Burdock oil for hair — the pros and cons. How to use burdock oil for health and beauty of your hair.

With the advent of the prefix «eco» fashion is an important part of all that it can be connected: interiors, eco, environmentally friendly products, ecocampus and balms for the hair, as well as various natural materials of which produce clothes and shoes, household items and funds to care for face and body. Life in the style of «eco» became a real fashion trend. Only a naive people incorrectly interpret fashion trends, considering that okotowari need to buy for crazy money. These are competent sellers, advertising their products as environmentally friendly and 100 percent natural. Any kind of charm You can make your own hands at home without spending huge amount of money. For example, how do You think the cost of organic hair mask with unique ingredients in cosmetics shop? Most likely, the cost will be several times more than masks with natural oils, prepared at home. Take, for example, burdock oil for hair. Or any other: coconut, castor, macadamia, and others. Believe me, homemade face mask with them would be no worse than of store, and the effect of the application will not keep itself waiting long.

Useful than oil for hair?

Thick, viscous, transparent liquid of different colors is not that other, as concentrated compositions, pressed from different fruits and plants by pressing or extraction. It’s hard to call oil for skin care or hair just cosmetic. This is the «heart» of the plant, it contains a huge complex of minerals, nutrients and trace elements that can affect the structure of the skin and each hair is much better than any chemical with a complex name like zinc pyrithione. Even if part of a conventional cosmetic preparation You see the phrase «almond oil» or «nettle extract», yet the fact that these ingredients really are.

A hair mask based on mineral, vegetable and essential oils, and add them in the shampoo for daily use, will impact most positively on Your hair. For example, coconut or almond oil will help soften, moisturize and protect the hair from external influences, aggressive ultraviolet radiation, and the consequences of the frequent use of Hairdryer or Styler. Shea butter and jojoba oil perfectly smoothes the hair structure, significantly lightening the hair and adding Shine. But popular burdock oil has a number of incredibly useful properties, among which:

• Of course, strengthening a property. It’s just a necessary tool to fight hair loss and hair breakage. It is able to penetrate deep into the roots, through the hair follicles, preventing hair loss and forming on each hair a protective film.

• Getting rid of dandruff and flaking and itching scalp.

• Restoration of structure of hair after perms, frequent use of hot air flow from a hair dryer or hot Curling irons.

• Return Shine and elasticity to the hair, facilitating styling.

Along with castor oil, burdock will be able to cope with hair problems, especially if chemical masks and shampoos, store-bought, not brought the desired effect. Burdock oil for hair – it is just an environmentally friendly product that costs mere pennies. It is enough to use masks or conditioners with shampoo only 1-2 times a week and the result will be, as they say, is obvious.

When not to use burdock oil for hair?

Of course, like any other product, burdock oil for hair can have a number of adverse reactions. The most common of these is allergic. If ever You have had an allergic reaction related to the use of oil of burdock, refrain from any contact of the skin with this product. Otherwise, even the most mild allergies, itching and small rashes surface can be transformed in minutes into a massive swelling of the face, eyelids, lips and even the respiratory tract. You see, the risk while using such hair products unreasonably high.

Also burdock oil for hair it is not recommended to exploit women with oily type of hair. As it can weigh hair down and leave a greasy film at the wrong shampoo, Your hair can be ruined, and You’ll be disappointed in this product. That is why it is important to remember: the perfect combination will be the combination of «burdock oil for hair + egg yolk». Using the yolk You are much easier to wash away the oily film from hairs and scalp. And don’t forget to remove the oil, the mask must with plenty of water.

Another way to quickly rinse the shampoo out of my hair: You will need rye flour (a couple tablespoons) and warm water. You need to make a mass resembling thick cream, cover the hair directly on top of burdock oil, a little RUB and rinse with plenty of water, and then Your standard shampoo.

Burdock oil for hair with oatmeal and yogurt

Thanks to the incredible property of burdock oil to strengthen and prevent hair loss, the first mask that we want to offer You firming. Ladies who are tired of fighting with brittle, falling hair, dull color and lack of luster it fit perfectly.

