot recipe mix coffee grounds wraps. To fight against stretch marks and cellulite.

Three tablespoons coffee medium grind

Tablespoon of honey

Tablespoon cream

Red pepper half teaspoon

Shilajit (prescription tablets)

• Recipe is prepared in the same way as the previous, but here the red pepper is much more on the skin should be free of wounds and allergies and RUB into the skin a lot is not necessary. Just the blend.

• After you wrap the weight, applied to the skin, cling film, should I wear home clothes and to lie down under a warm blanket. Feeling – hot like a sauna, and a little burn. A BIT! If the feelings are unpleasant – rinse. So this is not an option for you personally.

• After 20-30 minutes, wash off the ground and rubbed into the skin of the mummy (pre -, two tablets to dissolve in olive or Flaxseed oil)

• Put on the clothes. Shilajit absorbed in the skin with the oil using time. Do not just wear the good stuff. The oil is absorbed within two hours.

3 hot recipe mix coffee grounds wraps. For deep heating, cleansing and weight loss.

Five to six tablespoons of ground coffee

Tablespoon of honey

Paraffin wraps (sold in the pharmacy and used countless times because it has no direct contact with the skin. The necessary thing in the economy. It is useful for the treatment of children!)

• Brew coffee, poured the liquid.

• Add in the midst of the honey, rubbed.

• Prepare the wax. The most convenient is sheet from the oven (you can make special) oil sunflower oil, put the paraffin wax and warm in the oven until soft. Better to do it before going to shower.

• Once you apply ground to the desired area and wrap with foil, make sure that the wax has liquid areas, it needs to be transparent.

• Take a wrap, spread on the table in several layers. Turn the leaf with paraffin film. It will be as a layer. It also put the film.

• And put this layer on the right areas.

• Easier if you have assistant. You can arrange a Spa weekend with a friend to pamper each other for this procedure.

• With paraffin and good humor is supposed to lie under a blanket for forty minutes.

• After – remove paraffin. Remove until next time, wash off the mixture.

4 cold recipe mix coffee grounds wraps. Scrub and anti-cellulite.

Three tablespoons coffee medium grind (not boiled)

Tablespoon of honey.

Orange oil – 2-3 drops.

• On a steamed skin apply a mixture of boiled coffee, honey and orange oil. Carefully proscribing the skin. The feeling creeps up and a light numbness of the skin.

• To hold the skin in five to eight minutes and rinse.

Coffee wrap: sequence of actions

• Always prepare the ground to be used directly before the procedure. Do not prepare in reserve.

• Prepare plastic wrap coffee wraps.

• Wet the skin thoroughly in the sauna or bath. In the bath to soak for 20 minutes.

• Apply the composition of the following recipe and technique.

• Wrap the place with food film.

• Fix on top of the blanket or towel for deep heating.

• The time indicated in the recipe guide alone, in a comfortable position.

• Rinse after the time prescribed in the recipe.

Coffee wrap: expert tips:

• Especially pay attention to inner thighs, buttocks, waist area and «breeches». The procedure is carried out preferably prior to a process of waxing or shaving, because the skin is injured after part of the epilator, and the process will not be pleasant. The feeling must be good.

• Don’t forget about the hands! Especially need to pay attention to the inner part of the forearm, where the skin is tender and soft. The outer side of the forearm and shoulders to handle carefully as the skin here is quite rude and often prone to acne and different kinds of inflammation. Coffee wrap, even without a thorough rubbing will help to significantly lose weight and acquire the terrain in the area of the biceps.

• Take the area of the waist and buttocks. Thighs also RUB carefully in a circular motion. Here you need to spare masses coffee and effort. Cellulite does not like massage, rubbing and peeling, since it is a subcutaneous phenomenon. Massaging will improve the metabolism and accelerate weight loss.

• Use cheap ground coffee medium grind. Here does not require expensive varieties.

• Collect the thick after you or your Pets drink coffee in a clean Cup. At the right moment can simply be mixed with the remaining ingredients and use.

If you use a coffee wrap for weight loss, tone your body, the result will not keep itself waiting. Each session is a step toward the youth and elasticity of the skin.

Effects after coffee wraps:

  • Clean and well-groomed skin.
  • The reduction of swelling.
  • Eye noticeable cellulite reduction.
  • The tone of the skin.
  • Weight loss due to withdrawal from the body of excess fluid.
  • Soothing aromatherapy.
  • Healthy skin color.

Never deny yourself the opportunity to be happy and well-groomed.

Find time and opportunities. Every step, every movement you made for yourself and for the benefit of yourself, it will be noted and appreciated by others.

Happy you are happy people around you. Love yourself and your body. What a pleasure, is not expensive, but worth it!