The effectiveness of home body wraps for weight loss – proven! The basics of home body wraps for weight loss

Women who wish to remove fat deposits in problem areas are often doing it wrong.

They buy expensive creams, do exercises and do not see the effect. All because of problem space and problem that the fat in them gets in the last turn.

You need to put a lot of effort to the belly, legs and hips are thin.

These parts of the case need further help. And one of the most effective ways is to wrap.

There are many recipes for effective homemade body wraps for weight loss, all of which are designed to provide local fat action.

Homemade body wraps for weight loss: to do or not to do

Start doing the wraps is, if the decision on weight loss taken firmly and responsibly. The wrap acts as an auxiliary procedure, which must necessarily accompany exercise, a healthy diet and proper daily routine. Without these components, the wraps will not be effective. The principle of operation of the wrapping consists in the removal of fluid from the body of toxins, warming up of the skin, subcutaneous fat and muscles. If the procedure is not supported by exercise and proper eating, to improve can only be a superficial skin condition, but the inches of fat will not go away. But in conjunction with exercise, the body wrap helps the body to better resist the exercises, and a slender silhouette formed faster.

The most common problems that are indications for carrying out of sessions of wrapping is unwanted body fat, cellulite any degree, skin laxity, stretch marks after pregnancy or drastic weight fluctuations, aging of the skin.

Effective homemade body wraps for weight loss are usually with natural remedies of natural origin. So if you do not want to spend money on expensive and risky treatments – wraps should do.

But despite the natural ingredients and the relative harmlessness of the procedure, there are still contraindications. It is impossible to wraps:

• during pregnancy;

• during breast-feeding;

• during menstruation;

• in the presence of tumors;

• if you are allergic to components of the means for wrapping;

• if there is disease in the female line;

• when violations of the integrity of the skin on problem areas;

• hypertension;

• in diseases of the kidneys and the cardiovascular system.

The most common contraindications for wraps is a varicose and other vein disease. The main types of body wraps are aimed at creating a high thermal effect, which is contraindicated for patients veins. In this case, there is a solution – need to find alternative recipes, that is cold effective homemade body wraps for weight loss.

Effective homemade body wraps for weight loss: preparation

The holding of wraps includes certain stages of preparation. Components or means for effective homemade body wraps for weight loss be prepared or mixed in advance. This is because the wrapping is carried out on clean skin after a shower, the body should not cool down while preparing the mixture.

Taking a shower before procedure it is necessary to carry out the process of the preparation of the skin. It includes steaming and cleansing of the skin massage sponge and body scrub. The scrub can be both purchased and own production. As long as it can remove dead skin and wash away dirt. The basis of the homemade scrubs is usually sea salt combined with essential oils. You can use regular salt if not available. Skin must be perfectly prepared before the procedure.

Hot shower and simultaneous scrubbing of the skin will assist in the cleansing process of the skin from dead layer, open access to the updated skin and open the pores. In the process of showering and exfoliating attention to those areas, which after will be applied to the mixture for the wraps. This area of the buttocks, abdomen, thighs, legs. To enhance the blood flow to those areas in the shower, you can use the massage brush.

Homemade body wraps for weight loss: the sequence of actions

After a shower and steamed clean skin, carefully dry with a dry towel. This will perfectly suit a soft Terry towel. The prepared composition is applied to the skin in problem areas. Movement during application of funds should be smooth and tidy, it is better circular. Tool as would be rubbed into the skin, but not aggressive.

Effective homemade body wraps for weight loss are conducted with the aid of plastic wrap covering applied on problem areas of the mix. Food film increases the fluid waste, which creates unaesthetic reliefs on the body. The film is wrapped on a spiral trajectory from the bottom up. Tightened tight enough to not сползаkf, but not too tight to not restrict movement or interfere with normal circulation of blood. Layers better to do more, this will enhance the effect.

To reduce the heat transfer body can be put on warm clothes and about 40 minutes to lie down under a warm blanket. Clothes perfectly suited to leggings or warm pants, termolite, Bathrobe. Eat and drink before and after the procedure it is impossible within the hour, but allowed natural hot drink, such as herbal. Warm drink also helps the process of weight loss.

While the effects of body wraps can completely relax and be distracted by a movie or book. It is important that the feeling was really good. After all, if there is a feeling of discomfort, tingling or dizziness, the procedure is better to interrupt. No need to endure unpleasant symptoms, since they can only do harm.

