Waxing at home: strips or liquid wax? The types of waxing at home

Fashion on the smooth skin of the body causes women to look for effective ways of getting rid of hairs on legs, arms, face, armpits, bikini area. I want to get the result quickly, in budget and without hassle.

Waxing at home is a proven, popular and inexpensive option.

How to prepare the skin for waxing at home

A few years ago waxing (waxing) was performed only in salons. Now you can do it by yourself, selecting any of the proposed manufacturers of the following options:

1. hot wax;

2. warm wax;

3. the special wax strips.

Why wax is so popular? It gives a smooth skin (at least for two weeks), with regular use slows down hair growth. Yes, will have to be patient, especially if you are underarms and the bikini area. But if you draw a body scrub regularly, then the skin gets used and the pain becomes quite bearable.

Waxing is just for the regrown hairs: wax is able to grab at least four millimeters of the hair shaft. The shorter the hair, the wax will not keep. So you’ll have to wait for their regeneration for the next procedure. After waxing at home for the skin will have to be monitored closely to avoid ingrowth.

It is usually recommended to steam the skin before treatment. Really should not do this: wet, soaked to the skin wax to keep simply will not. Nevertheless to get ready with hair removal you need: two days before the procedure carefully programirovanii impact area special scrub with hard particles.

An hour before waxing, you can take a shower to remove the maximum fat content (skin secret). Wipe dry the skin, cover any grease or baby powder. In a pinch, you can degrease the skin with lotion, then use the powder.

Take before waxing at home pain pills do not need will not help. Although hypochondriac ladies paracetamol or ibuprofen will not prevent: to anesthetize you will not anesthetize, so at least calm.

It is impossible to carry out the procedure during menstruation, two days before and after the critical days. Pain sensitivity during this period increased.

No matter what method of hair removal chosen. Before proceeding, it is necessary to carefully study the manual. It is important that the feet can be processed as you wish: hot, warm wax, ready strips. For intimate and very sensitive areas it is better to choose warm or hot wax.

Hot wax depilation

A great way to skin treatment – hair removal wax at home by using hot drawing. She has a lot of advantages over the related options:

• less bright due to the high temperature will be a pain response (some girls don’t feel any pain);

• can be used on the bikini area (for the same reason);

• less irritating to the skin;

• simply removes the hairs;

• does not require the use of strips;

• can be used repeatedly (the savings are substantial).

However, improper use of product may cause serious burns. If you overheat the wax, you have to treat burnt skin.

The procedure is performed.

1. Heat the wax in a special device – the thermostat. If not, you can do it in a water bath (about ten minutes) or microwave (a minute). The temperature of the liquid wax should be no higher than 48 and no lower than 45 degrees.

2. To apply to the skin for hair growth.

3. Wait until the wax cools and becomes similar to clay.

4. To pick up with your fingers a waxy layer and a sharp, quick motion to remove it against the hair growth. Remove the wax should be placed as low as possible to the skin surface.

5. The procedure is repeated on the other.

6. Wax residues must be removed with a cloth soaked in any oil: children’s, herbal, cosmetic.

7. Skin disinfect and take a cool shower.

To soothe the skin after a hot wax and microtemperature can decoction of medicinal herbs (chamomile, celandine, calendula, sage).

Depilation with warm wax

As opposed to hot warm wax is more safe, the burn will not be exact. Waxing at home is carried out using special cartridges. They are comfortable, economical, can be applied thin and uniform layer of wax. One cartridge lasts at least two procedures of processing the entire surface of the feet and armpits.

To work with cartridges need to help melting wax faster: the device for 20 minutes will melt the wax and bring it to the correct temperature. Typically, the mass is heated for twenty minutes (all features work with specific cartridges defined in the instructions). Instead of help melting wax faster, as in the previous case, you can use a water bath. In addition, you will need a strip, or tape, directly to wax.

The procedure is as follows.

