Acne on the face: pink, white, vulgar. How to get rid of different types of acne at home.

Cicero said: «the Face is the mirror of the soul».

But what if our «mirror» is littered with flaws, such as acne?

There’s nothing to guess from flawed and should be removed.

Types of acne on the face and the treatments for them

We often share recipes for masks, tonics against acne, not thinking about the fact that they help not all people with such a cosmetic flaw. Why is one suitable for a simple mask, made at home, and others are not? It’s not only in the degree of severity of the disease. First, acne acne strife. They can be vulgar, pink, white. Besides acne differ not only in appearance, but also by location. Some defects appear on the face, others on the body, for example on the back. Second, even the same kind of acne can occur under the influence of different factors and also to have a special clinical form.

So let’s see what are the different types of acne and why they appear. And also consider possible ways of their treatment. The conduct of this review will help you understand which blackheads can be removed at home, and which ones need to be treated with the help of experts.

Whiteheads on the face

Women, men on the faces sometimes have formations that seem like small seeds. They can not squeeze in the home. Moreover, it is impossible to do. Such formations are called white eels, miliumm or Bunting. The most favorite locations of whiteheads, which look like small yellowish or whitish knobs (papules) – the eyelids, cheeks, forehead.

Top acne can be of two types: domed or flat. Popping those blackheads, as mentioned – a hopeless task. Self-pierce dense formation is also not needed, otherwise you run the risk of infection or to achieve the appearance of scars. Any home and purchased products powerless in the treatment of whiteheads. People with miniumum need to remove the resulting ectodermal cyst that contains keratinocytes (cells of epithelial tissue) only in the office of a cosmetologist-dermatologist.

Such cosmetic defects as whiteheads, do not lead to severe consequences, but they can grow. Even if the number of papules not increase, it already appeared a small number of eels will not brighten your face. Get rid of corn Buntings is 10-15 minutes. Acne most often removed using electrocoagulation. Procedure performed point.

In order to prevent whiteheads, you need to clean skin thoroughly (to wash the gel, to scrub, to wipe the face tonic). Every one to two weeks you should do a cleansing homemade masks from milk or fruit acids.

Acne rosacea on the face

Rosacea or acne rosacea is a chronic relapsing skin disease. This disease has several stages and is caused due to changes in the surface of arterioles, located on the face. To aggravate the situation unable: alcohol, hot drinks, exposure to cold and sunlight, the activity of ticks, lowered immunity, etc.

The first sign of rosacea is facial flushing, which occurs because of the effects of certain factors and persists for a long time. The further course of the disease is characterized by the appearance of the spider veins on the face. In the absence of adequate treatment, aimed at strengthening blood vessels on the skin rash, which may be in the form of nodules of a reddish or bluish in color with purulent content and without it. In the end, on the face can grow a huge cyst.

Acne rosacea mostly occur in people in older age groups. To slow down the development of rosacea, it is necessary to observe a temperature mode (not to get involved with saunas, less to be in the cold), to abandon the use of hot drinks, alcohol, regular sunbathing.

At the initial stage of rosacea you can do without medical treatment, limiting the use of special cosmetics. Skin prone to rosacea, suitable purchase and home products containing vitamins A, C, K, PP, various plant extracts. To improve the situation, you can also use cold lotions made of chamomile infusion or tea. It would be nice to freeze healing infusions and daily massage the skin with a piece of ice.

But sometimes topical treatment is not enough to help a person with rosacea. Then he needs to take medication that is prescribed by the dermatologist after an appropriate examination. The patient can register sebosuppressive, antibacterial drugs, etc. There are other methods of rosacea treatment such as laser and cryotherapy, electrocoagulation of blood vessels. In any case to delay treatment because rosacea is a serious disease that tells about the blood circulation in the vessels. It not only leads to inflammation of the face, but also sometimes provokes the development of rhinophyma, which is characterized by abnormal thickening of the skin.

Acne vulgaris on the face

Under acne vulgaris should be understood acne vulgaris. They are one of the most common diseases. They are encountered almost every person. Acne vulgaris primarily make themselves felt in adolescence. Such acne often occur due to hormonal changes. In many cases, the problem with the appearance of acne vulgaris is solved after the end of puberty. But this does not mean you have to idle, waiting until the skin clears itself on its own. Moreover, not all adults manage to get rid of acne.

The first step to getting rid of acne vulgaris is and checkups in the clinic for the appointment of adequate treatment. In this case you need to find the professional that is not trying to assure patients that their acne is caused by eating fatty and sweet food. Most likely, the problem lies in the excessive production of male hormones and sebum, and it is not particularly associated with the consumption of pork or cakes.

