Coconut oil for hair — the pros and cons. How to choose and use coconut oil for health and beauty of your hair.

One of the main advantages of women is a long, elegant, beautiful hair. Although holders of short hair less attractive, especially if the hairstyle looks stylish and modern. The only «but» is present only in the individual beauty of hair: Your hair can hardly be called beautiful, if the hair look unkempt.

The scourge of our modern times is based on three pillars, which make the appearance of women and girls losing its appeal. It is an eternal rush, stress and lack of time. Unfortunately, to take care of the hair, skin, face and body have not all.

But there is a solution: to make a mask for the face, special care for hair at home. Only should be patient, because in most cases, the results of this care does not come immediately, but gradually. Today we will talk about the incredibly fragrant and useful hair remedy – coconut oil.

The pros and cons of coconut oil for hair

As you know, coconut oil has many beneficial properties that are overlooked is simply impossible. For example, it is permitted to exploit for cooking, instead of the ordinary sunflower oil. It will give the dish a unique aroma and a very interesting taste. Eat coconut oil can even those who suffer from atherosclerosis, as it is not in the structure of cholesterol. In perfectly healthy people, regular consumption of coconut oil in any form (as a pure food product or in the composition of foods) will help to reduce the risk:

• Atherosclerotic manifestations,

• Cancer tumors

• Diseases of the heart and blood vessels

• Acute respiratory infections, as this oil has excellent antiviral and antibacterial effect.

And we have listed only the influence of oil on the body as a whole. Also very positive effect on the skin of the face and body. The mask created on the basis of coconut oil, amazing moisturize the skin. They can smear the face after a bath, shower or sauna, use it before bed without any other creams and emulsions. It is perfectly absorbed, leaves no greasy film on the surface of the skin, and is particularly effect on irritated areas, for example, coconut oil is perfectly softens the area of the elbows and heels.

Coconut oil does not clog pores, absorbs wonderfully, and even smooths out facial wrinkles (the so-called «crow’s feet»).

Of course, we cannot exclude the beneficial impact of coconut oil on the scalp and hair. The simplest thing You can do to strengthen and restore the structure of your hair is to apply coconut oil, rubbing into the skin and massage gently, comb them, tie into a tight bun and cover with a towel. This procedure can be done before every shampooing, or at least one to two times within seven days.

Your hair undoubtedly will become incredibly silky, smooth and shiny. They are protected from the thermal effects of Curling irons and hair dryers, and UV rays can have a negative impact. Coconut oil for hair much easier to comb, will help to forget about dandruff and restore split ends.

Perhaps the only disadvantage of coconut oil is an individual intolerance, an allergic reaction to this product.

Coconut oil for hair recipe masks for dandruff

To get rid of annoying dandruff, flaking and itching of the skin on head seeks most women. These troubles can be related to stress, depression, properly selected hair products or hormonal imbalance in the body. Coconut oil for hair has a softening effect, it will serve as a «shield» for each hairs, enveloping her, but without weighing.

Let’s try to make a mask for hair dandruff with your hands. Given the length and density of Your hair, you need to take:

• Coconut oil – 1-2 tbsp

• Sea salt – 1-2 tbsp

• Chicken egg yolks – 2-3 pieces,

• Shampoo – 1-2 tbsp

All this mixture should be thoroughly mixed, and sea salt is a bit of a grind, so as not to injure the delicate skin of the head. Then apply the mask on hair roots and the skin, slightly rubbing, sloughing dead skin cells, then long hair pulling in a bun or picking up a pin «crab». For best results, wrap head with plastic or simply put on a tight package, and the top cover with a towel. So you need to walk about 30-45 minutes. Then towel and remove the package, again the blowing of the mixture with coconut oil and wash well hair. Next, use your standard shampoo.

Before use, dense coconut oil, gently melt on the stove or in the microwave.

Coconut oil and hops to restore and Shine hair

Hops is a unique substance which will return hair to its former strength and elasticity, cleanses them from pollution, and will also help to restore and accelerate growth. Due to decoction of hops, You are literally in a few hours will be able to prepare for a date or an important meeting: our hair mask in combination with coconut oil and yogurt will make the hair lush and manageable and is just charming.

