Alginate Facials – the benefits and harms. How to make a mask of sodium alginate in the home.

Wipe years, and fatigue and blemishes from the face will help mask alginate, the main component of which is derived from seaweed.

Alginate products are considered to be universal, because it can solve almost all problems that arise with any skin type.

Using such masks is preparing for the release of the famous singer, Hollywood actress and other important ladies. Let us become like the great and famous, let’s start to pamper the skin of your face with alginate masks.

Alginate masks: the benefits and harms

Alginate mask for the face is primarily salvation from an unpleasant age-related changes. After a few treatments you’ll notice that the wrinkles become less pronounced, tightened facial contours, the skin has gained unprecedented flexibility and a nice uniform tint, was swelling.

The improvement you will see girls with dry skin, because the algae mask is good moisturize and relieve chapping, irritations. Oily skin after use of such means cleansed, smooth, velvety to the touch, no longer unpleasant to Shine, pores are narrowed. If girls were annoying pimples, acne, they also need to undergo a course of 6-12 alginate masks for face skin.

alginate masks usually do not cause allergic reactions even in women with sensitive skin. Moreover, beauticians claim that such means rather to help sensitive, prone to irritation and rashes skin to learn more to endure exposure to allergens.

Popular alginate mask for the face, does not injure the delicate skin around the eyes, lips and can be applied directly on them. The specialists do not recommend to distribute a mask on the upper eyelids those girls who are afraid of enclosed space to eliminate the likelihood of panic attack.

Alginate mask for the face bypasses many cosmetic anti-aging agents and even for the reason that it is not prohibited to put on vasodilation. In addition, alginate products are used in the prevention of rosacea, as well as apply it in order to remove the tread of the vascular grid. So, selecting the remedy based on salts of alginic acid, you get rid of as Marinetti, sagging, dryness, zaselennosti skin and rosacea.

Reliable information about what algae mask for face with proper preparation/use is able to provide any harm to the health of women, has not been found. But still, one can not exclude the fact that a person can be intolerant to even a seemingly harmless components of cosmetic means. Therefore, a good idea before applying to test all masks, including alginate. Although, as already mentioned, most cosmetologists are confident that there is no need to check on the safety of alginate masks.

they say that sodium alginate could reduce the extent of absorption of useful minerals, but this is only if it is regularly consumed as a dietary Supplement. So that fans of the alginate masks is not threatened. Most importantly, do not lick the mask from her lips.

Demand not only the alginate mask for the face, but also the same for body. In fact, apply alginate products can be almost any part of the body. Mask superimposed on the face, neck, chest, stomach and even buttocks. «What to do alginate mask on the buttocks? – you will ask. – Wrinkles to remove?» No, not the wrinkles, and cellulite. It proves once again that alginate mask – a really versatile tool.

Where better to do modelling mask

Women with money will immediately begin to argue what to do about alginate masks in the beauty salon. Well, beauty is a good thing. There experts will be able to correctly assess the seriousness of the problem and with its light to be treatment. Besides, salons use professional products, the quality of which is confirmed by corresponding documents.

Here, besides the mask, you will make a preliminary cleansing of the face, perform the scrubbing, moisturize the skin under the eyelids, will cause the serum, the cream, which will increase algae production. Specialists perform facial massage, etc. But for this pleasure will have to pay. Besides, you need to pay a lot.

If a visit to a cosmetologist is not an option, and alginate, did not go out of my head, do a mini-salon at home. Who thought nothing of this scheme will not work? Fu-u-u, be such pessimistically. Here’s a look clear tonic, to treat it with the scrub, apply the cream is a common thing in the lives of girls. And a good algae mask you can buy. They are sold in cosmetic shops, pharmacies.

The easiest way to find alginate masks in powder form, which should be diluted with water (1:1) and mix to obtain a creamy mass. Here and ready cabin alginate mask for the face. However, to be honest, such a procedure will also not cost 100 rubles. But we are resourceful, enterprising and economical! So let’s take care of not only the dilution of the healing powder, but they will make a mask of three budget components. Go!

Prepare homemade alginate mask

So, we decided to bring the beauty and to rejuvenate at home using a homemade mask. As already mentioned, we need three components. Here they are:

— sodium alginate is a powdery substance you can buy at the pharmacy, it will need three teaspoons per serving;

dried kelp is also available in many pharmacies; a bag of weed is not enough for one procedure, after cooking for the mask should only two tsp of kelp;

— white clay (half a tbsp) – another cheap, effective and last component, which have to be purchased for making magical and versatile algae mask.

Now you need to dissolve sodium alginate in 60 ml of water. After that, put it to infuse for five hours (can be longer but not less). Knowing that so much time will have to wait until the sodium alginate turns into a gel-like substance, many girls refuse to carry out the procedure at home, but in vain. You don’t need to sit beside him the whole time. You can just pour salt of alginic acid liquid before bed, and on the second day to practice facial rejuvenation. Besides, usually while the girls are going to visit a beautician, runs longer than five hours.

Back to our alginate. After it turns into a gel, you have to prepare two mixtures. The main component of the first will be the kelp, the second – kaolin. Each of the ingredients poured separately, 30 ml of water. Stir them, wait a minute and connect together sodium alginate, kelp, clay.

if you messed something up, and the mask turned out watery, you can add a vial of calcium chloride. But usually the modeling tool comes out pretty thick.

Rules for the use of alginate masks

Homemade alginate mask for the face is ready, we now proceed to its application. Don’t forget before connecting all the components to put in order the person to perform a make-up remover, otkrenivat skin, apply a rejuvenating serum or nourishing cream. To cosmetic products absorbed into the skin, you need to wait 15 minutes.

So, start applying the alginate mask. Performing a procedure, follow these recommendations:

1. Distribute the mask with a thick layer of the chin upward (as it is and remove).

2. Apply the product after cooking should be within minutes. The delay is in any case impossible, because alginate products quickly is plasticized.

3. To speed up the allocation process is a fast drying mask, use a wide spatula. It is particularly convenient to work with a rubber spatula.

4. Enlist the help of a friend or relative, because during the treatment, experts recommend the woman to take a horizontal position.

5. Shouldn’t talk with the mask on the face, especially if the products were placed on the lips. Try to relax completely.

6. Homemade alginate means enough to keep on the face for about 15 minutes, by this time, the plasticizing process is fully completed.

7. That mask is easily removed from the skin in one motion, first undermine its edge.

8. If the tool is in some places stuck to the skin, it is not necessary to fasten the power to quickly remove it – just dampen certain parts of the algae mask.

9. After removing the mask, wipe the face with cleansing tonic.

10. If you did not spoil the skin cream or serum to the distribution mask, do it after you remove it. Of course, it is better to apply the serum under a mask to alginate production was able to strengthen the effects of the cosmetic.

Reduce wrinkles, tighten pores, tighten the skin, improve complexion, remove signs of fatigue, partly to get rid of acne in just two to four treatments. But to remove a pronounced pigmentation, rosacea, to treat acne, to make them less visible scarring of the skin, should pass the whole course – about 15 procedures.

Want to be beautiful? Sodium alginate in your hands.