Cleansing mask for face – how to do them properly at home

Not every woman can or wants to visit the beauty parlor to clean up skin.

Many girls are just afraid of salon peels. Not all rely on the purchase of products. Therefore it is not surprising that the increasing popularity of home cleansers.

Still, a homemade cleansing mask for the face should only be part of a comprehensive skin care and not the only component. Now let’s look at seven of the best masks to cleanse the skin.

Cleansing facial mask of clay

Face masks of any cosmetic clay has anti-inflammatory properties, they clean the skin, relieve rashes and blackheads. The products of clay is famous for its antiseptic properties, it also tightens the skin. Black clay great tightens pores and moisturizes, green is responsible for the process of cell regeneration, nourishes the skin. Girls with normal to oily skin are suitable cleansing mask made with white, black or blue clay. The owners of the problem, but dry skin will help red clay or a mix. It is made from white, green clay and essential oils.

Masks can be simple and consist of a main component and water or to increase additional ingredients. For example, women with pimples and sensitive skin, making cleansing facial mask of decoction of medicinal chamomile and white clay. For them also suitable products from cream and red clay. Both masks kept for about 20 minutes.

Cleansing, tightens pores, regenerating and moisturizing cosmetics prepared from black clay, which is diluted with infusions of mint and the series. It is kept for about 15 minutes. For any skin type is suitable cleansing mask for the face from the water, a few drops of pink, peach oil and blue clay. This mask is an excellent antiseptic, it is indispensable in the fight against acne.

According to the rules of any masks out of clay needs to stay on the skin until dry, thus they should not be left on the face longer than 20 minutes. After removing the mask with warm water the face can be rinsed with a decoction of herbs.

cleansing facial mask made of clay should be applied once in three days. They can not be applied to broken skin.

Mask-scrub for face

Mask-scrub suitable for all skin types. It easily clears the face of dead skin cells without damaging even sensitive and dry skin. Mask-scrub can be attributed to superficial peels. Her strength in acids (fruit or dairy). Popular mask, gommage or «Skadi» clean from impurities, which dissolve dead cells, and start the process of regeneration, tightens pores, removes Shine, possess mattifying properties, increase blood circulation, rejuvenate, make the skin elastic and supple, prevents the appearance of acne.

The main advantage of the mask-scrub for face is covered in soft cleansing. The finished products is a gel. It is distributed on a clean face in a thin layer, and after a couple of minutes rolled dry with your fingers (that’s why the mask was given its second name – the price).

During skutki under your fingers to form white pellets. Composition: medium, dead cells and particles of other origin, which did not allow the skin to breathe. After Skadi rinse face with water. If the mask refuses to freeze after two or three minutes, it testifies about applying too thick layer of the product or about the location of experimentators in the room with high humidity.

To do at home and homemade mask-scrub such as yogurt. Dairy product should be applied on the face and after it dries – roll crust with your fingers.

and purchased and homemade cleansing mask-scrub for the face you want to use no more than twice a week. If the facial skin is dry – once in seven days.

Yeast mask for face

Using a simple and inexpensive means of piketirovanijah of fresh yeast and lukewarm water women easily removes Shine your skin and saturate the vitamin, make it smooth, would deal with acne, pressat pimples, tightens pores. Yeast cleansing mask is ideal for oily skin. To enhance the effect of the water can be replaced with yogurt.

Purifying yeast mask should be smooth and not too runny, otherwise it will simply drain from her face. The exposure time of the mask of the fresh yeast – 20 minutes. When the layer hardens, it can be removed from the face layers. After washing the face is rinsed with a weak decoction of chamomile or yarrow. Make a yeast mask twice a week.

after removing home cleansers from yeast is not necessary about three hours to use any makeup.

Gelatin-milk cleansing mask

Tired of blackheads? Prepare a cleansing mask of milk and gelatin. Not only does it eliminate the blockage of the mouths of hair follicles, but will tighten, moisturize the skin, making it beautiful and pleasant to the touch.

For funds you will need two tablespoons of milk and gelatin, and less than half normal water. It is administered in gelatin, which is mixed after swelling with cold milk. Stir the mixture, put it in a water bath to dissolve the gelatin. See that the mask is not started. When cleansing gelatin-milk medium has cooled slightly, it can be applied to the skin without affecting the area under the eyes. Beware to apply a mask on the brow.

