Castor oil for eyelashes. How to apply castor oil for growth, health and beauty of eyelashes.

«Clap eyelashes and fly up…» probably every woman heard the words of this song, dreaming of a chic, rich and exciting, every man’s heart, the eyelashes. After all, with just a glance you priceout as well as push. And from the appearance of eyelashes depends very much – and beauty, and expressiveness, and the languor of the eyes, vospevaya in romance novels. Surely every girl know that castor oil for eyelashes – a very useful and effective, however, not everyone knows exactly how it promotes growth and heals the structure of cilia, and in General, from which it is derived.

Castor oil: potions — cure

A long time ago medicine men and sorcerers constantly applied castor-oil plant (from seeds of this plant make castor oil) in their magical potions. Every cell of this healing escape – the roots, leaves and seeds used in protective potions from all sorts of evil eye and spoilage. And no wonder these potions appropriated such magical powers. The point is that they contain a powerful poison. And many centuries ago people came to the conclusion that at observance of necessary proportions and methods of cooking, the poison had become an effective cure.

Therefore, in ancient times women used castor oil for eyelashes, eyebrows and hair. The great scientist, doctor and philosopher Avicenna was treated for various ailments with castor oil. In Ancient Egypt, the oil from castor beans was soaked temples, and embalmed the bodies of the dead. And all of us well-known disinfectant and anti-inflammatory ointment Vishnevsky, more than 90% of castor oil.

How to use castor oil in cosmetics?

Castor seed priceless, because they are 95% consist of ricinoleic acid, which is very rarely found in other natural sources. This acid has a regenerating effect, therefore, the castor oil and applied on the damaged areas of the top layer of the epidermis.

Castor oil is able to rid the body of freckles, different spots, and even see the warts. You just need every day to RUB the oil into problem area of skin, massaging for 15-20 minutes several times a day.

Special demand of castor oil for eyelashes and eyebrows, as well as in the treatment of hair problems. And not in vain, because the effect of these oil treatments with continued use amazing: the hair begins to actively grow, become more thick and strong.

When caring for delicate and sensitive skin around your eyes castor oil manifests itself as an effective smoothing agent. Retinoeva acid absorbs deeply into skin, moisturizing and smoothing out crow’s feet and prevents the appearance of new wrinkles. Simply apply this oil around the eye, light touch of the fingertips «driving» it.

In the care of the face-castor oil is well-proven as a great tool of power and soothe dry and sensitive skin types. The seed oil of castor bean reduces dryness, scaling, roughness, makes the skin more elastic and relaxed. However, before use test for allergic reactions, because not all of this oil may be suitable.

What is so useful castor oil for eyelashes and eyebrows

1. When the castor oil gets on the hair follicles, it «awakens» dormant and activates their growth. The result increases the volume of eyelashes and eyebrows.

2. Oil covers every eyelash and every hair of the eyebrows, thereby protecting it from breakage and gives them a more smooth and well-groomed appearance.

3. Rich in nutrients castor oil for eyelashes and eyebrows nutritional and vitamin action, passing each thread all its valuable properties.

4. Castor oil seals the «ruffled» scales on the hairs, making them shiny and smooth.

How to apply castor oil for eyelashes

Castor oil for eyelashes you can apply as a standalone tool and as a mask ingredient. No matter which of the methods will have exactly what you like, the main thing — not to break some recommendations:

1. For the application of oil is best to use after thoroughly cleansing the brush from the used mascara.

2. Before applying castor oil remove facial makeup and wash with water.

3. A little warm oil in the palms or lower the bottle for a while in warm water. Dip the brush, and press it to the walls to remove excess amount of oil.

4. Apply a thin layer to lashes from base to tip, and try to make the castor oil is not leaked into the eyes. Otherwise you risk to Wake up with red and swollen eyes.

5. Leave on eyelashes at night and in the morning rinse the brush with water before applying makeup. If you make a morning or afternoon, one hour of exposure would be sufficient.

