Baby foot, or How to properly care for heels

A real woman from just female features including that the first to take care of their feet year round, and the second only when the weather allows them to bare the summer when you want to get a pedicure and take care of the heels.

But you are true lady, therefore, we understand that a woman’s beauty – daily toil.

In particular, our nails and heels requires not less attention than the face and hair.

The concept of baby foot – baby legs firmly embedded in the everyday life of each woman. Of course, everyone wants to have a infant heels, no cracks and chapped skin. How to achieve this?

Homemade recipes

If you for some reason are not able to regularly visit the beauty salons, then you need to establish the procedure for caring for the feet at home. So.

Foot bath

You can do special foot bath, which softens rough, Horny skin on heels. At the end of the procedure with pumice or a special razor to remove ugly growths.

In the bath add a special softening blend: in a glass of warm milk add two tablespoons of shampoo and two teaspoons of baking soda. Having stirred the mixture, poured it in a bowl of hot water, which is about half an hour later I got the feet, periodically adding hot water.

After the bath is treated with fine-grained heel with a pumice stone and lubricate Remus to his feet. A similar procedure is better to repeat two times a week.

The recipes of our grandmothers

Our grandmother, unfamiliar with modern technology to care for themselves, brought their heels in the order the easiest way: mix the butter with a teaspoon of honey and a few drops of fish oil. With this mixture they sat about half an hour, patiently waiting for, as a rule, glittery effect. Skin on the hands become silky and elastic.


Oddly enough, the onions can help you fight ugly growths on your heels. Onions not only softens the skin but disinfects it. Recipe onion mask is simple: the average peeled onion is crushed and the resulting slurry is distributed in several layers laid on the gauze, which as a compress applied to the feet. With this mask on legs should be held all night. However the result is worth it – baby foot you provided, perhaps for the whole month.