Almost 60% of women use expired cosmetics

It would seem, we all know that the use of cosmetics that have expired can lead to serious health problems. But the practice shows that there are women who use expired products.

The largest British Department store Debenhams conducted a survey among its customers and found that 57.7% of women are not in a hurry to throw out their expired beauticians cosmetics, believing that it would be a waste on their part. But such greed can lead to infections, including eyes, and skin rashes.

Lisa Brett representing Debenhams, considers unacceptable the fact that so many women put their health in danger, and reminds you once again: it is unacceptable to forget about the shelf life of such products. According to statistics, 73% of women do not. They don’t even know the date of the expiration date of their cosmetic products. Even if they spent only half, they need to go, and to resist the temptation to use it to the end.

The survey showed that one third of women used eyeliner, which is already more than a year. 22% more than a year do not leave the tube of Foundation. As for the shadows, 7 percent of persons of the fair sex, kept them for six years or more, while the official shelf life of such products is 12 months.

This economy is costly. Instead of fighting with skin problems, it is enough to bring order to my purse and update the collection-a good choice.