Recipes of masks with castor oil for eyelashes

Mask for eyelashes, castor oil and vitamin a

To strengthen the action of the oil by using vitamin A. Add only 10 drops on 10 ml of oil, and use as described above. Optional vitamin a can be replaced with fresh carrot juice, just be sure to keep this mask in the refrigerator no more than 3 days, and best of all every time to cook a new batch.

Castor firming mask for eyelashes

Mix 1 spoon of castor oil with burdock in a ratio of 1:1. Then add 3-5 drops of vitamin E and fresh aloe juice. Apply every day for a month and thick and strong eyelashes is provided to you.

Mask with castor oil for eyelash growth

Option 1. Just mix 1 part castor oil with 1 part cognac (you can substitute rum). The exposure time is not more than 30 minutes.

Option 2. In the same proportion, mix castor oil, aloe Vera juice and finely chopped parsley. Carefully mixed, the mixture leave for a day to infuse. Apply to lashes and eyebrows (optional) for half an hour.

Mask with castor oil for the supply of eyelashes

This mask perfectly nourish your lashes and strengthen. Mix equal amounts of these oils: castor, burdock, almond, add a few drops of vitamin E and a little fish oil.

Oil care mask

Mix 1 spoon: castor oil, oil extract of calendula and chamomile. This mask can be used not only to nourish and strengthen eyelashes, but also to make the delicate eyelid skin softer, nourished and smooth.

Tea mask with castor oil

This mask will give the eyelashes a more full-bodied and bright, but natural color. Brew a fairly strong tea. Wait until cool, and mix with the same amount of castor oil (e.g. one teaspoon present chilled tea with one teaspoon of oil). And apply to the eyelashes as described above.

Mask treatment with castor oil for eyelashes and eyebrows

Here, you’ll need castor oil for eyelashes, linseed and camphor. Mix them in equal proportions, slightly heat and spread with brush eyelashes and eyebrows. You can keep long enough and not flush at night. However, don’t forget to remove in the morning, or you may ink «flow».

Therapeutic serum for eyelashes

This mask is suitable for damaged eyelashes after treatment capacity. Prepare a mixture of equal parts of castor oil, burdock and sea buckthorn oils. In this mixture, add ground rose hips and allow to sit in a dark cool area for two weeks. Don’t forget to use a mask every day for half an hour.

Proper care is the key to the beauty of your eyelashes

1. Eyelashes, like hair, you need a proper diet. And what they consist of? Made of keratin and protein. And what foods contain keratin need? In parsley, rose hips and pepper. So try as often as possible to use them to provide a complete diet cilia, to protect them from excessive loss and strengthen.

2. Use a high-quality mascara. Not worth it to buy fakes on the street stalls and very cheap cosmetics, because they are useful components are unlikely to exist, but are harmful enough.

3. Always remove makeup before bed, and even better after coming home. Do not neglect caring modern means. Try at least once a week to do my eyes the «output» from cosmetics. Do not remove makeup with soap or inappropriate means, use special. No need to RUB the eye – so you will lose a few eyelashes, and will provoke the appearance of wrinkles.

4. Wear the sunglasses. Because the harmful radiation of ultraviolet light has a detrimental effect on the skin and the hair and eyelashes.

5. Eat more fresh berries, fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of fluids.

6. If you often have diseases of the eye and the skin around, consult a doctor. After all, if eyes are not healthy, then to cure the lashes is almost impossible. By the way, very often diseases of the eye and amaze the lashes, fungal, for example.

To make sure that castor oil for eyelashes and eyebrows has a stunning effect, you can just after a month of everyday use: the hairs becomes stronger, longer and more elaborate. Beauticians suggest to treat your lashes once a day, no more than two months, then pause one month and again (as needed) take the treatment, repeating a course about 3-4 times. So it would be nice to be patient with castor oil, and you’re determined to become the owner of gorgeous eyelashes!

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