Beautiful feet I have everyone’s attention

Heaviness in the legs by the end of the day, edema, spider veins on the legs and begin to exhibit the blue «bumps» veins on the skin – all satellites are insidious varicose veins, which you should not ignore. The heart is the pump of the human body that provides a continuous blood circulation. For its smooth operation and the supply of all blood vessels is a constant struggle of our body with gravity, which affects the bloodstream. In case of insufficiency of the venous valves and lowering the tone of the venous circulation in the legs slowing down, deteriorating. As a result, the appearance of the skin advanced patterns and knots of veins.

Unfortunately, most of us are actively «helping» varicose veins – we have long sitting or standing, too lazy to take breaks at work lead a sedentary lifestyle and years of wear yourself on those extra pounds. And if you buy a subscription to a fitness club, there is often in excess of allowable load itself, which is also unprofitable for the health and beauty of your legs. Wearing uncomfortable clothing (e.g., tight trousers) or stockings with tight elastic bands can also lead to varicose veins.

The disease debuts with the appearance of a single bluish veins, spider veins and soon leads to the fact that we are limited in the choice of clothing – do not wear mini-skirts, avoid appearance on the beach and experiencing problems in his personal life, ashamed of the nakedness with a loved one. To prevent such a development, it is necessary at the first sign of varicose veins, not sparing the time to appeal to phlebologist and undergo ultrasound Doppler (Doppler ultrasound) is an essential and very informative method of the venous system of a person.

After a painless study of venous blood flow and the condition of the valve apparatus veins, your doctor will put the correct diagnosis and determine further tactics of treatment. Do not be afraid to appeal to phlebologist only on the grounds that you are afraid of surgery – bezoperatsionnye now use modern methods of dealing with varicose veins are easy to move, do not leave scars and do not require hospitalization. In addition, there are effective drug treatments of varicose veins.

If you suspect varicose veins do not delay – time is against you! Please seek professional consultation with a phlebologist.