Argan oil for hair. How to use the beneficial properties of argan oil for beauty and health of your hair.

You will not find on the planet any ladies that would not take care of the hair and would not like, that they looked great. So usual, that great hair is considered a huge advantage for girls. Just a few smiles, a couple of strokes with hair and a man who liked you will be immediately fascinated by you.

That hair looked well groomed and beautiful you need to spend a great many time on the different masks and lotions, which need almost every day. If the hair is not very long, it’s nothing. Here for girls with hair to the waist hair care can turn into a real torture. There are a lot of tools that will help to make your hair so great, how much and healthy. One of these magical funds is argan oil for hair.

What is argan oil and how to get?

Many of those who want to purchase argan oil for hair, face the fact that it is too expensive and is rarely sold in its pure form. Basically, it just added to cosmetic products, but it brings fewer benefits from it. The fact that the argan tree only found in Morocco. Interestingly, the local law prohibits the export of this plant abroad. This means that argan trees are highly valued and, accordingly, since this is the case, then argan oil for hair just can not be cheap, because it is considered rare and is extracted only with great difficulty.

Argan trees bear fruit infrequently – only once in two years. The fruits in size is not very large. A little larger than olives. Inside each fruit is bone, with a rather hard shell. If the shell break, you’ll get a few small nucleoli, resembling almonds in form. Argan seeds lend themselves to careful extraction so as not to lose one bit of this valuable product. Ripe fruits are carefully picked. Then, they must carefully clean away all the excess without damaging any seeds or pulp. All the people do. Work pretty kapotna and monotonous. You need to exert great effort to get to the seeds and a good squeeze of them. In order to obtain only 2 litres of pure argan oil, it is necessary to clean about 100 pounds of fruit from trees and arganovich to get approximately 5 pounds of seed, which eventually will be overcome. That is why argan oil for hair can not be cheap.

Color argan oil can be light gold or dark yellow. It is not necessary to pay special attention to this, because the quality of Masa in any way does not depend on its color. If the oil smell, then immediately you can feel the pronounced nutty notes. The unpleasant smell of argan oil for hair indicates that it got corrupted or it is a fake.

The healing properties, which has argan oil for hair:

• neither can moisturize the hair as well as argan oil for hair because it nourishes the entire length, enriched with vitamins useful, not missing a single centimeter of damaged hair;

• able to repair damage of any type, which is very important, because modern girls often use hair straighteners and Curling irons, which violate the structure;

• as long as possible helps to keep hair smooth, and helps to ensure that your hair will have a perfect shape even in rain and inclement weather;

• helps to get rid of annoying dandruff by constant moisturizing the skin of the head;

• gives the hair strength to fight with the harmful influence of ultraviolet rays;

• maximum strengthens the hair follicles in order that hair fell out less, and were thick and strong;

• your hair back the lost luster and help restore the former splendor and thickness of your hair, highlighting all the natural beauty of hair.

How to use argan oil for hair?

Find and buy this magic oil is only half the story. It is very important that you know exactly how to apply it, the result didn’t keep you too long in coming, and you were pleased with them. I don’t want to in the end, it turned out that time and money just wasted.

Take some argan oil for the hair pour into the palm of your hand. Slow movements RUB it into the scalp as if you are doing the massage. Oil should be enough to distribute it evenly through the hair without strands. Now, take the plastic and wrap their hair so that under it could not get air. Hair should be completely saturated with argan oil and to absorb from it all the most useful. Before you wrap hair polyethylene, make sure that you are well smeared oil on hair.

It is very important that you correctly calculated the amount, because if the oil is too much, it will drain on your neck all the time you will stand on a mask of argan oil. This will give you one discomfort. And note that the mask is better to leave for an hour or two, and on the whole night. Or, at least, three hours. If you put on your hair an insufficient amount of oil, it is also not good. Then not all hair will get a dose of vitamins and, accordingly, a good result you get. After soak the mask on the hair a sufficient amount of time, wash the head using shampoo.

If you are among those women, who often have problems with the hair, that is one effective method that will help you to solve them. Take a little bit of argan oil and carefully apply to the ends of your hair. It should be noted that hair should be clean and dry. They do not need pre-watering. As soon as the tips of your hair will be thoroughly plastered with argan oil, dry them and place as you like, not washing away the oil. Being the whole day on the hair, the oil will be able to protect them from damage and give them the necessary elasticity to the hairstyle does not lose its shape as long as possible.

Cosmetologists are increasingly encouraged to use argan oil for hair not only pure, but also to use various means that are made on its basis. The fact that the oil itself can be applied only 2-3 times a week, whereas cosmetics with this component is allowed to use at least every day.

Argan oil hair masks

Mask to accelerate hair growth

The recipe will be useful to all the girls who are too impatient to wait for something for months and are excited to become the proud owner of lush and long hair. To prepare this mask you will need to take one tea spoon of argan oil and castor oil. Now pour all this into a separate container and add the contents of five ampoules of vitamin E, thoroughly stirred. A pipette, measure exactly ten drops of vitamin A, and also add the capacity to everything else. Take one large lemon, cut it and squeeze the juice. One small spoon of juice, add to other ingredients mask. And the final touch – teaspoon of honey.

Stir again and your mask is ready. Apply it on your hair, wrap them with some kind of towel which is not a pity, and heat with the dryer for a few minutes. Soak the mask on hair no more than two hours and rinse without using shampoo. Such a procedure can not be done more often than edinazhdy a week. In a month you will notice that your hair has grown significantly. Argan oil for hair in the composition of this mask is a stimulant of growth and strengthen hair follicles.

Mask for dry hair

Argan oil for hair helps to maximize hydration of the hair, saturating them with the necessary components. In order to prepare the mask, you should take a little almond, argan and burdock oil. Mix them in a separate container and heat for a few minutes. The mixture of these oils should be actively rubbed into the scalp and roots, then wrap head with a towel and kneel on it for one hour. When the time comes to remove the mask.

Hard to find a more useful tool for the hair than argan oil. Yes, it will have to look good and will need to get it out of your wallet a bit more than I originally intended, but believe me, the result will please you.