Apricot kernel oil — useful properties and applications. How to use apricot kernel oil for face and hair.

Trembling drop of an oily liquid light yellow color on the tip of your finger, light nutty aroma with a delicate shade of apricot. With gentle movements she rubbed into the skin, and that is filled with life-giving moisture, nourish and protect the beauty and health. What a miracle-tool? This oil of bones is amazing southern fruit — apricot, a real fount of health. Its scope is huge. This cooking and medicine, soap making and cosmetology… the List goes on. But for women the most important aspect of self — care, so you should know about the wonderful tool more.

Apricot oil — how to get

To obtain apricot kernel oil (nucleoli) use a rather expensive method of cold pressing. He’s not the most practical in economic terms, but the end product is of the highest quality. Hot method is much cheaper, but it is not suitable, as the increase of raw material temperature is up to 300°C, causing destruction of a number of very useful substances contained in apricot.

Another possibility is to produce liquid — based solvent extraction. But it also has its disadvantage, as they are able to change the chemical composition of the final product.

Apricot kernel oil — useful properties

To understand what useful properties has the oil from apricot kernels, should read dry and boring, but necessary information about the most important components of its composition.

1. In any oil it is important the contents fat, organic acids. Apricot rich in oleic and linoleic acids. It is very healthy because the composition is dominated by unsaturated fats containing significant amount of vitamin E.

2. Of the micro-nutrients it contains most of the phytosterols.

3. Very necessary and valuable are the vitamins D, E, B, C.

4. Useful liquid contains proteins, sugars.

5. Is a periodic table in miniature, containing a list of mineral substances, among which are: Zn (zinc), Ca (calcium), Fe (iron), Mn (manganese), Cu (copper), and others;

6. Due to the specifics of its chemical composition, it has the ability to absorb oxygen radicals.

With such a rich composition, apricot oil also has beneficial pharmacological effects on the skin:

— tonic;

— regenerating;


— anti-aging;

— antiseptic.

Apricot oil — contraindications (and possible harm)

Efficiently squeezed the oil from apricot kernels is almost harmless. In fact, the only contraindication is individual intolerance. Before use, you should conduct a little test: apply elbow drop buttery and RUB into the skin. Thanks to its sensitivity, in this place we will see how the body responds to a new substance. If there is redness, it is better to choose a different tool for myself, if no — you can safely use this wonder of nature.

Another caveat concerns indoor use. Apricot oil is available in two types: for cosmetic, medicinal purposes and for cooking. For local use (in dermatology) it is absolutely safe, excluding possible allergic reactions, and the use of inside risks.

The nucleoli contains amygdalin. Once in the body, it is converted to a fairly toxic substance, overdose which is easy to poisoning. It is likely the development of respiratory failure and even death.

Amygdalin is completely to be excluded from the composition of the product at the manufacturing stage. From responsible, reliable suppliers usually what happens, what can be said about artisanal production. Therefore, to acquire desired tool is required or in pharmacies, or checked to specialized stores that sells only certified products. In this case, subject to the expiration date, guaranteed full security.

Apricot oil — indications and methods of use

Kernel oil from apricot is widely used in dermatology with a focus on external use. The feature means that it is perfect for all skin types, and is harmless and to be sensitive as infant. If you are not hypersensitive, it can be applied even in such delicate periods of a woman’s life like pregnancy and lactation. Side effects from active use is still not revealed.

Apricot oil is recommended not only for any skin, but for any age. In youth — prevention and the maintenance of tone, the maturity to deal with the first and subsequent signs of aging.

The main indications:

— the disadvantages of skin — aging, wrinkles, dryness or dehydration, rough epidermis;

dry dermatitis;


— inflammation on the surface layer.

Apricot oil is used for cosmetic procedures:


— food;

— cleaning;

— hydration.

Basic ways to use apricot oil:

1. In order to nourish the skin of the face, neck, we must first cleanse it and moisturize. Then the soft, gentle movements to RUB 4-6 drops, following the massage lines.

