Apply highlighter: advice of makeup artists

The highlighter is a unique tool that allows you to enhance the beauty and relief of the face without overwhelming it cosmetics. Light texture effect onto the skin superimposed the final touches at the end of the makeup on already smoothed and powdered skin. For dry and compact used brushes made from natural or synthetic fibers, but creamy hilitary can be applied with fingertips.

What to highlight with a highlighter?

Beautiful high cheekbones – the most projecting point of the cheekbones near the temples applied a bit of highlighter. This technique is used by professional makeup artists for sculpting the face.

Open look – a thin brush or cotton swab with a highlighter spend a thin soft line on the inner side of the eyebrow from the highest point to the tail. Carefully use a highlighter in the looming century to make the eyes look tired.

Plump lips – for visual effect and highlight with highlighter put on the middle of the lower lip and the rounded contour of the area above the upper, so-called «Cupid’s bow». This is best suited creamy tool, you can also use any other over lipstick, but before applying gloss.

Elegant nose with highlighter and draw a line along the back of the nose. Can be limited to one patch of light closer to the tip of the nose to make it longer. This technique be suitable mostly for festive or club make-up, besides, he «betray» the smallest curvature and imperfections of the skin.

Aristocratic chin – in a circular motion to apply highlighter on the middle of the chin. Thus, it becomes more visible and highlighted. If the chin is convex by nature – do not do this.

Expressive eyes – put on a small dot of highlighter exactly the middle of the movable eyelid. Eyes will seem bigger and brighter, even if they are small or narrow. For deep and close-set eyes there is another little trick – highlights in the inner corners to visually extend them and make proportional.

Useful tips

Use the highlighter sparingly and remember that it is able to emphasize not only the noble facial features, but even the most minor imperfections – pimples, wrinkles and enlarged pores. Thoroughly blend the pigment, preventing the occurrence of clear boundaries. It is also necessary to mention that the tool is not recommend to apply to all person – limit two – three zones.

Text: Valentine Shmidova