Avocado oil — its useful properties and applications. How to use avocado oil in cosmetics for the beauty of the hair and face.

From early childhood, every mother teaches her daughter to take care of themselves. Although it is generally accepted that beauty is not the most important thing in people, but nevertheless, on the exterior we pay special attention to, seeing the person not only first, but all subsequent times. That is why women strive to look their best to attract the attention of the opposite sex and to gain someone who will love it. The main issue that so worried about the weak half of mankind, is the question of the preservation of youth and beauty. Want as long as you can see in the mirror a young woman of incredible beauty. How to make this possible? There are many interesting ways. Many of them were not even on display. Such secret methods can also include beauty secrets, transmitted from generation to generation in distant countries. For example, in the southern part of America is very popular oil of avocado, which is beneficial not only for skin but for hair too. Let’s learn more about it.

How do you get the oil from avocado

In order to get the oil from the avocado fruit, they need a good squeeze. This is only possible by using a method called cold pressing. Interestingly, the oil may be extracted not only from the pulp of avocado, but even from the large seeds inside the fruit. A prerequisite is that the fruit was ripe and juicy, because otherwise the oil will squeeze much less than that is not profitable.

Quality oil of avocado fruit is green, sometimes greenish-yellow. Ignore the not very pleasant smell that you will feel hardly opening the oil bottle. Tell a pungent smell has not, so you will be able to distinguish if you try to sell the oil that will be diluted with something else. This oil virtually no medicinal properties, and use a special it will bring.

What is the use of oil of avocado

The great value of avocado oil in the first place, that it is a real storehouse of nutrients, because it has many vitamins, minerals and various biologically active substances, which play an important role in maintaining the human body in good condition.

The composition of this oil has vitamin E, which not only is a great antioxidant, but has properties which simply cannot be overstated. Vitamin helps to relieve inflammation of the skin, helps rapid healing of wounds, cuts and microscopic cracks of the skin. The lack of his body and looks dull and aging skin, which slowly but surely will lose its elasticity and begin to SAG.

The composition of the oil is such a rare component as squalene. If you haven’t heard of, then you definitely should know that this component is of great importance, particularly for the female body. Squalene helps to normalize the body process hormones. It is very useful not only for pregnant women but also for those who are still only planning a pregnancy.

Squalene is able to give your skin a lightness and freshness, prolong its youth and reward you with the opportunity to become the envy of other women who are not able to sleep, and everyone will think about what is your beauty secret. Still, this component enhances immunity, therefore, regularly taking a little bit of avocado oil, you provide yourself with a quiet life, completely forgetting about what colds and the flu. This is especially true in the cold seasons, when everything around you is sick and two times increases the possibility of catching any infection, and especially in places of a mass congestion of people. But it is impossible not to leave the house, isn’t it? And, not everyone, especially in our time, has the opportunity to buy a good drug to raise the immunity in this way. And avocado oil is available to everyone and it does not harm internal organs.

The oil has a pleasant greenish hue because it contains a lot of chlorophyll. This feature is incredibly beneficial for the cardiovascular system, nervous system, minimizes the likelihood of kidney stones, has a positive effect on the endocrine system, helps cleanse the body by removing from it waste and toxins. It is worth noting that chlorophyll has an impact not only on the internal organs, but is able to combat the problems outside. How many of us have had to cancel visits due to the fact that the most conspicuous place got a huge pimple, which soon will not get rid of. About this problem and have not heard of those who make the oil of avocado. Chlorophyll helps to reduce inflammation of the skin and prevent blackheads, pimples and other, not less unpleasant flaws on your skin.

Contraindications and potential dangers of oil from avocado

The use of oil is prohibited to those who have intolerance to at least one component included in its composition. But to learn about it you can only when take oil from the avocado. Watch closely for the slightest changes in your health. If the body reacted worse than you thought it was better to go to a specialist. It is not necessary to self-medicate.

If you are using oil and want to make him a face mask, for example, you should not hurry. Test the oil on a small area of skin before applying the mask all over the face. If after five minutes the skin turned red and started to itch, it means that you have and will not have allergic reactions to the tool, so we can safely continue to use it, without fear of consequences.

If you suffer from kidney disease, liver or stomach, be sure to talk with an expert before you start using the oil. Not too lazy for a complete examination and listen to a doctor’s recommendation in order not to harm yourself.

You decided to take the avocado oil inside? Then start to do it slowly, gradually increasing the daily dose. First three days very carefully monitor your condition. The slightest change in health can be a reason to stop drinking the oil, because there is a possibility that you will continue to become worse. And it is very difficult to call it a treatment.

To ensure that the oil has not lost its medicinal properties, it is well kept. After each use check the you closed bottle. The oil of avocado should long contact with air. Best of all, if this oil will you have in the fridge, because it loves the heat and can be stored much longer, even after the bottle is already open.

Ways to use oil from avocado

This oil does not accept absolutely no heat treatment, therefore, has to take it as it is – cold and pure. Heat it is strictly forbidden, because some of it useful components at risk of turn into a harmful and negative impact on your condition and General state of your body.

If you have constant problems with their teeth and often have to deal with gingivitis, then you will come to the aid of avocado oil. Take a small container and pour into it a spoonful of oil, adding a few drops of your favorite essential oils. Well all this stir and can use. Soak in the solution a small piece of cotton and apply to the gums of the patient. If you do this procedure twice a day, it will soon become visible positive changes and inflammation will go away.

Use avocado oil for hair

In order to yourself to verify properties of the oil does not have to run to buy tools based on it. Every woman can and she personally add avocado oil to your favorite hair products and continue using them.

If your scalp is too dry, which causes terrible discomfort, to resist this will help the oil from avocados. When tormented by dandruff and head itch already, then try to smear the hair roots with oil from avocado and place in a quarter of an hour. The procedure is carried out to clean hair.

This oil is amazing for its versatility and uniqueness. It can be used as a means of combating hair loss, for moisturizing the scalp and to return hair to its former Shine and volume. Add to it other oils, honey, vitamins and enjoy every day different masks.

Do not think that the result will be visible already after the first use of the oil. Be patient and soon can’t take his eyes from his reflection in the mirror.

Use avocado oil for face

One of the simplest examples of face masks from avocado will be here this mask: take a small thin towel and liberally pour the oil. Cover with towel your face and keep for half an hour. During this time, the oil will have time to properly absorbed by the skin, moisturize it properly and producing a tonic effect.

If you want to get rid of crow’s feet and wrinkles around the eyes and remove signs of fatigue, daily RUB the avocado oil into the skin in the eye area. Components contained in the oil contribute to the rapid smoothing of wrinkles and give the skin freshness and elasticity.

Many women just don’t have time to make masks, and so want to look good. There is a solution! Just add a little avocado oil in facial products: gels, toners, means for removing makeup, creamy foam. But, no need to pour oil into the tube of cream, for example. Just mix it with oil right in your hand and apply to the skin.

Avocado oil will certainly impress you with its healing properties and ability for a small period of time to patch up, so to speak, your body. Impressive results achieved by those who use it constantly. You will also be able to replenish their ranks. Do not run away from experiments, because only you can find for yourself something new and useful. Let the treatment for you will be the avocado oil.