Any blouses in Vogue in 2015 (photos)

In his work eminent designers gradually withdrew from all bored with Frank and provocative outfits. This season fashion creators have a preference for a more restrained and modest forms.

At the height of fashion steady and seem permanently entrenched retro images and feminine silhouettes. The trend among the favorites this year called the blouse with the bow (from the 70s). This must-have already settled in the wardrobes of the most fashionable and stylish stars.

See photos of celebrities in the trendy blouses with bows in our collection.

In order to create a modern fashionable look using the blouse with the bow, it is not necessary to copy the classic images of the 70-ies. As an example, successfully complement the blouse with the bow pencil skirt, tapered pants (skinny jeans) or pants-or culottes (pants-skirt), jeans-boyfriend. You can find other fashionable, a good combination – here your faithful allies will serve the imagination and sense of style.

Putting on a bright must-have of the season, it is important to consider the filing of the petition. There are several ways to give a blouse with a bow:

a classic knotted bow on the blouse;

— unleashed bow (leave a few top buttons unbuttoned);

— leave the ends of the bow dangle (in the manner of a tie).

Stars with a pronounced sense of style, prefer to leave the bow on this blouse is untied. From this the brand image is not only not lost, but becomes unique and original. By the way I will add that this blouse is an excellent instrument delicate and elegant seduction. Try and you at the same time incredibly hot and feminine trend of the season – the blouse with the bow.

Another must-have this ladies – full-cut blouses. They look stylish, simple, original and interesting. Many famous fashion houses (Narciso Rodriguez, Jenni Kayne, and Jill Stuart, Nina Ricc) added shift blouse with a collar stand and a large, gathered neckline; extra long sleeves with openings and with oversized cuffs.

Glossy or metallic effects on fabrics are considered the best choice for single cut blouses. If you want to look spectacular, fashionable and original – try and you-cut blouse.

If to speak about fashionable blouses in 2015, there are a few fashion ideas. Fashion will be the blouse, which is decorated with ruches and ruffles (on the sleeves, the neckline, on the shelves, the hem, the strap fasteners). Depending on the fabric and print, decorated with ruffles and ruffles of the blouse can look like a romantic, mysterious and gentle, so shocking and bright.

Of course, in fashion 2015 blouses all remained folklore and ethnic identity (medieval shirt, Japanese kimono, Oriental).

As for prints on blouses in 2015, preference is given to complex elements, which are combined with the original cut, deep V-neck and interesting sleeves. Among the fashionable prints on blouses: colorblok, Oriental ornaments, abstraction, geometric shapes.