Breast implants: it’s easier than you think

At all times the woman has special demands to his chest, considering it one of the main attributes of femininity and sexuality. Big, beautiful, and firm Breasts is a sign of youth and health. But unfortunately, not every woman can boast of a perfect chest, which would admiringly stare men and which would be envied by women. Childbirth and breast-feeding, weight loss and age may not be the best way to change the shape of the breast. And with it, times are changing, and self-esteem, no confidence…

Beauty is not requires sacrifice

In an attempt to achieve the ideal breast shape and not succumb to unfair advertising – no creams, serums, pills, compresses, exercise and folk remedies in the form of eating of cabbage leaves are not able to change the size and shape of the breast. With the help of some methods can only slightly improve the elasticity of the skin, but the breast volume is not increased and sagging will not eliminate. While other methods, e.g. using untested drugs can even harm your health.

If in a clothing store you pass by dekolirovaniya dresses and bold swimwear without hope that someday I will be able to wear it all and cause envious glances girlfriends, perhaps you should think about breast implants – correction of volume, shape, contours of the nipple or areola of the breast.

Direct indications for the mammoplasty are:

  • Ptosis of the breast when the breast is omitted
  • Micromastia is a very small breast size
  • Unaesthetic shape of the areola and the nipple drawn or overly protruding nipple
  • Macrospace is excessively large breast size, cause discomfort
  • Any deterioration in shape of the breast that has lost volume and shape due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight loss or age factors

For advice it is best to contact a reliable clinic, where experts will give competent advice and prompt, as with minimum expenses to return your breast beauty and elasticity.

At the first consultation you will be asked questions like: «How much more/less should be your Breasts after surgery? What’s the shape? Whether along with the increase/decrease doing it face-lift?» Also plastic surgeon will show you pictures «before» and «after» patients to you to imagine what will be the final result. Along with this you will discuss all your wishes and come to a common decision about how to make your Breasts high and beautiful – one that you have always dreamed of.

Simultaneously, the doctor will conduct the necessary research, including laboratory tests, will also require consultation of General practitioner and gynecologist. It won’t take much time and will create all conditions in order for the implants was easy and without complications. Do not trust doctors who have not examined you and are not interested in your health before surgery!

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