Cellulite. How to get rid of cellulite at home

Cellulite: description and causes

Taut and smooth skin at any age — it is our dream. Elasticity and smoothness meets connective tissue, separating the top layer of skin and fatty tissue of the subcutaneous tissue. Men in this respect easier, this layer they have solid and stable, but women fiber less durable. The paradox takes care of that very nature that during a pregnancy the skin to better stretch. Sometimes the process becomes uncontrolled, and some cell volume «climbs» out.

Structural changes in the subcutaneous layer leads to disruption of microcirculation and lymph flow of the skin. In other words, is congestion, which can suffer women regardless of their physique and even age — cellulite can appear even in teenagers. Strange but true – some women can hit their smooth and beautiful skin without a single bump, in contrast to the «cellulite» thin.

To cellulite causes a violation of metabolism. What should be displayed, stays in the wrong place, forming solid Islands of tissue, accumulating not only fat, but also calcium. PR pressure can occur sometimes even painful feeling. Sometimes accumulates a large amount of water, and edema. Thus, it becomes clear that cellulite is not obesity. For example, in France it is considered a separate disease of subcutaneous fat.

Cellulite on thighs

Of most concern to many women cellulite is on the thighs. If in the normal fat layer of 1-2 mm, the growing, the cells are much increased in size due to metabolic products. Due to the fact that the difficult circulation of blood and lymph in the subcutaneous fat of the thighs increases the amount of liquid and on the skin with a slight orange peel. Experts believe that to get rid of this problem slowly and methodically. Have at least every day to doing exercises in front of the mirror, indulge in a traditional roast chicken and more.

Cellulite on the buttocks

Cellulite on the buttocks develops if a woman leads a sedentary lifestyle, consume refined and high-calorie foods. Some use radical methods of plastic surgery, which is a pumping body fat. Sometimes it gives good results, but to keep them uneasy. It is also difficult to get rid of cellulite on the buttocks with the help of other methods but do not rush to be disappointed — perseverance and a great desire will lead you to a satisfactory result. In order to get rid of cellulite on buttocks and thighs there are many ways!

Massage cellulite

The first and most effective method is to massage cellulite. It is performed by hand or with special devices — rollers, brush, massage glove. It is not very pleasant procedure, as well as in relaxing, but for the sake of beauty have to be patient. When you massage the hips you should start with the lower part of the thigh and work upward motions. Leather shrinks palms, highlighting on the fabric triangle. Stroke with your thumbs towards the outer sides. It is not necessary to press too hard.

To work so the entire surface of modified skin, and healthy areas (for prevention). But one should keep in mind that if the feet are dilated veins (varicose veins), it is a contraindication. Try to perform a massage for cellulite twice a day. Lately common hardware techniques, vacuum massagers with many spherical heads. With great speed and intensity they warm up, perform a deep point impact. But the human hands to replace no one has yet succeeded.

Creams and scrubs of cellulite

Beauty treatments are most effective in the early stages of change. The best anti-cellulite effect have funds, which include horse chestnut, ivy, St. John’s wort and hawthorn, Ginkgo, horsetail, witch hazel, Arnica, pineapple, Lotus and citrus. These plants accelerate the metabolism at the cellular level. Helps cream based on seaweed. It is important to note that such tools are used in complex care — after wraps or baths.

Cellulite wraps at home

Wraps to combat cellulite on the effectiveness of are higher of creams and scrubs. They are widely used and stars of show business, last with his fans recipes. For example, the known method of combating cellulite with body wraps from Halle berry. As part of the wrap she uses coffee grounds by adding olive oil and honey (one teaspoon).

Hot anti-cellulite body wrap is carried out by all the rules — the ingredients are mixed, then the product is applied to steamed after a bath thighs and buttocks, massage lightly and closed with cellophane. You need to warm up and lie down for 15 minutes. Cold wraps tone the skin and constrict blood vessels. Hot — derive the accumulated toxins. The skin becomes elastic and healthy, and cellulite gradually recedes until it disappears. Effective and thalassotherapy – seaweed wrap, which is performed in beauty salons.

The cellulite oil

Modern cosmetology has a large enough Arsenal of tools to fight cellulite and oil is in the top position. At home you can arrange a real Spa space using odorous ingredients. They help to break down fat cells, improves blood circulation, removes toxins and stimulates the outflow of fluid from problem areas. As a result, the skin is regenerated, it improves fat metabolism.

There are several ways to use essential oils:

— As a result of lipolysis split cells. For this purpose, use citrus oils: lemon,

grapefruit, orange, Mandarin and bergamot.

— Lymphatic drainage removes toxins and fluid, conifers and oils of umbelliferous plants: pine

cedar, caraway, juniper (berries), cypress, dill. When applying these types of should be carefully to follow the diet is to reduce the amount of salt, spices, avoid alcohol, reduce the consumption of starch and meat, fat, and sugar. When treating cellulite it is undesirable to use cigarettes and coffee.

