Chocolate beauty treatments at home

You probably noticed that from eating a piece of chocolate instantly improves mood, and everything seems not so dull? In this blissful condition will be your skin and hair if you are going to indulge, at least once a week, masks based on cocoa.

To taste the chocolate wrapping, it is not necessary to go to the expensive salons, you can do it at home!


Chapped, dry lips are a real problem. With it easily helps to manage cocoa powder! For restorative mask fill with warm water 2 teaspoons of cocoa (to a paste). In a water bath, melt a little beeswax with the addition of two drops of jojoba oil. Mix the wax with cocoa mass and received the balm, apply for 20 minutes on the lips. Then rinse with warm water.


Nowadays it’s rare to see happy owners of thick, shiny hair. But with proper care and the desire each of us can have shiny hair.

Try this miracle recipe: mix a spoonful of cocoa with a spoon of water and heat. Mix this paste with egg yolk, and add a half Cup of yogurt. The mask should be rubbed into the hair, and then wear a plastic cap. After an hour wash the hair. For a full course of recovery requires at least six weeks. When this hair mask is desirable to do twice a week.

For skin

And for «dessert» experience a rejuvenating chocolate wraps. After this procedure, you significantly decrease the appearance of cellulite, and your skin will be incredibly smooth! So take 150 grams of white clay, 250 g of cocoa and a glass of warm water. All mix thoroughly. The prepared slurry apply on problem areas, then wrap them tightly with cling film. To achieve greater effect, you can bundle up with a blanket or wear warm trousers (45 minutes). Then take a shower and apply any moisturizer.

The first time the result will not be noticeable. Chocolate wrapping must be done for about a month (3 times a week). But the result will simply amaze you. Besides, every time you will enjoy the aromas of cocoa!

Chocolate beauty treatments have «magic powers»! They soften, tone, nourish, moisturize the skin, making it very soft. The best part is that such procedures are easy to do yourself, inexpensively, at home!