Choose a nail file

It would seem that such a broken nail — so, nonsense. But, nevertheless, this detail can spoil the woman mood for the whole day, especially if the bag will not be a nail file (as often and happens).

Conclusion: it is best to have as many nail files, how many handbags (then for sure the house will not forget), but this is only half the battle. First of all, the nail file is important to choose wisely.

When buying nail a woman, as a rule, first drew attention to her appearance and not on rigidity and quality of material, and absolutely nothing. Today, stores offer metal, glass, ceramic, wood and even crystal accessories for nail care. Try to figure out what the nail file is perfect for everyday use, and what to buy is not worth it.

Choose the material

Primarily, the choice depends on the required end result and General condition of your nails.

For weak, breaking nails are often best suited glass nail file. It is the most safe, long service life and easy to operate.

Wooden tool is also reliable and durable, but brittle nails it is not worth it. Unfortunately, this file does not disinfect, so in nail salons not in use, although quite popular.

A versatile tool for nails which are constantly splitting, will serve as the sawing of ceramics.

If the nails are strong and healthy you can easily use the brush on polyurethane, but for particularly sensitive need a crystal nail file.

For owners of artificial nail is best suited pomegranate nail file.

But if you are «happy» owner of a metal nail file, hide it away, and even better, throw more harmful for the nail art has not yet invented. It is grossly disfiguring the nail plate, produces a bundle, and may even cause the appearance of fungus.

Determine the stiffness

A very important hardness or abrasiveness of the file. Grit is a unit of measurement of abrasion and the higher, the better the tool is suitable for processing in the first place, natural nails.

If the level of abrasion is less than 180-grit nail file is designed only for artificial nails. With number 240 grit to file natural nails of any type. Nail files up to 400 grit are used to complete the manicure.

Nail files with index of 400-900 grit very soft — they are necessary in preparing the nails for polishing. The soft nail files (900 to 1200 grit) are called «buffs» and are used to impart a mirror Shine.

Polishing. Be careful

It would seem that there is nothing difficult to get shiny, polished nails. It is enough to take polishing nail file, not much time to work on each of its sides and get a great result.

But, alas, such a procedure once in 3 months to do counter — with frequent use of polishing nail file the nails very quickly thins and becomes literally like paper. You wouldn’t be satisfied.

But without such a file will not do, when it is necessary to remove the bundle. It must be done very carefully, moving from the edge of the nail to the root. After completing the operation on the nails necessarily applied gel or firming oil.

How to check if it’s your file

To check how well you fit the selected blade, look at the edge of the nail. If the edge turns smooth and handled quickly and easily, machine for you.

If after treatment remain the roughness and irregularities of the nail file needs to be urgently changed. And yet — it must be able to use, otherwise it will not help even with a quality tool.

The blade should be kept at a right angle to the nail plate, the movement of produce from the corners to the center.

And don’t forget that regular cleaning of the nail file, it is best to use a patch or tape.