How to choose a hair color to the face: makeup artist tips. Photo compilation of successful and unsuccessful selection of hair color to the face

Beautiful well-groomed hair and emphasize the unique feminine image.

Well, if the curls by nature is lush and there is no gray.

What to do women with dull color or gray hair?

Of course, to seek the assistance of a stylist or Barber who knows how to pick hair color to face: the woman looked young, stylish and attractive.

In addition to problems with color, hair coloring will help the fair sex, thickness of hair leaves much to be desired.

But before you start painting, you need to understand what color will suit to a particular type of person.

Hair color: does it need to change?

Natural hair color does not look natural, this gift of nature blends perfectly with the color of eyes, facial features. In addition to all of undyed hair (if healthy) Shine, emit silk strands gently falling down to the shoulders. These curls also say that with the well-being of the woman is all right. But that’s not everything: natural hair does not require such protection, as painted. The restore procedure is those disadvantages, which pulls the hair.

If the hair is white and painting has become inevitable, you can never go wrong if you choose a paint color tone in tone to your natural hair color. If you simply want to change your image or change your life, starting with the hairstyle, ask for help, that unmistakable call of the colors and shades will tell you how to choose a hair color to the face.

Despite the fact that naturalness is always in fashion, but you sound kind of color feel uncomfortable, feel free to change color, it is important not to make the wrong choice, because the wrong tone can accentuate all the flaws on the face, to shade wrinkles and rashes.

How to choose a hair color to the face: General principles

When choosing paint colors for hair, an important factor is the tone of the skin and its features. Blond and black – a favorite decision of the fashionistas, are not for everyone and very often can add visually a few years, but this is not what women seek, so do not chase fashion, and to adequately deal according to your complexion and hair color. In order to make it easier to navigate in a rich palette of colors, please specify who you’re a woman-winter, spring, summer or autumn. Based on this we can safely make a choice in favor of one or another color.


Women of this type are characterized by cold contrast: the skin tone can be very bright and very dark. The same goes for eye colors that can affect your pungency (black, brown) and be the deep cold (grey, blue).

Women of this color type can feel free to choose black, even light-skinned «winter» will look gorgeous painted that way. Look good brown, ash shades. If you want to look extravagant, black hair to dilute the bright strands, but in any case, remember that choosing black, the facial skin needs to look perfect: it should not be age spots, acne, freckles.

Taboo for «winter» — all variants of the blonde, warm Golden tones.


Woman spring has light eyes (blue, green) and fair skin, nevertheless it is a warm color type, with natural hair from light blonde to dark brown. Ideal for painting — dark Auburn, Golden, light brown hair. Natural hair color: either dark brown or redhead, you can transform, making the strands a tone or two lighter than the natural, thus adding volume.

As for unwanted tones are blonde, grey, light red. Such variants belong to cold colors, and they are not combined with a warm skin tone, making her plain.


Soft cool color type with light eyes and cool skin tone. Most often a woman-summer – brown hair, but to become more vivid, you can experiment with bright tones up to the blonde. Light brown is able to make vivid any «year mouse».

Do not experiment with dark tones – they are old and do look heavy and unspectacular. If the woman is the owner of brown eyes – not worth it to lighten your hair is not the best option, where your eyes will look scary.


Warm contrast color type, which is characterized by light or dark eyes, dark hair (to brunette) and a brighter skin tone than the spring.

To dye their hair perfect all the dark options: black, chestnut, dark blonde, intense red. Copper, gold, bright colors should not be considered as an option – they will be unprofitable to look at the background of dark skin.

How to choose a hair color to face: successful options

Good color choices for brown eyes

Women, the owner of the dark eyes and dark skin look will be combined with the strands, painted in dark colors: from dark-brown to black.

Fair-skinned ladies with dark eyes you can play with bright colors, choosing brown, chocolate and copper tones.

Amber and gold paint will make it more expressive hazel eyes.

Good color options for green eyes

Green-eyed beauties are the best option that you can imagine. They can experiment with fiery hues, shining with gold and all red palette. If you are not ready for such experiments and want to look stylish, but restrained, chestnut – your option.

Dull green, swamp eyes will match perfectly with dark blonde and brown hair.

Good options for blue eyes

Depending on the characteristics of blue eyes, can be considered various options of shades for your hair. If they have a cool gray or blue color, then the most appropriate will color the hair in light brown or ash. Blue with splashes of brown, will look harmoniously in tandem with red strands, Golden, caramel tones.

Bright vivid blue eyes perfectly with the brown, so you should pay attention to light brown options for hair dyes.

Good color choices on the face shape

We all know that light colors create the volume, while dark reduced. It is important to remember this rule when choosing colors for the hair.

If you are unable to solve the issue how to choose hair color for round face, listen to the advice of experts who say an unequivocal Yes dark colors: they will reduce the oval face, abramiv his dark strands.

Thin women with a long oval face it is best to dye your hair bright colors, and, if to all to do and a short (or medium length) with lush haircut, the face will be more rounded.

How to choose a hair color to face: bad options

Ladies with a round face should not look in the direction of colors, bright colors, and especially blonde. This option will further extend their oval. To further aggravate the situation can short voluminous haircut.

Beware of stands and slim women, experts advise to be painted in dark colors, and especially not worth it to make the strands straight: if you’re a brunette, add hair volume.

Darkie with dark eyes is not worth the risk with warm tones: gold, caramel, copper.

Brown-eyed and fair-skinned ladies should cautiously treat ash, graphite, pink tones.

Fair-skinned and light-eyed Nordic girls have to pass the shelves with dark tones of colors, as they visually make them delicate face is much older.

The woman, who wished to change their image and to dye hair a new color, have to seek the assistance of stylist who knows exactly how to pick hair color to face and not only to preserve the natural attractiveness, but also make it even more impressive.

In addition to the color, must pay attention to the hair, which is most beneficial to look or that tone of hair, as any detail could add an effect or take it away.