Baby cream — minus five problems

For a child, but hardly the first cosmetics that we face in life. Some of it was a tin tube with a cat and a dog, the other – colored plastic bottle, and the third – a heavy metal jar. White, with a faint natural smell, baby cream contains a minimum of chemical ingredients to minimize the risk of allergic skin reactions in children. For natural composition and versatility so it is loved by adults, because children’s cream can be used as different tools.

Massage oil

Many occupational therapists believe that there is nothing better than baby oil in order to facilitate sliding of the hands on the body. It is buttery, melts well when interacting with the skin, and aromamassage in the cream add a few drops of essential oil and thoroughly mix.

Protection from the cold and wind

If you want to go outside, and the window frost, sleet, rain and wind, the best assistant, than baby cream not find. It contains natural organic oils, which create on the surface of the skin invisible film and protect it from aggressive external environment.

Gel after sun

Instead of sour cream and yogurt sunburn can lubricate the baby cream. It soothes sensitive skin, relieves redness and itching, reduce pain. For this purpose, the tube is better to keep in the fridge and take out directly in that moment, when you will need it.

Dry heels and elbows

Roughened skin effectively mitigated with the help of baby cream. Just apply a few dots on scaly elbows, knees or heels and carefully massage the cream into the surface. For the best effect on your feet you can wear socks. Baby cream is also suitable for dry skin and hardened cuticles.

Cream for all

Going on a trip, don’t pack a bag for all parts of the body, and take only one tube of baby cream. If necessary, they can remove makeup, apply to lips as a balm and even use as shaving cream! Many people may not agree with such a radical approach. But in the case of emergency, e.g. in situations when the suitcase with all the tools for beauty was lost at the airport, the true cream will come to the rescue and will replace a lot of jars and vials. Just keep it always in your purse and be confident!

Text: Valentine Shmidova