How to bleach your hair at home: gain knowledge, gain skills. Secrets safe bleaching hair at home

Every woman at least once in life, the pleasure changes her hairstyle or the color of their hair.

We often turn to professionals, but there are moments when, armed with bought hair dye, we resort to the help of people close to us. And very often, we are not happy with the result, hair becomes brittle, non-uniform color, respectively, the mood is spoiled, the way disharmonious.

How to bleach your hair – is it worth to try the most

If ask yourself the question «is it worth to try to change the color yourself?», you can get an ambiguous answer, because very often, we lack the skills, courage and knowledge to change your appearance and feel quite harmoniously in a new role. Once you decided to add a «soft sun» in their hair, pay attention to the condition of your hair, because the process of clarification, it is enough to «stress», in spite of gentle ingredients that can lighten hair at home.

And also note the condition of the scalp. If the head wound is minor or you have some problems (seborrhea, dandruff), it is better to abandon this procedure until, until the skin is completely restored.

Before coloring your hair the head is better not to wash. So you create a little protection for the hair. If your hair is very dirty, it is sufficient to wash it once with shampoo, without the use of air conditioning. While trying not to touch the scalp, only wash the surface of the hair. If there are hair styling products, then use the comb and actively combing, remove them.

If all these factors are met, and you are set to «innovation,» we can clearly say: «Change is!».

What bleach hair to give priority

To modify (bleach) the hair in several shades is an easy process. If you are the owner of tar burning hair or brunette, you should consider that make the hair lighter you will, but not immediately. Might have to spend a lot of time (a month to three months) to your hair, with a lightening procedure every 2-4 weeks, become more bright.

If you can boast of a blonde hair color or red, the procedure clarification for you, it reduces the time of manifestation of results.

Whether you choose some «aggressive» bleaching or note the gentle – only you can decide. In any case, with proper use of all tools and instruction, your hair has reached the desired shade, and may give you and others a new, unique way.

How to bleach your hair at home with peroxide

Perhaps the most «chemical» ingredients for bleaching hair is hydrogen peroxide. This component has long been known to women for its ability to make searing brunette sunshine blonde. Let’s try the «gentle» variant of bleaching with hydrogen peroxide and understand how to bleach your hair is better comparing with the successive natural ingredients.

Enough to stock a single vial of a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide, comb and spray bottle. Additional helpers can be gloves, hair claw clips or clips for hair, shampoo and conditioner.

Observe the following stages of «metamorphosis»:

▪ wash your hair with shampoo, dry with a towel, comb the hair to spotykany and nodules;

▪ pour into a spray bottle (spray bottle) hydrogen peroxide solution, smeshannyi with water in the same proportion. Previously, you can do the test on one lock of hair to understand whether you can dilute the peroxide with water or you can use the not diluted;

▪ divide the hair into several strands, kill Bobby pins or clothespins the ones that will be painted later, releasing one (free the each stages);

▪ wear gloves to protect your hands, cover your shoulders with a special Cape or wear old clothes, as the solution can damage the color of fabric;

▪ spray the peroxide on the hair surface from root to tip, and immediately wipe these areas with a damp swab, as if distributing the pigment uniformly;

▪ leave the result in 40-60 minutes;

▪ wash off the bleach with warm water, then apply a conditioner for hair that matches your type.

Similar staining is not recommended to do often. Rather than once per month. It all depends on the condition of your hair. In any case, in between the staining, you need to nourish and moisturize the hair with special masks and compositions, so they do not lose their elasticity and healthy Shine.

Products that lighten hair at home

▪ Chamomile

A very simple and effective way to bleach your hair, and at the same time to improve them is to use a solution or infusion of drug (pharmacy) chamomile. This delicate flower is known for its vitamin richness.

In one liter of water is enough two tablespoons of chamomile flowers. Flowers pour boiling water and leave to infuse for several hours. Well to make this tincture, using the thermos.

Wash your favorite shampoo.

After the flowers will color the water a Golden color, the solution can be applied to hair, sufficient to water them from above, obtained by the infusion.

This procedure can be used regularly. Chamomile will not damage the hair. The main thing – follow their condition, do not let the «dryness» of the hair. This method is suitable for any hair type.

▪ Yogurt mask

What’s that lighten hair at home, kefir, may be suitable for this procedure, it is easy to guess – the fatter the hair, the smaller the percentage of yogurt you need to use. Acid secreted milk product will help to lighten hair and restore the sebaceous glands, if they are prone to fat. If the yogurt is quite fatty, it will serve as a natural nutrient for the hair, and even help to lighten them slightly.

The mask is applied to hair from root to tip, wrap yourself with plastic cap with a towel. You can wear this mask throughout the day.

▪ Lemon

To lighten hair with lemon juice – simple and useful. Citric acid will give the hair a light hue and «Sunny» tenderness. In combination with water (two tablespoons of juice per Cup of water) or without it is your decision. Enough to hold a slice of lemon on the surface of the hair and get the result. Or to cover the hair with a solution of water and lemon. Easy lightening effect you provided. We can recommend the solar procedure, after applying the lemon on your hair, but this method will be more «hard» for the hair and can dry and histoncal your curls.

▪ Vodka

Such a method used by some female models. It not only lightens the hair but also treats them.

Mix the vodka mineral water (carbonated) in the ratio of one shot of vodka to two parts water. The resulting solution can be spray hair with a spray bottle. If you are, at this time, under direct sunlight, your hair will get more clarification.

The beer mask and soap

Any beer can be used to lighten hair. It is enough to apply it on your hair and leave it on all day. The mask has one drawback – a specific flavor. Rinse beer hair in the end of the day. In addition, you can wash off, using soap. Hair can become more severe and require extra care with nutrition, but this method is perfectly washes away the paint from the hair and helps to change your image.