Cheap cosmetics: advantages and disadvantages

When a woman raises the question of the choice of cosmetics, the majority is guided by the principle: «the more expensive the better». But is it really? Sometimes the high price of cosmetic product is not of high quality, and the advertising promotion of a brand, import product, and other components, not related to the quality of cosmetics. The difference between the composition of imported, luxury and cheap product is not so great. This factor has been rightly mentioned by consumers. Cosmetic company «Hundred beauty recipes», «Clean line», «Eveline» has already earned the trust and positive assessment of the Russian market. But if cheap cosmetics are not inferior to expensive, why pay more? What are its advantages and disadvantages?


  • Price. Of course, the most obvious advantage of cheap cosmetics is its low price which helps considerably to save money and protect the family budget from the high costs.
  • Accessibility. Inexpensive cosmetics available to all consumers and sold, perhaps, in all the stores and shopping centers. They do not need to purchase catalogs and spend the extra time and money on shipping. Purchase inexpensive cosmetics can be combined with conventional shopping.
  • Quality. Cheap doesn’t mean poor quality. Many domestic cosmetic companies produce goods, not inferior to foreign brands. All cosmetics can be divided into two groups: ornamental and for the care of face, body. And if the first directly depends on the price and nanotechnology, the second group is not able to invent the elixir of eternal youth and beauty. All care products – scrubs, creams, lotions – have practically the same composition. So, for example, advertising the next miracle cream anti-wrinkle with the addition of gold particles or silver – probably another myth. The skin on 90% consists of water. With age, the moisture is dramatically reduced and wrinkles appear. Therefore, the composition of any anti-aging cream irrespective of the status of the firm involves hydration of the skin and saturation of the main vitamins.


  • Despite the relative rules of composition of certain cosmetic products, quality of products depends on the good faith of the manufacturer. The packaging often write, «using natural herbs» or «medicinal cosmetics». But in this case it is necessary to believe only to the manufacturer. You will not be able to request her certificate of quality and be completely safe from her «side effects». When choosing cosmetics cheap, you should focus on customer feedback.
  • Cheap cosmetics involve the use of a range of care products for skin or body. It is clearly stipulated on the packaging of a means. So unobtrusive is often put into a difficulty shoppers. But, despite the fact that the tools are inexpensive, to purchase the whole line is optional.

Text: Katerina Pchelnikova