1. Skin treated with the powder, apply a thin layer of wax in the hair growth.

2. To stick on the wax line tape (strip), leaving a small clean tip (it is comfortable to pull).

3. Hands, smooth the strip several times to hold it tighter.

4. Take the strip for the remaining free tip and sharply to pull off a strong movement parallel to the surface of the skin, against the hair growth.

5. If the skin is left wax or hairs, again to stick the same strip and again pull.

6. Repeat the procedure using the strip until, until it becomes worse to withdraw from the skin.

7. If necessary, the wax can be re-heated. The novice hard to do all quickly, so the product can cool down.

8. After skin treatment, wax residue to remove oil.

After cleansing to disinfect alcohol-containing medium. To close the pores after injury, wipe the skin with herbal decoction or cool frozen ice cubes (freeze the broth – a great idea for those who regularly depilare the skin alone). After you will apply a soothing gel or a light cream.

Effect after such a procedure may persist for up to six months. It all depends on the intensity of hair growth.

Depilation wax strips

The third option of waxing at home is the use of store-bought wax strips. Cheap, simple, fast, but less efficient. Why girls with capricious skin and stiff hairs, the method may not be suitable. In addition, the irritation occurs more often. We have to treat the same area several times to achieve the perfect smoothness.

The finished product is a paper strip or tape which is already applied a thin layer of wax. Of course, this is very convenient because it is not necessary to warm the wax in jars or cartridges (he tries to spill), applied to the skin, to buy additional equipment or to build a water bath.

Here’s what you need to do.

• Skin to prepare for the procedure, just as when working with hot or warm wax.

• Strip heat in the palms, rubbing it to feel the heat.

• To divide it into two sticky parts.

• Paste for hair growth, firmly smoothing the strip to the surface of the skin.

• A quick sharp movement to tear off the wax against the hair growth in terminals, trying to steer the movement is not upward, but as close to the skin.

• Apply a second strip to the next processing area.

• After the procedure the traces of sticky wax be removed by special napkins, which are sold in kit. If wipes are not enough, wipe off the wax, you can use any vegetable or cosmetic oil.

If some particularly stubborn hairs left on the skin, the second time to glue the strip to the same place is impossible. A strong irritation, because together with the hair stem to remove the top layer of the skin. In this case it is better to remove the excess with tweezers, pre-treating it with an alcoholic solution.

Wax strips very painful to work in the field of armpits. In this area the hairs grow in different directions (at least four), so a sensitive area best left to professionals and hot waxing. In any case, remove the strip is in different directions.

Ready strips it is best to remove hairs from legs. It is easy and safe.

Waxing at home: how to care for the skin after the procedure

Waxing traumatizes the skin, so it is necessary to thoroughly and properly, especially in the first few days. Immediately after the procedure, you need to close the pores: clean, disinfect, refresh with ice cubes or cold water (cold shower), apply a sedative.

For disinfection you can use alcohol tincture from the pharmacy (calendula, chamomile, etc.), hydrogen peroxide, Miramistin, chlorhexidine, furacilin.

Beauticians suggest that in order to avoid ingrowth, the skin must skrabirovanie and moisturize. To use the scrub only three days after the procedure before the wound had time to heal, and the irritation is complete.

In the early days do not wear tight pants, use cosmetics with fruit acids, strong fragrance. Should avoid rubbing the skin, exposure to direct sunlight. Hot baths are forbidden during the day.

Directly after depilation the skin better than not watering at all, not to provoke irritation. If it is still there, treating the skin surface salicylic pharmacy alcohol and apply sedatives:

• well eliminates inflammation of the essential oil of tea tree or eucalyptus: three drops per tablespoon of any vegetable oil;

• of the home remedies you can use aloe Vera juice (or buy solution at the pharmacy);

• perfectly soothes any cream based on panthenol, Actovegin ointment, solcoseryl.

On the fourth day after depilation it is necessary to do peeling later skrabirovanie the skin through the day. After the scrub is necessary to use a moisturizing lotion or cream.