Castor oil for hair — the pros and cons. How to use castor oil for health and beauty of your hair.

Have you thought ever about how a budget can be hair care at home? Some of the ingredients of masks, shampoos and various emulsions are just within walking distance – the nearest pharmacy. So, undeservedly forgotten coal-tar soap domestic production can rid You of annoying dandruff is much better expensive foreign shampoos, capsules of vitamins A and E to help hair grow faster and «penny» castor oil to effectively deal with anger, make hair manageable and soft. You can talk endlessly about how helpful castor oil is for hair, but it is better to list the facts of the benefits it offers, not forgetting to tell about contraindications. We will also share with You the wonderful recipes of masks for every day that will help Your hair gain strength and incredible Shine.

What are the benefits of castor oil?

The most common opinion about castor oil: it has an almost lightning laxative effect and does not contains absolutely no chemical substances. This tool is made from natural plant – castor beans, which can grow even in the nearest yard. The plant adjusts well to different conditions, so he’s comfortable in a country house, and in the school garden.

Castor oil plant gives fruit in the form of small oval beans of which produced castor oil by cold pressing. This method is optimal, as the fruit of the castor bean is poisonous, but all toxic substances during extraction and pressing are among the industrial waste.

In addition to the purgative effect of castor oil also has wound-healing effect. When applied on inflamed and damaged skin, it will help to relieve pain, will contribute to the speedy healing of wounds. Very often castor oil is used as a means of dealing with the so-called corns and cracked heels.

Adding castor oil to the composition of the facial, the beautician gets a great emollient wrinkle cream that will moisturize the skin and smooth it. The antibacterial properties of castor oil are confirmed by its presence in the composition of healing ointments and lotions that are used in the treatment of acne, acne, abscesses and even burns.

Needless to say, the use of castor oil for hair and eyelashes – the most popular fact, which many have long forgotten. For example, after extension artificial eyelashes to recover own can be just one or two weeks with the help of castor oil. No need to buy expensive accelerators of growth for the damaged cilia, just get an ordinary pharmacy castor oil and cover them twice a day, morning and evening. Help castor oil to cope with the problems of hair:

• Will significantly accelerate the hair growth process at the expense of content ricinolein acid,

• Restore the structure after coloring, perms and other procedures

• Pause loss,

• Cover the hair with a special film protecting it from damage

• Will be a great help in the battle with dandruff.

In combination with other nutritional compounds, castor oil gently care for the hair, so it can be added to the shampoos and conditioners for daily use, and combines well with some oils (coconut, peach, grape seed oil and the fruit of the olive tree).

When not to use castor oil?

Inside castor oil is prohibited to use in problems of the gastrointestinal tract, ulcers and inflammatory processes of the abdominal cavity, during bleeding. Also castor oil can not be used by pregnant girls or nursing mothers.

If You want to use castor oil for skin care face and head, you should be aware of the following factors:

1. If the skin has ulcers, serious skin problems and rash allergic in nature, do not need to use castor oil.

2. If You already know about the inadequate skin reactions to castor oil, it is better to refrain from adding it to a mask or other means for hair.

3. Do not mix castor oil with other ingredients for eye cream long-term use. Reacting among themselves, some components can be harsh on the scalp and hair follicles, which will lead not to the emergence of the desired effect, but only to the damage of the hair structure.

Castor oil for hair recipe masks to repair damaged structures

There are several ways to repair damaged hair, one of them is to use a combination of castor oil with egg and broth of medicinal grasses. Who has not heard about the miraculous power of chamomile, calendula, lime flowers or nettles for hair? Our mask perfectly cleanses the scalp from flaking and dandruff, smooth hairs, thereby greatly facilitating the installation.

Let’s try to make a home mask with castor oil for hair. You need to take:

• Decoction of chamomile, lime blossom or other herbs prepared in advance and chilled

• Castor oil,

• A slice of black bread,

• The egg yolk.

