Beautiful Breasts forever!

Beautiful women’s Breasts – the dream of every woman and the object of adoration of all men. It turns out that most of the fairer sex are not the owner of an enviable bust. Talking about it themselves. Statistics show that more than half of all women on earth are unhappy with their Breasts, in particular its small size.

But any dream needs to come true, isn’t it? Fortunately for all the lovely ladies that belong to this «unhappy half», even a seemingly impossible dream can easily come true. How? What do you need? What will be the effect? To these and other questions answered Artemev Alexey – the best plastic surgeon St. Petersburg according to the Russian Beauty Aword, and now – plastic surgeon one of the best medical centers of Moscow CLINICS.

— Alexey, what factors depend on breast size?

If we are talking about the shape and volume of the breast of a woman who did not give birth and not resorted to the services of a plastic surgeon, only one factor is a genetic predisposition. Many women note a considerable change in the shape and size of Breasts after childbirth and breastfeeding. This is due to the fact that during pregnancy and lactation the mammary gland is significantly increased, which leads to stretching of the surrounding tissues and ligaments. At the end of lactation gland returns to normal size, but the skin and supporting ligaments gland often can’t shrink and return to its original position. Such changes lead to a visual reduction of breast volume and shape. But it can always improve.

— Can increase breast size special gels, creams, pills, patches?

At the moment it is scientifically proven that there is no medication that could change the shape or volume of the breast. If You want to get a good result – beautiful Breasts of the desired size, then there is a unique way without compromising Your health and the wasted time spent is surgical correction of the chest.

Is, of course, the most effective way. However, there are dozens of opinions about the risks of such operations, for example, infection, loss of ability for breastfeeding, capsular contracture and even the development of cancer…

Infection of wounds in elective surgery is extremely rare. All operations are performed in a sterile operating room and the risk of contamination of hospital infections almost nil.

Regarding breastfeeding. With proper implementation of surgical technique mammary gland does not suffer and, hence, does not affect lactation. I will say, from experience: all of my patients, I urge to inform me about postoperative pregnancy and the presence or absence of milk. Almost 10 years of surgical practice, none of the patients was not informed about the absence of lactation.

Frequently ask questions about the change or lack of sensitivity of the breast after surgery. Such changes are very rare. And in 100% of cases they are not persistent: the sensitivity is restored by the end of the early postoperative period (up to 3 weeks).

Now about capsular contracture. What is it? And why does it occur? Is the formation of dense connective tissue around the implant that is partially or completely compresses and changes the shape of the implant, and, therefore, changes the density and shape of the breast. This complication may occur if incorrectly selected size of the implant, improper technique of the operation or use cheap and substandard materials. Following the basic tenets of operations, adhering to strict criteria when choosing the size and manufacturer of implants, the risks of such complications are reduced to hundredths of a percent. That is why it is very important to carefully approach the question of choosing a plastic surgeon. And, of course, you need to use only proven medical centers such as CLINICS. For 20 years our clinic has not registered a single case of postoperative complications.

A very popular question increases the risk of developing cancer after surgery for breast change. Statistical processing of these data was afraid the manufacturers of the implants, and plastic surgeons. But what was the surprise when after more than fifteen years of research, the statistics showed that the risk of cancer in women with operated breast is significantly lower. Of course, this fact is not a reason to conduct such operations as a preventive measure, but definitely destroys another medical myth. Partly this can be explained by the fact that women enlarge Breasts by surgery, are more attentive to their health: regularly turn to doctors for preventive purposes, pass the examination of the mammary glands. And early diagnosis will prevent the development of cancer.

— Tell us how the surgery is performed in clinic?

We are always very careful approach to the selection of the size and shape of the implants and use in our practice only, ultra-reliable and proven content from world-class manufacturer – the company «Mentor». Manipulation is always performed under General anesthesia, after a careful preoperative examination of the patient. Most often the implant is placed through the areola of the nipple with a compulsory placement under the gland and muscle. The combination of these procedures allows to achieve not only natural appearance, but also to conceal the presence of an implant to the touch, which is very important in intimate relationships. The duration of surgery usually is not more than 1.5-2 hours. After surgery, the patient is our clinic day, then the monitoring process continues on an outpatient basis.

— How durable are the implants that you install?

The latest achievements of the manufacturers of implants have led to the replacement of materials in almost all cases is not required. Company «Mentor» issues a certificate for each implant with a lifetime warranty that proves the absolute reliability and durability.

— After operation of mammary tissue react to the implant and get along with them?

After installation of the implant body, of course, checks them for foreignness. As the material is completely sterile and harmless, it does not cause the body’s inflammatory process and, consequently, rejection. After some time, around the implant is formed by a thin connective tissue capsule. It holds it securely in one position during the entire time of existence and provides an additional reinforcing effect, which helps maintain beautiful breast shape for a long time.

— Are there any age restrictions for surgical breast enlargement?

Exact numbers there is no minimum age. The basic criterion, allowing to perform surgery for breast enlargement is the end of puberty, and a fully formed mammary gland. Conclusion according to these data we obtain on the basis of a thorough clinical examination and a mandatory ultrasound. Similarly, with the maximum age. The main criteria for a waiver of this operation include the General condition of the patient at the time of manipulation and the presence of concomitant diseases which contraindicated any surgical intervention.

— Do I need any preparation before surgery?

The same as with any other surgical intervention. You must undergo a thorough medical examination. Once again I want to note that consultation, the right choice of implants, the selection of compression underwear, absolute trust to the clinic and Your doctor is the key to success and excellent results after it.

— What constraints must be observed for women after manipulation to keep breast beautiful and healthy?

The early postoperative period (week) is accompanied by some pain in the chest similar to the pain perekreditovanija muscles. During this period, I recommend you to stay at home. In the next 3 weeks the patient feel good, pain is almost. At this time, you can return to normal activities but avoid strenuous exercise. The first 3-4 weeks after surgery are required to wear compressive underwear. It will provide excellent healing and ease of movement. In the subsequent time – no restrictions and changes in life. Although one change will still come, You will become the owner of a chic Breasts.

There is no reason not to believe an expert: the surgical correction of Breasts today is the most effective and absolutely secure method of breast enlargement. Dear girls and women, if You dream about the ideal forms, but not decided, it’s time to dispel doubts and to make this step. Modern aesthetic medicine, and skills of real professionals, such as specialist clinic – Dr. Artemyev – will allow You to quickly and easily find a great breast and closer to your ideal!