2. To nourish the skin of the eyelids and the eye area should be applied tiny portion of butter and very gently rubbed them, trying not to fall on the lashes.

3. To moisten and soften the surface of the body, a few drops of liquid to wet the palm of your hand and sliding movements to spread them all over the skin.

After oiling the remains of the means necessary to promacot with a damp cloth made of natural fabric, e.g., cotton. Such procedures sufficient to perform 1 every 6-7 days, the skin looked healthy and radiant.

4. In order to enrich the lotions, the composition of the night or day cream, you can add 5-8 drops of oil on the disposable portion of the funds.

5. With self-making masks to nourish and moisturize in 1 serving vehicle is used, add 5-10 drops of oil.

Enrichment of creams and masks perform well at the rate of 1 time per week.

Apricot kernel oil — for the face

The most efficient oil seed apricot for the skin: flabby, sensitive, scaly, with rashes, with numerous small wrinkles and «crow’s feet». Good to use for everyday maintenance, and the choice of methods is quite rich.

1. You every time before sleep, clean the face using a cotton pad with a couple drops of oil.

2. Age good for daily gadgets. Apricot oil perfectly removes puffiness and firms skin around the eyes prevents dark circles from lack of sleep, fatigue. If not to be lazy and use the oily liquid regularly, such procedures reduce the risk of the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes.

3. Any creams, ointments or lotions for face care can be enriched by adding a portion of before use just 2-3 drops of the product.

4. Recommended with folded in several layers of gauze and moistened it with oil, make a compress on the sore spots, abrasions. This tool has excellent wound healing properties.

5. The best face mask you can make from 1 chicken egg yolk thoroughly rubbed it with a teaspoon of oil. However, you can add it to any shampoo, the effect will be magnificent.

6. To perform the facial massage using a few drops of liquid in pure form or as a component of oil cocktail with jojoba esters, avocado, etc.

With caution oil should be applied to people who have a predisposition to acne, as can clog your pores. This can cause the appearance of pimples, blackheads.

Apricot kernel oil for hair

With proper use the oil from the kernels of apricot even luxury shampoos with balms not be compared with efficiency. The most unsightly-looking locks will come to life after the course of treatments. Yes, shiny, luxurious hair without any signs of greasiness — this effect can be achieved if you regularly apply oil to masks. By the way, in the summer it is also indispensable — it perfectly protects the strands from the negative effects of excessive ultraviolet radiation and maintains the moisture in the hair due to the thin films formed on them when applying slightly viscous liquid.

How to care for your hair with apricot oil? This can be done in several ways.

1. The easiest way to saturate your shampoo is based 15-20 drops per 100 ml — get a effective balm for a flowing waterfall of shiny strands. Damaged hair well, apply this remedy for about 1 hour, then rinse with warm water.

2. A small amount of oil can be heated in a water bath or in a microwave oven. In hot conditions it should be rubbed into the hair roots, wrap the head with foil and cover with a towel. The procedure time from an hour to an hour (depends on the condition of the hair and its volume). Then gently wash away with shampoo and warm water. This method of heat treatment and enables to provide a hair food, especially vitamin E. this achieves the optimal growth rate.

3. If you have dandruff, get rid of it will help useful mix of apricot kernel oil and rosemary oil, tea tree, rubbed into the scalp.

4. The hair became thicker, you can mix 1 teaspoon oil in equal proportions with honey and cognac. Then RUB the part with the egg yolk and apply the length of the curls, with 3-5 minutes massaging their roots. To wrap the oiled hair for 2 hours in a towel, then rinse. Just a couple of applications and the result will be clearly visible.

5. If hair grows annoyingly slow, it is necessary to make this mask: 3 chicken egg yolks to mix with 2 teaspoons of sour cream (heavy cream), 2 tablespoons apricot oil. The whole mixture is rubbed to a smooth paste with a hint of hot pepper.

The woman who used to take care of himself and does it with pleasure, among cosmetic products is always a place of natural, and a wonderful apricot oil has every right to be among them.