Best homemade whitening mask for face: recipes. Rules of effective application of home-bleaching masks for face

The natural desire of any girl is a healthy, young and beautiful skin. Unfortunately, not each woman can brag of ideal color of the epidermis. Best assistant with hyperpigmentation and uneven complexion are whitening mask, which is permissible in the home.

Efficiency best homemade whitening facial masks

The purpose of bleaching masks is not a radical lightening of the skin, and glowing skin. For maximum effect it is necessary to pursue a full course of this cosmetic procedure. A single application of the bleaching compounds is ineffective and may precipitate allergic reactions.

When using at home whitening masks with the right components it is possible to obtain the following positive effects:

• Lightening of dark spots on a few shades.

• Elimination of pigmentation of the different species of origin.

• Improve skin color.

• Neutralization of redness of the epidermis caused by different factors.

• Make less visible the traces that are left in the result of the elimination of acne, after squeezing pimples.

• Lightening tones of tan.

• Restoration of skin after cosmetic manipulation, in which there were small scars and the formation of red hue.

Due to the large spectrum of action best homemade whitening mask for the face, capable of a minimum amount of time not only to even out skin tone, but also improve its General condition and tone.

According to the recommendations of the beauticians prolonged use of whitening masks are not allowed. This is because they contain acid that can damage the integrity and structure of the skin.

Course duration this cosmetic procedure is determined individually depending on the condition of the skin. Maximum allowed to apply bleaching agents, no more than 10 times. If necessary, the repeated course must be a break of 15-20 days.

Best homemade whitening face mask: principal indications and contraindications to the use of

In modern cosmetology there is a great variety of components, on the basis of which to make whitening face mask at home. When you select a main ingredient for this cosmetic procedure, it is recommended to initially establish the reason why the skin on the face loses its healthy and beautiful color. Proper selection of component ingredients in the manufacture of masks will allow complex influence on the skin.

Mask with whitening effect recommended for use in the following cases:

• The presence of age spots.

• Color bumps on the face.

• Hyperpigmentation.

• As a result of complications after cosmetic procedures.

• Skin is dull and tired.

• Development of the process of decay.

• Low tone.

The main active ingredient of such masks are aggressive substances. So the beauticians there are a few contraindications to their use:

• Dermatologic diseases.

• The presence of sensitive or dry skin.

• In case if the skin were observed inflammatory foci in a large area.

• After carrying out cosmetic operations or procedures.

• If RAS.

Best homemade whitening face mask, not one that is leveled skin tone, and that, after the application of which is not manifest side effects. Despite the fact that the use of masks with bleaching effect at home seems to be public and safe, they should be treated with caution and use only when indicated. In the case of uncontrolled and their systematic use can significantly worsen the condition of the skin on the face.

Best homemade whitening face mask: basic rules of

Due to the fact that the skin on the face is gentle enough to apply the bleaching mix on it should be familiar with the basic application rules and precautions.

In most cases, the whitening result is visible immediately after the first use of the mask. But in order for the effect was very positive, should strictly abide by the basic rules of this cosmetic procedure:

• Before applying a mixture on the entire face, test the composition of an allergic reaction.

• It is recommended to carry out this cosmetic procedure in the evening. This will prevent your sensitive skin from UV radiation.

• During the full course of whitening masks, you should protect your skin from UV rays. For this when leaving the house must be put on the face protective cream.

• To nourish the skin after the cosmetic manipulations is to use a cream that does not contain acids and corrosive substances.

• One of the properties of whitening mask is drying of the skin. Therefore, when choosing components for the mask and mode of their application should take into account the type of skin. For oily skin it is recommended to use the mask three times a week, for a normal two times, if you have dry skin once in seven days.

• Never before overlaying the mask to use scrubs and other beauty tools that can damage the top layer of skin.

• The mask is chosen according to skin type. With the wrong selection of ingredients there is a high probability of no positive outcome and occurrence of side effects.

Before mixing bleaching masks should take into account the condition and skin type. Only then the right approach will make the best homemade whitening face mask, the effectiveness of which will be noticeable immediately after application.

Best homemade whitening facial masks: recipes

One of the main advantages of home bleaching masks is the availability of all components, which are used for their preparation.

Hydrogen peroxide is one of the most effective lightening agents for the skin

For making masks, it is recommended to combine the peroxide with various oils or egg yolk. In cosmetics only use the peroxide solution 3% concentration. Mask on the basis of hydrogen peroxide is retained in the face of no more than 10-12 minutes.

Recipe: 75 grams of boiled oatmeal, combine with 50 ml of warm milk and 5 ml of hydrogen peroxide. All mix well and apply a thin layer to the face and the neckline. This mask is suitable for all skin types.

Parsley is the Queen of at-home bleaching of the skin. In cosmetology, there are many recipes for masks on the basis of this component for any skin type. For the preparation of bleaching masks can be used not only fresh shoots of the plant, allowed the use of dried and frozen parsley.

Recipe: For oily skin you need to mix 35 ml of nonfat yogurt and 25 ml of parsley juice.

For dry skin it is necessary to connect 50 ml fat yogurt or sour cream 30 ml of parsley juice.

In case you need to set off dark circles under the eyes must 1 tablespoon chopped parsley leaves combine with 5 ml of strong black tea. Well mixed spread the mixture on a cotton pad and apply to eyes for 10 minutes.

Aspirin very well cope with many cosmetic problems when applied topically, and whitening of the skin is no exception. It should be noted that for this component there are several contraindications to the use. It is the presence of lesions on the skin, pregnancy, bronchial asthma, Allergy to the drug, lactation, dilation of blood vessels. In all other cases, the use of whitening mask aspirin allowed.

Recipe: 6 tablets of acetylsalicylic acid mixed with 15 ml melted dark honey and 10 ml of fresh lemon juice. Thoroughly mix all components of the mask apply a thin layer to the face and survive for 12 minutes. Then massage gently remove the mixture with warm water. After cleansing, blend again for 15 minutes a paste of baking soda. After enduring a specified time to thoroughly cleanse face and put on her nourishing cream.

In modern popular cosmetic there are many recipes for making the best homemade whitening facial masks. For efficiency, they are not as good as the professional tools. But the main difference between them is the availability. So you can easily and without any material costs to maintain a beautiful and healthy complexion.