After about an hour in good health you can stop the procedure. It should be noted that making the wrap for the first time, it is better not to tighten with time. The body is still not used to this procedure, it is important to do everything gradually. The first time you apply the mixture for half an hour or a little more. Then the sessions may last about an hour. In the future, allowed even a two-hour session, provided that everything runs comfortably and efficiently.

After the session, you need to remove the tape or cut it with scissors for easy removal. Then applied the composition of wash water. You can continue in two ways – to take a bath with lots of salt, so anti-cellulite effect increased. Enough ten minutes. Or, you can apply a moisturizer on the body cream, massage oil, lotion. If the actual problem of cellulite is cause cellulite cream. Its action is particularly effective just after wraps and hot baths.

The effectiveness of home body wraps for weight loss: expert tips

The performance wraps is due to those unique effects that provide warm and natural components. Wrap – this is analogous to the bath or sauna, only local impact. These procedures are carried out also in the salons but effective homemade body wraps for weight loss does not concede to the services of professionals. It is important to know how to properly prepare a body, how long to keep a vehicle, how often to do them and how to prepare mixtures.

The performance of the procedures is achieved through:

• skin purification and strengthening of regenerative processes;

• the withdrawal of toxins and excess fluid;

• the acceleration of metabolism;

• improved circulation;

• rejuvenating and toning effect;

• saturation of the skin useful elements, vitamins and minerals;

• to improve the elasticity of the skin and its elasticity;

• the destruction of «orange peel»;

• soothing, calming effect.

Note that right after the first session, the skin condition improves. This means that subcutaneous fat burning process also joined in the work. The rate should be based on the degree of neglect cellulite and completeness, the age of the desired effect. To conduct effective homemade body wraps for weight loss should through the day, all sessions should be about 14. It is impossible to wraps continuously for a long time. So between the courses we need to pause for approximately two months, to ensure that the process of losing weight passed without harm to health.

Subtlety wraps is the correct recipe. The mixture for this procedure can be made on the basis of the various funds. Effective homemade body wraps for weight loss are made with honey, coffee, clay, mustard, chocolates, oils, pepper, vinegar, seaweed, tea, wine and herbs.

All recipes with these products is quite simple and effective.

Wraps with essential oils is performed as follows. You need to prepare the base oil. This can be, for example, olive or almond oil. Two table spoons (about 20 ml) of base oil to dissolve 8-10 drops of essential. Essential oil is usually selected is one that has cellulite, most of the citrus oil. Very effective are lemon, juniper and lavender. You can use any oil, and you can add multiple equal proportions. The mixture is heated to 40 degrees in a water bath and then applied to the body. Instead of essential oils in a base you can add ground red and black pepper, cinnamon.

For effective homemade body wraps for weight loss honey take two-three tablespoons of honey, add few drops of essential oil of orange or lemon. The mixture is applied in the form of heat, for this it is necessary to preheat in a water bath.

Wraps with coffee have a very high efficiency and good visible result, thanks to caffeine. This substance has the ability to break down fats. In warm milk add a few tablespoons of coffee (it needs to be cooked), and stir until a pulp. You can add essential oil or honey.

The following two kinds of body wraps are cold wraps. They are intended for those who are diagnosed with varicose veins. But for those for whom this issue is not relevant, the cool wraps will also be effective for weight loss.

For the procedure vinegar wraps can be purchased at the store or make your own Apple cider vinegar. If the vinegar is purchased in the store, you need to be natural. The procedure starts with the wetting of the fabric with vinegar. This fabric wrap problem areas and fix film. The cloth should not leak, so before wrapping her squeeze. Vinegar it is better to dissolve with water in ratio 1:1. When you need to wrap yourself in warmth. In the first few minutes will felt a cold which gradually change to a warm. After the procedure, you should rinse the body with water and apply moisturizer, and the best treatment cream.

Blue clay allows for cool and effective homemade body wraps for weight loss, besides for the benefit of the veins. Only need to mix clay with water until the consistency of sour cream and apply on problem area, securing with cling film. Water should not be usual from the tap, and clean. Can mineral or filter. Herbal decoction can also serve as a basis. The temperature of the mixture room. It is important to cook the mixture in a glass or ceramic bowl, but not metal.

Wraps at home – very effective if complemented with massages, exercises and proper nutrition.