Beauty addiction — a new form of human dependence

People constantly appear new and new mania. Today experts note the emergence of yet another – «of the» beauty addiction.

The main symptoms are familiar to many: increased attention to the exterior of your own body.

It is known that for a long time, a Prime example of a painful obsession with their appearance served as anorexia is a mental disorder, in the irresistible desire to be thinner.

Mania but all are gaining momentum, forming new shapes. For example, «tanorexia» — dependence on tan. This craze is typical for people not coming out of tanning salons. The reason for this attachment to the color «chocolate» is that on a tanned body is less visible defects than pale skin. As a result, one gets the impression that the UV – a panacea.

The main risk tanoreksii is the youth of both sexes from 14 to 25 years. They feel psychological addiction to permanent beds and refuse to believe in the harmful effects of excessive amounts of ultraviolet light on the skin.