Choosing a perfume. A few rules

Perfume smell that gives a woman individuality, emphasizes its character or mood, adjusts on a working harmony, or allows you to remember the most pleasant moments that are associated with used smell.

In any case, the purchase of perfume is the responsible thing, which can take several days. To find the same smell in some women it can take months.

According to certain rules in the choice of scent, decide quickly. These recommendations will help you choose a perfume as a gift. So.

Tips for buying the right perfume

  • On the day of the choice of perfume experts advise not to wear, it will fully experience the bouquet of the future of flavor. By the way, in one trip to the store can «learn» only three of the smell, the rest is not perceived by the receptors.
  • Be sure to consider the time of day, which will be used smell. To work is to take something fresh and invigorating, but for a romantic dinner, going to the theater – you can stay on a more delicate and sensual fragrances.
  • Do not buy the smell «worn» girlfriend (the mother-in-law, daughter-in-law). Each person is different, and therefore one and the same brand of perfume on each will be perceived differently.
  • Consider the time of year. The hotter the cooler and fresher must be the scent and Vice versa. By the way, if the purchase occurs in the summer, keep in mind that high temperature adversely affects the sense of smell, it becomes sensitive to any odors, and thus, likely to fail when selected.
  • According to the French (perfume connoisseurs), the choice of smell is a lot like picking a lover, that is with him to spend the night. Dropping to the back of her hands any fragrance, walk around with him all day, let’s see how it unfolds, do you like him «finish.» Only after such a test it is safe to purchase a bottle.
  • By the way, when you test a fragrance in the store is preferable to use the foam, and a strip of paper with a porous base, it holds the smell (take-home) and does not distort it.

When choosing a scent, consider their condition. The recent cold can permanently damage the receptors, and the hormonal changes in the body (pregnancy or postpartum) and the pill can really mess up the smell.