Bridesmaids: how to choose a dress

A friend invited you to the wedding as a bridesmaid. After the first wave of congratulations and of looking at wedding rings you and your friend enthusiastically choose the style of wedding dresses online, discuss hairstyle and accessories. And here is your outfit for the celebration will have to think of the most. If looking in the wardrobe, you have nothing to chose from your closet, you can sew a dress to order, rent or buy ready-made.

As the witnesses have to reside with the couple and usually participate in the ceremony of the bride in almost all the competitions, they are constantly in the limelight. Of course, if you wear a classical black evening dress and do your hair, you’ll be irresistible. However, this dress contrasts with the bride’s dress: with a friend you will look like an angel and a very cute devil. It is better to choose clothes that will sound harmonious with the white color, not drowning it, and it will accentuate your beauty.

Consider a few options that you can take note of when choosing the color and style of dress.


Blonde perfect not very bright, but pleasant to the eye color – light green, pale blue. Short dress in lemon yellow combined with Golden sandals with high heels and long earrings you will look bright and stylish. Hair not particularly wise to make the big curls, securing with a thin tiara or hair clips-snakes.

Light green floor-length dress and blond hair will make your outfit unique and fresh on the background of white bridesmaid. Sandals to this dress you can pick up high wedge heels light beige color.

Dress with progressively graded shades of blue from top to bottom (the bodice sky blue, waist — lilac tones, and the hem of the dress — deep blue) will enable you to hide some figure flaws, a bright shade of blue will add volume to the bust and a darker tone will hide a few inches in the waist and hips.


The tall brunette can safely entrust the image of the fatal beauty long scarlet dress, sleeveless V-neck thin from flying materials. Long earrings drops with shiny gems accentuate graceful lines of the open neck, and black stilettos closed or open toe to complete the look.


Shelkovoe dress in shimmering emerald green will be beneficial to shade fiery red hair and green eyes girls. Voluminous bouffant of hair on the back can be laid in beautiful netting and garnish with green asterisks along the entire length.

The brown hair

Brown hair slim fit short yellow cotton dress with sleeves three quarter one shoulder. The dress you choose the shoes milk color or silver sandals. Hairstyle you can do with a wave, zachesov and securing with Bobby pins the hair to one side (where the arm). Complete outfit of fine chain-bracelets and long earrings unusual geometric shapes.