When you take a few minutes after applying the first layer, the face should be covered second. Complete drying of the mask film – about 20 minutes. After removing purifying mask, it is necessary to conduct a contrast washing.

a mask should not be washed, and to remove from the skin, starting from the chin and tightens the tape on his forehead.

Such gelatin foam has excellent cleaning effect and ready to give expensive purchased funds. Yet it has significant drawback – the process of removing associated with uncomfortable sensations. But almost all of the blackheads after a few treatments will remain on the remote films. Contraindications – rosacea.

Cleansing facial mask of Dimexidum

Dimexide is a special anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory drug which you can buy in any pharmacy (after reading the instructions for use). In the case of the proportions, recommendations, and ostorozhnosti during cooking and use a cleansing mask Dimexidum you can remove cosmetic problems on combination and oily skin without causing harm.

Dimexide removes pimples, acne, ulcers and is an excellent preventive measure against their occurrence. It also tightens pores and helps absorption of other components of the cleansing masks.

Often in home cleansing products dimexide combined with solkoserilom, which is able to improve metabolism in tissues and accelerate their regeneration. After dilution with water Dimexidum in the ratio of 1:10 prepared solution lubricate steamed face. Apply it on the skin should be cotton swab. Is applied on top of solcoseryl in the form of ointments, which regularly sbrazhivaetsya water to the mask has not dried up. The time of incubation is one hour. Frequency of use – two times in eight days, no longer than five weeks. For prevention – once a week.

There is another option mask «plus dimeksid solkoseril», the essence of which is an alternation of several layers of both drugs. After removal of the mask does not hurt to use a hypoallergenic cream.

You can do without solcoseryl, smeared face with a solution of water and Dimexidum. Any cleaning agent on the basis of Dimexidum should not be applied near the lips, eyes, and dry skin or stand for more than one hour. It is contraindicated for pregnant women, people with cardiovascular disease or renal failure etc.

intolerance Dimexidum and the use of cleansers made from it can cause burns and even anaphylactic shock. It can also cause bronchospasm, itching, etc. Therefore, testing for the perception of Dimexidum is a requirement that must be observed before applying to the face.

Cleansing mask made of aspirin and honey

This mask – what you need to clean oily or combination skin. Aspirin dries pimples, removes blackheads, reduces pores and makes skin tone smooth, removes greasy Shine. It is used to treat acne. While the honey nourishes and moisturizes the skin without letting it perenositsya, has a scrub effect, the face of him fresher, is clean, gentle. Aspirinova-honey mask can be used as anti-aging products.

For the preparation of suitable cleansing mask for oily skin you will need tablespoon of honey, four aspirins and half a teaspoon water. Crushed aspirin mixed with melted and connected to warm water with honey. If the mask turned out too liquid, add a rice or wheat flour, and reduce the amount of honey. Girls with dry skin should replace the water for jojoba oil, a normal yogurt. The conditioning period is 15 minutes. The wash – water. Frequency of use – once a week.

applying aspirin mask for very dry and extremely sensitive skin can cause severe dryness, allergic reactions, flaking.

Currant cleansing mask for the face

Masks of currants clean the skin and rejuvenate it, saturated with vitamins, normalizes blood circulation, sebaceous glands, anti-inflammatory effect, etc. is best for making cleansing masks fit white or red currants, and black berries make a good moisturizer.

If you want to get rid of excessive greasiness of the skin, you should make a mask of currant puree and brown bread, which must be soaked in milk. For oily, but not oily skin suitable mask from a tablespoon berry puree and two – a fermented milk product (whey, kefir, etc.). Both masks kept for no longer than 15 minutes, after that they are cleaned with warm water.

To remove the inflammatory skin diseases such as acne, you should make a mask of currant and clay. While oily skin will need a tablespoon of kaolin and the juice of the currant. The mixture should be thick. Dry skin will love cleansing masque of red or pink clay and crushed black currant. If your skin is combination, it is logical to use the first and the second mask, applying them to different areas of the white clay on the forehead, nose, chin, red on his cheeks.

Cleansing mask for the face — useful tips

In the manufacture and use of homemade cleansing masks should adhere to certain rules. For example, don’t have to make products from natural ingredients in reserve – is applied on the face only need a fresh mask. The composition should be applied on clean and steamed face. Clean the skin tonic. Therapeutic and easy herbal baths to steaming are usually prepared from dried chamomile or calendula.

Distributing a cleansing mask, try to stay calm: do not laugh, do not talk, etc peredergivaete homemade products, especially the mask, which include medicines. Consult your doctor before using household cleansers.