So, You need to prepare:

• First and foremost, a decoction of hops. Take a tablespoon of the knobs of hops pour a glass of boiling water, placed in a water bath and proverjaem about 5 minutes. In the future, the broth will cool and strain.

• While the broth is getting cold, combine in a glass bowl with 1-2 tbsp coconut oil and half a Cup of yogurt without additives.

• Then add another quarter of a decoction of hop cones, stir and cover the hair.

the mask is quite liquid, so you should wear an old t-shirt and throw on the shoulders of the towel.

To be effective, it is better to leave our compound for some time, about 40-50 minutes. Then wash off the remnants of the mask and of course my head with your favorite shampoo.

Coconut oil and mustard — are struggling with hair loss and hair breakage

Very effectively combats the drop-down hairs the mustard. Yes, she can bake the skin, and the mask with mustard powder can be torture for ladies with sensitive skin. It is therefore very important to first make a mini test for the presence of an allergic reaction: mix a little mustard powder with water and cover the delicate skin near the wrist. Observe the immune response of the organism: if there is redness, swelling, burning and itching, better from a mask to refrain. Well, if no response, you should try to cook at home a great mask that helps to get rid of falling hair.

Here’s what You’ll need:

• Mustard powder (not mustard from the supermarket!) – 1-2 tbsp

• Coconut oil – 1-2 tbsp

• Egg yolk

• Warm water – 1 tbsp

• Sugar – cane or regular Your choice.

To avoid severe burning, sugar you need to add quite a bit – 1-2 teaspoons. Mix all the ingredients of the mask, «bathe» your hair in this mixture, pack in plastic and cover with a thick towel. The mask on the head, each girl can only withstand a certain amount of time, but You have to remember that the impact will need 30 minutes. Don’t worry if it’s only been 15 minutes and You unbearably burning mustard. Remove the mixture with shampoo and next time just use a smaller amount of sugar.

Coconut oil with brandy to preserve color-treated hair

Anyone no one knows that colored hair requires specific care? Probably only those who have never dyed hair with reactive dyes. To preserve the color and tone of color-treated hair to restore Shine through and flatter, there is an original mask based on coconut oil and brandy.

If You are going to cook it, You need to:

• 100-150 grams of cognac,

• 1 tbsp of honey

• Oils of coconut tree — 1 tbsp

• One egg yolk.

As usual, all You need to do is mix the ingredients and apply to hair, first on the roots, and then along the entire length. If You are a happy owner of a luxurious long hair, then increase to two times the amount of the components of the mask.

With this mask and the «turban» on the head of the towel You need to walk about 40-50 minutes and after that wash your hair, removing the remnants of the funds.

Coconut oil for hair rescue damaged and split ends

I’m sure many have appreciated the quality, reliability, and effectiveness of coconut oil for hairline. Almost any problem it will help you to decide with ease whether it is excessive oiliness, peeling and dandruff or save the shade of hair. In addition to a good combinations with other foods, coconut oil can be used as the only weapon in the struggle with split ends or frizzy, curly hair. For example, if You notice that the ends of Your hair, just cover them at night warmed coconut oil. Repeat the procedure at least one day during the week and You will notice the result.

According to tradition, ladies with curly hair often want to straighten. Stylers, Curling tongs, hairdressing, and special – this is a temporary weapon to use for a long time which is impossible. They will only aggravate the situation, sometimes causing irreparable damage to the hair structure. Be careful: the restore will take some time, during which You are unlikely to get the urge again to take up Curling. Not to damage hair, it is necessary to use protective equipment. But most of them are quite expensive. Don’t be sad! There is a great solution is coconut oil for hair. In a small enough amount to put it before or after shampooing and your hair will be silky, and the styling is perfect.

How to buy coconut oil for hair

Before purchasing the oil from the coconut tree necessarily focus on its color and transparency. This product is often imported from tropical countries, but after the flights transparent yellow oil suddenly becomes whitish, very thick and matte. Don’t panic, this can occur from changes in temperature. You only need a little to melt it, putting in a water bath or in the microwave. By the way, this unique tool can withstand heat even a few in a row, without losing their beneficial characteristics. And this miracle oil is quite inexpensive, which adds another plus in the Treasury of its obvious advantages.