A slim figure to leave what treatments will help?

Modern trend — a beautiful slender body! An opportunity to acquire a graceful shape without harming health help of modern methods. In the hands of professionals — cosmetologists International medical center on clinic — they allow you safely and in a short time to prepare the figure. What are the secrets kept by professionals?

Lunch break is one hour of free time. That is the same required for one session of cryolipolysis. It is based on the effect on adipose tissue by low temperatures. After the first session of the fat fold reduced in size by about 25%. A course of 2 or more treatments will double this effect.

Mesodissolution are 30 minutes long and acts directly on the problem area. It is based on injection of a special «cocktail» that activates the process of destruction of fat cells. The «cocktails» are selected individually. The effect is noticeable already after 2 sessions. As a result of the course of treatments can significantly reduce problem areas.

Endermologie LPG (vacuum roller massage) is an effective and safe method of correction. It affects the soft tissues at all levels, strengthens muscles, breaks down body fat, normalizes lymph flow, and tightens stretched skin. The course is a good step towards harmony.

Thalassotherapy — treatment by sea products (clay, mud, algae) comprising a unique cosmetic line «Thalasso Bretagne» (France). Exposure is carried out using local applications and wraps. Active promotes weight loss, improves tone and elasticity of the skin, has anti-cellulite effect and helps to get rid of stretch marks, rejuvenates and relieves stress.

To achieve perfect proportions of the figure and to eliminate the effect of «orange peel» allows the electrolipolysis using modulated currents of a certain frequency. It allows you to simultaneously strengthen the muscles, break down fat tissue, remove excess fluid and normalize lymph flow.

All methods of correction, which are performed without damaging the skin, cuts or punctures, belong to the category of non-surgical liposuction. But in some cases to help the patient can only surgery, i.e. liposuction in its traditional understanding. Surgical correction or liposuction is used when it is impossible to achieve the desired proportions of the body other methods. It is performed by experienced and qualified plastic surgeons on clinic therefore gives a predictable and reliable result.

The operation is less traumatic, performed on modern technologies through tiny punctures; provides an expressive result, even when large amounts of adipose tissue; the effect lasts for a long time.

Dermatocosmetologists the hospital to choose for each patient an individual complex and multiplicity of the procedures for obtaining a perfect result!

Clinic — a confident victory over excess weight!