The skin synthesizes collagen, regenerates the skin. This effect have floral oils and resins, this is myrrh, rose, patchouli, palmarosa.

How to make a mixture for treatments rubbing? You must select the oils and mix them with a base composition at a concentration of 5% (50 drops to 50 ml of base)- vegetable oils (olive, sesame or jojoba).

Banks cellulite

Banks of cellulite — is a specific procedure of cupping massage. It is a complex effect. Initially, the body is cleaned with a cosmetic scrub, honey or other means, then apply oil or anti-cellulite cream. Then comes the turn of medical jars of glass or latex. The Bank sticks to the skin and moves in this problem area, massage for 15 minutes in a circular motion, alternating between slow and more energetic.

Course — 2-4 weeks through the day. Some women do not agree with such procedures because of the inevitable bruising. Minimal traces work in a beauty salon, especially with each subsequent procedure, the marks become less noticeable, and positive results are visible immediately after the first session.

What are the contraindications to consider when cupping massage? To abandon this way of dealing with cellulite should women with hypertension, venous diseases and disorders lymphatic system.

Exercises cellulite

The desired effect will help to achieve cardio and strength training, however, the main condition that you need to perform is regularity. It is best to buy a simulator for use at home, and alternate the exercises with cardio aerobics. Before cardio and weight training need to do a warm up of about 5-10 minutes, then train for 30-40 minutes. Exercises for thighs and buttocks to hold 3 sets of 20 repetitions. Well manifest themselves in the fight against cellulite such as gymnastics, Aqua-aerobics, athletics, yoga.

1. Bike. If you have problems with the spine is good exercise bike. It is also one of the simple, but very effective exercises to adjust the firmness of the thighs and eliminate cellulite. Pedaling at any age. You can watch TV and do 30-40 minutes, but the speed should increase gradually. During training you can rest and drink water.

2. Running is an example of the most simple exercises can be the most effective. Running is good not only in the fight against cellulite, it relieves stress, raises the tone. First you need to go 5-10 minutes at a brisk pace. Change the speed, try not to overexert yourself, finish training also step. Stretching of the calf muscles, thighs, back, and strengthening the buttocks beautifully with the prevention of cellulite and combat it.

3. The jumping rope. If you compare the calories burned, it appears that the skipping rope will achieve better results than Jogging. Jump on the trampoline. A fun exercise will strengthen the buttocks and thighs and get rid of cellulite.

4. Swimming. Train all body systems and don’t forget about problem zones. Swimming in the pool — a good prevention of cellulite.

Strength exercises that help to remove cellulite from thighs

1. Squats. Standard preparation — standing straight, feet shoulder width apart. Squat with a straight back, stretching out his hands. Try not to tear the heel off the floor and carry on them the weight of the body.

2. Combine lunges with squats and polupriznanie. Alternate leg lunges forward, backward. Back straight, knees form a 90 degree angle. Hands ahead of or apart.

3. Step is just a necessary tool in the fight against cellulite. Alternate legs, walking for 10 times. Repeat with one foot, then the other. Gradually increase the number of repetitions.

Diet cellulite

Much attention needs be paid to diet. To really and permanently get rid of orange peel, take into account the principle of fractional power. Avoid canned long term storage foods, coffee, salt, alcohol. Optimal green tea, fruits and vegetables in unlimited quantities. By itself, the diet is not a means for the destruction of formations on the skin, but in combination you need to consider all aspects of the problem.

Main — daily menu should contain a large amount of fiber, minerals and vitamins, especially vitamin E and C. type in the diet of marine cabbage, fish, soups, they strengthen connective tissue. Dairy products is mandatory – they improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. It is not recommended to drink drinks from the fridge – the low temperature leads to a narrowing of the esophagus, deterioration of metabolism. Drink more water, fruit and carrot juice.

Contrast shower against cellulite

Not necessarily dive into the hole after a bath or pour on the street with cold water, while these options can help well trained people. To effectively fight cellulite is possible and common showers. Take a shower 2-3 times a week, activate thus in the problematic areas blood circulation. The technique of its use does not present difficulties. Start with warm water, then switch on the cooler, leave for 10-15 seconds and turn it on warm. Hot water is not recommended. The cycle is repeated 3-4 times using the hose. Recent dousing with cold water. Wipe dry and wear warm clothes.

Kislorodoterapii and other means

When certain areas of skin are treated oxygen-ozone composition, splits fat. This method is used in different stages and actively competes with liposuction. Especially effective cellulite is removed in the area of «breeches». Ultrasound and electrical stimulation are more suitable for removal of excess fat, as well as being an excellent preventive tool against cellulite.

If you apply these methods at an early stage, in the end, the skin tone is markedly increased, bumps and orange peel smoothed out much faster.