Some people, believing that they have acne vulgaris, do not hurry to visit a dermatologist, decided to be treated independently by regular cleansing. This is incorrect. Indeed, sometimes patients confuse acne with acne-like rashes that occur because of Contracting serious diseases such as syphilis. Therefore, starting to the treatment of acne, you need to be sure that it’s really them. Besides, even if you have acne vulgaris, remove them with a single purification is quite difficult, and often simply unrealistic.

In addition to systemic, topical treatment with expertise in acne rashes a dermatologist may prescribe a special diet. The essence of the diet: reduce the consumption of iodine-containing products and to include in the diet more fruits, vegetables, which have beta-carotene. Also the doctor will tell you how to properly care for the skin, which appeared acne vulgaris, talk about the dangers comedongenic cosmetics. Girls with acne vulgaris may prescribe contraceptives, regulate the production of androgens. If the form of the disease easy, boys and girls offered to pass the outer protivogribkovu therapy. With the development of severe forms of the disease and the ineffectiveness of local therapy in patients with acne prescribe systemic retinoids.

if you have any acne vulgaris, then try less sun, because UV rays provoke the aggravation of the problem.

Acne on the back

Inflammatory disease of the skin on the back is treated a little differently than acne located on the face. Because the patient is difficult to put back on different creams, doctors focus on internal treatment. Patients may be administered, and local funds. But since the skin on the back is thicker to affect deeply entrenched elements of acne, you need to use more concentrated antigraphy funds.

Interesting: some girls prove that cleared the back masks, of hydrogen peroxide and concoctions.

Blackheads on the nose

Now, you probably already knew that, if on the nose there is a white acne, to get rid of this cosmetic defect should beautician. No home and purchased tonics with creams will not save you. Acne rosacea also did not deign to leave your nose if not it will be a comprehensive treatment of rosacea: medication + finished products for problem skin + proper home care (washing, consisting of daisies, etc.).

And only acne vulgaris can be almost completely removed from the spout, using homemade cleaning products. It certainly does not hurt to establish hormonal balance (if broken). But in any case, regularly cleansing the skin from sebaceous secretion, dead cells and other impurities, you’ll see how decrease the amount of harmful, occupying the nose blackheads.

Below you can see the recipes of masks designed to cleanse the skin and to remove blackheads is simple. But remember that before you rush to prepare a homemade mask, you should consult a dermatologist. Only a specialist will determine exactly what you have blackheads on the nose. He will be able to understand the reasons for their occurrence and will give adequate advice on skin care.

Homemade masks from blackheads on the face

Before you apply any face masks from simple acne, the skin must steam. But it should be done not above the ordinary boiling water. For steaming prepare a decoction of lime, peppermint and chamomile. Each dried plant you will need about 30 to Do the infusion in a saucepan. Lime with mint you need to throw in boiling water and cook for about a minute. Capacity should be sealed with a cap. Once the broth configure themselves, it would have to warm up.

To prepare the broth you will need not more than 2 liters of water.

Removing the saucepan from the heat, put it on the table, tucked under the capacity of a wide Board. Now place your face over the steam and cover your head with a pot towel. Try to sit in this position for at least five minutes. If during the week you have a discomfort, unable to get out from under the towel for 5-10 seconds. After steaming, Pat the face with paper towel.

if you have rosacea, very sensitive skin, better from steaming to refrain or to perform a procedure less than a minute.

Oat-bean mask-scrub from acne on the face

To prepare the mask from acne you will need a teaspoon of salt, the same amount of coffee grounds and ground oatmeal. These components will need to add half a tablespoon of ground in a blender the beans, which must first be soaking in boiling water for about 20 minutes. The final ingredient – a little spoonful of thick cream.

After mixing the ingredients you can proceed to its application. First home remedy to apply on acne, this should be done clockwise in a circular motion. Then the mask is superimposed on the entire face. Stand it for 20 minutes and wash off.

to do this mask to once a week. Before each treatment necessarily asprivate the skin.

Gelatin acne mask for any skin type

Do before applying the mask: before you steam the skin, wash your face with a special homemade mixture. It is prepared from oat and pea flour and milk powder. Components are mixed in equal amounts and a little diluted with water. You need to RUB the skin prepared with homemade products.

Now prepare the mask. Crush a tablet of activated charcoal. Pour into a bowl tbsp of gelatin and fill it with two teaspoons of warm water. Swollen gelatin connect with coal and add two dessert spoons of milk. After stirring heat the mixture in a water bath.

Gelatin mask is applied only to the area of skin where there are acne. Do it with a brush. After hardening of the first layer is applied second, and third. After waiting, when the mask solidifies, begin to shoot spurts our of the gelatin strip.

described mask is not suitable for people with rosacea.

After removing the gelatin apply on the face mask of protein and a teaspoon of lemon juice. It is necessary to smear in those areas where they are homemade products of gelatin.

And oats, beans and gelatin mask is best done in the evening.

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