Amaranth oil – its benefits and harms. All properties and methods of application of amaranth oil in cosmetics and medicine.

Amaranth oil is extracted from the plant, which for eight thousand years it was the main grain crop of Mexico, and South America and are called «bread of the Incas» or «the corn of the Aztecs». Amaranth was considered sacred. It was used not only in food, but in secret rituals. Amaranth contains protein, unsaturated fatty acids, macro — and microelements, starch, etc.

Amaranth oil is very different from many similar products of vegetable origin rich and balanced amino acid composition. It has healing properties and is used in medicine, cooking, cosmetology. All this details can read the below. You will also have the opportunity to learn about the magical masks of amaranth oil for the skin.

Preparation and properties of amaranth oil

Amaranth oil is extracted from the seeds by cold pressing (by pressing). For the production of oil should I use light amaranth seeds. The finished product has a nutty flavor and aroma. It was established that this oil has analgesic, epitelizirutmi (wound healing) properties. It widely used to accelerate tissue regeneration. Amaranth oil is often used in the treatment of peptic ulcer disease and other serious ailments. Amaranth oil is antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic agent. It compensates the deficiency of oxygen and prevents oxidative cell damage, preventing this premature aging of the body.

This oil contains essential fatty acids, including polyunsaturated. They reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, normalize cholesterol levels. Also in the amaranth oil is a unique ingredient – squalene, which was first found in shark liver. Experts have determined that squalene has antioxidant and fungicidal activity, strengthens blood vessels, reduces the likelihood of cholesterol (atherosclerotic) plaques and, of course, saturates the body with oxygen.

Some scientists claim that in ancient times people who constantly ate amaranth, lived about 300 years. The fact that amaranth and its oil is great to rejuvenate the body. Amaranth oil contains the necessary for correct functioning of an organism mineral substances, vitamins. Due to the action of the oil people increases vitality and mood. They can treat painful joints and remove toxins. Oil from amaranth suitable for use as an immunostimulant.

Say that the oil from amaranth are also sterols, which are so necessary to athletes. They are able to help athletes adapt to strenuous physical activity. Yet amaranth oil lowers blood pressure, prevents blood clots, inhibits pathogens, establishes the functioning of the endocrine glands.

The use of amaranth oil

Amaranth was a major food crop of the Aztecs, Incas, Maya. It was popular in Russia, but over time, the sowing of amaranth, the fruit of which the oil was extracted, was banned by Peter the great for his personal beliefs. But today, amaranth oil again beginning to use in cooking. In addition to oil in the food are herbs and flour extracted from the seeds of this ancient culture.

Amaranth oil is also interested in the pharmacology. Such popularity is primarily medicated oils provided the above-mentioned squalene, which has antioxidant properties. Amaranth oil is used in the treatment of anemia, gastroenteritis, etc. It restores the cells and eliminates the inflammation processes. Experts recommend the use of amaranth oil people with varicose veins, hypertension, myocarditis.

Amaranth oil is used in cosmetics. It can be seen in the composition of anti-aging products. Amaranth oil moisturizes the skin, makes it supple and glowing. It will help to cope with skin diseases (eczema, acne). The oil has a bactericidal effect, quickly heals cuts, burns. It is easy to replace a high-quality store-bought suntan oil.

Amaranth oil is used in dentistry. Propolisovaya they mouth, you will ease dental pain, cope with many inflammatory processes. Especially effective proved to amaranth oil in the treatment of such dental diseases like periodontal disease and stomatitis.

Because amaranth oil promotes the burning of calories, it can be used in special weight loss programs. It also maintains blood glucose level than is suitable for people with diabetes. Should not shun the use of amaranth oil and the patients with diseases of the genitourinary system. It will suit not only women but also men. Women can use amaranth oil to increase the successful treatment of fibroids, endometritis, erosion. Men, including in the diet of amaranth oil was rapidly cured of prostate diseases, infertility, etc.