Half a Cup of broth pour into a deep plate, put bread without the crust and razmazyvaem him to a pulp. Now you need to add to the mix two teaspoons of castor oil and mix with the yolk. The whole mass rubbed into the scalp and leave for exposure for 1 hour. You can wrap the head in plastic and cover with a thick towel Supplement. After a time, you will need to flush thoroughly the remains of bread with the hair and clean them with shampoo.

Mask vs fat: castor oil for hair in combination with yogurt

Unique content of useful minerals in yogurt allows you to not only take care of the intestine and the stomach during ingestion, but also to actively influence the face, body and scalp, if you add it to masks and lotions. Try to prepare a hair mask with castor oil and yogurt. What You may need:

• A bit of yogurt, it will be enough half of the glass

• 1 tablespoon of castor oil,

• 2-3 tbsp of broth calendula or celandine.

Important: the mask is quite runny, so it’s best to cover her hair in the bathroom and to protect clothes from contact, throwing on the shoulders of an old towel.

Cover mask hair, RUB a little into the scalp, cover with plastic wrap, then towel. To sustain the mixture should be about 40-50 minutes, and then rinse with shampoo for everyday use.

Reliable means of hair loss: castor oil for hair plus onions

Women suffering from hair loss actually suffered, because thinning hair and hairs, scattered around the house, not bring pleasure to anyone. Unusual mask with onion, honey and castor oil for hair will be a great help in the fight for thick hair. Try to do it at home. For this You will need:

• Honey previously melted in a water bath – 1 tbsp

• Castor oil – 2-3 tbsp

• Onions, processed in blender to a pulp you want to add along with juice.

Sometimes onion juice can burn sensitive skin of the head, so the time for the exposure mask can be reduced to half an hour. If You do not feel burning sensation, then try to withstand 40-45 minutes. To onion couples do not get into the eyes, is to securely pack the hair in plastic bag, and top cover with a towel.

When the time allotted for exposure, get out, rinse your hair and remove the smell of onions will help You drop the essential oil that you drop in the shampoo. It may be oil of lavender, mint or grapefruit.

Moisturize dry hair: castor oil with lemon and aloe

Excessive dryness of the skin and hair will inevitably lead to flaking and dandruff. If You don’t like a kind of «snow dust» on Your shoulders and clothing, then you should think about moisturizing the hair. To do this, cook at home mask with aloe Vera, lemon juice and castor oil for hair.

• Take a stalk of aloe Vera, remove the skin and from the inside make a viscous slurry,

• Squeeze half a lemon,

• Add part 2-3 tablespoons of castor oil,

• Apply to hair this mixture, a little massage the skin, cover with a towel and wait for about 40 minutes.

• You can now wash your hair with standard shampoo.

Lemon juice well strengthens the hair follicles, penetrating deep into the skin, so You don’t have to think about the problem of hair loss. In addition, thanks to the aloe, the structure of Your hair will be much more hydrated, hair will gain unprecedented Shine and strength.

Interesting facts: castor oil for hair and not only

Did you know that oil of plants with the name «castor» is made from fruit that looks really resemble ticks? The seeds of this plant really is so similar to blood-sucking insects that have received the name «ricinus» corresponding to a certain type of mites.

Another interesting and at the same time, quite a frightening fact: the harvesting of castor beans can kill a person. The fact that the beans plants that need to be collected, covered with a toxic substance, harmful to the human nervous system. While the duck did not die even after 80 seeds eaten in one sitting, a person will need only 4 to 8 beans to disorders in the nervous system is irreversible, and even led to death. Convulsions plaguing the human body after consuming the fruit, may not take place for about seven days.

Due to the toxicity of the substance covering the fruit of the castor-oil plant, and also owing to the presence of specific substances in their composition, the plant is even listed in the Guinness book of records as one of the most poisonous. However, interestingly, castor oil is produced in compliance with all technologies, carries no risk to humans, and even, on the contrary, it is considered beneficial to health.

Oil castor oil has become one of the instruments of torture during the regime of dictator Mussolini. The person sentenced to death, tortured by infusion, in the truest sense of the word, of castor oil inside. It caused violent diarrhea and subsequently dehydration, which led to constant death.

And castor oil in the countries of North and South America is used not as we do: it’s meant for the extermination of moths and field mice.