To prepare the mask at home, You need to take:

• Half Cup of yogurt,

• 2 tbsp of cereal «Hercules»,

• Egg yolk

• 2 tbsp oil of burdock

• 1 tbsp oil of castor oil.

So, You’re going to make a firming mask for the hair. To do this, heat a little yogurt (preferably on a water bath, not allowing to boil) and pour over the oatmeal. While she zaparivat, put in the same water bath burdock oil for hair. It under no circumstances can not be boiled, so watch out for heating. Type of butter, egg yolk, castor oil, and oatmeal with yogurt. Apply to hair, distribute in accordance with the length, put a transparent shower cap and wrap head with a towel. Now You can go about your chores in an hour and You will need to wash off. Optionally, the yogurt you can substitute low-fat sour cream or yogurt.

Burdock oil for hair with red pepper, lemon and egg yolk

Very often in the pharmacy You can see the already finished oil of burdock roots, coupled with the red pepper. Sometimes this mixture complement cloves or rosemary. This combination is the perfect remedy to stimulate hair growth. Yes, be warned once, it is very hot, so leave the mask on for an hour is not possible. For impact is even half an hour, if You will, of course, be able to endure this period. But after just a few applications You will notice that the hair became noticeably stronger and longer. Red pepper, which can burn the scalp, perfectly stimulates blood circulation in this area, so that the hairs grow back much faster.

Usually a hair mask prepared in this way:

• Burdock oil with red pepper – 2 tbsp

• The yolk of chicken eggs

• Lemon juice squeezed from half of a citrus fruit

• Olive or sea-buckthorn oil – 2 tbsp

Combine all the ingredients in one container, put on gloves, and under any circumstances do not touch the eyes and skin during application of the mask. RUB the mixture into the skin, cover the cap of polyethylene, and top with a towel. Now the gloves can be removed, but they will have to wear while washing. Need to rinse the mask very carefully, it is better to tilt the head over the bathtub rim, so that the particles did not get into the eyes.

Burdock oil for hair with essential oil of peppermint — for summer use

During the summer heat, tincture of peppermint in combination with the same essential oil can come in handy. In addition, these products refresh and cool the scalp, they also affect the speed of hair growth, making them elastic and strong.

Make a mask, use the following:

• Take your standard conditioner, better that it was neutral,

• Mix 3-4 tbsp of oil with 3 drops of peppermint essential oil, 2 tablespoons liqueur and the same amount of burdock oil for hair

• Cover the hair with this composition for 1-1. 5 hours, not forgetting to initially wrap them with polyethylene and then with a warm towel.

When the time allotted for exposure over, you can wash the hair, staniv mixture with plenty of warm water.

How else can you use oil?

Did You know that shampoo can be operated not only for strengthening the hair? It will be a great way of taking care of nails and skin, and in addition it is recommended to add a variety of masks, scrubs and peels for your facial skin.

For example, You can own hands to make a special care mask handles. It’s enough to take burdock oil, a little honey and natural yogurt. Note: all the ingredients of the mask are considered environmentally friendly. So Your hands were amazingly soft, and the nails are very strong, you need to apply this mask to the skin, wear gloves of thin polythene (you can find them in any packaging, hair dye), and on top wrap each hand with a towel. So will have to sit for about half an hour, and then, of course, to wash this fragrant mixture. In addition, one of the Express ways nail care – massage the cuticle with the use of burdock oil.

If you regularly cover your face with masks with shampoo, after a short time effectively get rid of the peeling, acne, inflammation and even eczema. This mask will help to restore the skin after salon peel, but it can be applied only after a certain time, not immediately after the procedure. How to apply a mask will tell You a beautician.

Excellent strengthens the skin and eyelashes. If You want long and silky lashes, and You have the shampoo, try applying it every night before bed. It will affect them exactly the same as the widely known castor oil. Just remember: to care for eyelashes, use pure burdock oil, but the use of the same product with the addition of red pepper is strictly prohibited.