If you add amaranth oil to cereals, salads, you can also reduce the likelihood of disease of the visual system or to facilitate the course of recent ocular diseases, prevent the development of complications. Amaranth oil is also suitable for the treatment of disorders of the nervous system. It is easy to cope with the emotional fatigue, depression, etc. Amaranth oil should be taken after a protracted illness of a different nature, long taking strong antibiotics, in case of low immunity. They can cure chapped lips.

eating regularly amaranth oil, you need prevention of cancer and slow the growth of already existing malignant tumors.

If you drink amaranth oil to get rid of developed serious diseases, then you need to use it three times a day, two large spoons. To maintain health, that is, prophylactically, it is enough to drink a tablespoon of oil. In the latter case, amaranth oil is not necessary to use pure, strictly monitoring the amount of consumed product. Simply fill them with the salad. But to fry on a butter – stupid idea.

Important: having a serious disease, it is impossible to perceive amaranth oil as the main medicine to treat them. This oil is only an ancillary and supporting facility.

Amaranth oil: skin care

A natural component of amaranth oil is included in cosmetic products for skin care. Especially this product will appeal to women with dry skin, because amaranth oil it perfectly moisturizes and protects against chapping, dryness, retains moisture. Need to buy a finished product from amaranth oil. The mask is easy to prepare at home.

Amaranth oil for dry skin

Preparing homemade moisturizing mask with amaranth oil pretty quickly. To make it, you’ll need to get a tablespoon of butter and the same amount of liquid natural honey. Also, in our cosmetic products for dry skin, you have to put the yolk.

The ingredients are mixed together, applied on cleansed skin and wash off in 15-17 minutes. To remove the mask can be a conventional raw water. It is better to use warm water. The soap is not worth it.

Supply oil-curd mask

To nourish dry skin, making it smooth and soft, use a curd mask with amaranth oil. Oil to about a teaspoon, curd – widow more. You can use cheese with any percentage of fat. But if your skin is prone to flaking, it wouldn’t hurt to purchase fat cottage cheese. Other ingredients besides cheese and butter you don’t need.

Make the butter-cheese mixture, and spread the paste on the skin that requires nourishment. Apply curd mask on your entire face. Washed it a home remedy warm water for about 10 minutes after application.

Attention: do not like the mask with the oil can three times a week.

Amaranth oil for stretch marks

To completely get rid of stripe-like skin atrophy, using folk remedies, it is unrealistic. But to make stretch marks almost invisible maybe. Just needs oil changed the skin through the day amaranth oil. In the remaining days of massage into stretch marks to the mask of dissolved tablets mummy and baby hypoallergenic cream, selected in equal amounts. After a month the skin is sufficiently lubricated twice a week.

Making such masks systematically, you will definitely notice an improvement. But don’t count on fast results. Apply amaranth oil after exfoliating. To make the scrub is also better from natural products, such as coffee grounds or sugar, salt and vegetable oil.

Amaranth oil for pores

Let’s make the mask not only tightens pores, but also whitening the skin. To prepare this tool, in addition to table spoon of oil required natural orange juice (2 tbsp). In fact, mixing these ingredients, we get not quite a mask, but rather a lotion.

You need to moisten the swab in the orange-oil fluid, and then well wipe his face. This composition has a beneficial effect not only on the face. They can without any hesitation to lubricate the décolleté and neck. Lotion wash off after a quarter of an hour. Remove it with warm water.

Harm and contraindications of amaranth oil

Many experts believe that the use of oil from amaranth there are no contraindications. The only thing that can hinder to be cured with the help of amaranth oil is the intolerance of the product. Although some people claim that are unable to assess the action of the oil, because it caused them causeless nausea, dizziness. But this is a completely normal phenomenon that occurs because the body through the oil begins to actively oxygenated. Taking the oil a couple of days, you will notice that the discomfort goes away.

But generally speaking, that amaranth oil – a real salvation for five of your closest friends: heart, stomach, liver, brain and skin.

Important: if you have kidney stones and gall stones, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, do not take amaranth oil without a doctor’s permission.

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