Christmas vacation is the best time for plastic surgery

Winter is not only the New year, long holidays and plans for the coming spring and summer, but also the opportunity to pamper yourself and slowly do with their appearance. It is the winter period is most suitable for carrying out plastic surgeries, which had long dreamed of, but so far failed to achieve the desired. It is actually much easier than it seemed earlier! Take note – the International medical center on clinic consultations of plastic surgeons is free, and even those experts who do the operation pop stars, and movie do not go from the pages of gloss.

Rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, mammoplasty, liposuction, abdominoplasty, intimate plastic surgery, any surgical correction, aimed at the rejuvenation and the return of the us for 10-15 years or more ago – all these interventions are best done in the cold season. Thus, it is possible to speed up the healing process of tissues and the spring and summer to impress others with their perfection.

Winter, cold, beauty…

Although the modern trends and rapid advances in the technical equipment of the clinics do plastic surgery minimally invasive, it’s better to be safe and operated on it in the winter.

The main arguments for this decision:

  • According to plastic doctors, post-operative rehabilitation are more tolerable in late autumn and winter. In summer we wear revealing clothing, including tops, shorts and open tops, which is difficult to hide from others fresh scars and scars after performing plastic surgery on visible parts of the body. Safer winter clothing hides the effects of interventions – much more convenient when the healing process takes place only under your medical supervision and without prying eyes.
  • Winter and new year period, Christmas vacation is the best time for plastic surgery because will not have to take additional leave and will have time for a leisurely recovery.
  • After performing mammoplasty, rhinoplasty and many other operations, the patient is advised to refrain from the appearance of the sun, not be exposed to ultraviolet light in order to avoid complications, it is impossible to sunbathe. The ban could last a few months. This means that the operation is best carried out well in advance of the holiday season, not to deny myself the pleasure of basking in the summer sun.
  • After liposuction and gaining so slim figure is also not recommended to sunbathe for a certain period, you can not sit for long periods – for example, in the aircraft seat during flights. This means that to get rid of extra inches is better in the winter, a few months before summer travel.
  • In the cold period of the year we are often trapped with stress and depression, fueled by lack of heat and sunlight. Plastic surgery can become a kind of psychological respite and joy, the first step to a happy change in life, when you can take break from usual duties and rejuvenate.
  • And finally, plastic surgery can be a welcome Christmas gift for friends and family.

The best investment is investing in yourself, with this, few would argue. There will always be fashion attractive appearance, youth and freshness.

Confidence, high self esteem, good mood, mental balance and attention from the opposite sex – all this will help you achieve good advice and a good specialist and cosmetic surgery performed by skillful hands.

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