Cheer up! Is it possible to improve the shape of the nose?

Probably in every girl’s life there comes a time when you want to change something. I have such a critical period was in December last year, when I broke up with my boyfriend… of Course, before I was visited with the idea to slightly adjust the shape of the nose. But it was only fantasy.

Now I was determined and I started to look for a surgeon who would be able to do the job efficiently, so much so that the result was most natural. My attention was attracted by Igor White. The reviews online were very positive, examples of work speak for themselves. And make an appointment to see him and after talking personally, I have lost the last doubts. I was sure he could help me. At the end of my visit Igor said, «When I’m ready for surgery?» I said, «Right now».

And I understand that now it’s a week before the new year. Risky? Ha! Not at all! I confess, my courage had disappeared the day of surgery. Still, the first time I was expecting a serious intervention. Overall, the surgery was easy. In about 40 minutes. Was incomprehensible fatigue. Terribly aching head. And on the nose cast. Look in the mirror was in no hurry. Knew immediately after the surgery to wait for the beauty is not worth it. When the plaster was removed, I first saw your new nose is beautiful, neat, really, at that time a little swollen.

But the swelling passed quickly and in just 10 days after surgery I was in Thailand (Igor Anatolyevich allowed me to go to the sea and to sunbathe). I am glad I decided for rhinoplasty and ended up in the hands of masters of their craft — Igor Anatolyevich. It is so professionally have done all that my friends did not even notice any changes. And yet: my ex proposed to me! Don’t know what changed (laughs): a new nose or is it just a coincidence!

«Twenty or thirty years ago, a rhinoplasty was something supernatural. Today it is a common operation, which was included in the category of popular procedures for aesthetic correction of the nose. Now you do not need to be ashamed, to put up with their flaws and try to live with them. Rhinoplasty allows to solve different aesthetic problems, including the correction of the shape of the nose, removing the hump or the pug.

In rare cases, rhinoplasty should not do. As a rule, do not recommend to resort to it, if there is anatomical structure of the face, or rather the upper jaw, which affect the final result. An experienced surgeon will be able to see all the nuances, will warn you and tell you how best to proceed in a given situation. Modern technologies allow professionals to do minimal incisions — in the case of endoscopic intervention.

In addition, the process of rehabilitation easier. If you follow all of the recommendations, in particular not to injure the skin (can’t do peels, resurfacing and other cosmetic procedures), the result of rhinoplasty will be pleasantly surprised. Typically, the first visible effect will be in about a month and a half. But the final result only after six months or a year.»

Igor White, MD, plastic surgeon, leading specialist of the clinic of aesthetic surgery «OTTIMO»

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