A few little-known facts about lipstick

Daily every other woman on the planet wear lipstick, it can be various colors, shapes and manufacturer, however it is so popular that at one time was considered the main element of seduction and for a while was even banned.

We offer you to get acquainted with little-known facts about lipstick.

  • To use lipstick began in the days of the great and beautiful Cleopatra, then the dog is fat my lipstick did their eggs, ants and beetles, the makeup was completely natural. To achieve a pearlescent shade of lipstick crushed and drowned fish scales.
  • In Ancient Greece at the time, lipstick was considered a lot of prostitutes, red lipstick, pointed to the status of women to the oldest profession, an ordinary resident lipstick, and makeup practically did not use.
  • The Romans also took the lipstick to the ancient profession, and used it for both women and men, selling their body.
  • In his time in England, lipstick was considered to be a small painting, in 1650, there were attempts to ban its use, however, support a proposal that is not received.
  • Loving men in the time of Louis XVI painted her lips with lipstick, to differ and to distinguish among the bearded and mustachioed representatives of a strong half of mankind.
  • George Washington was a lover to use cosmetics, in addition to applying lipstick, he liked to use shadows and tinted your hair.
  • Kansas, like the rest of America, is famous for its strange acts, here in 1915, planned to introduce a ban on the use of women after 44 years of lipstick, the fact is that makeup has created a false charm.
  • Elizabeth II introduced a new tone of red lipstick, using it in the day of his coronation. Barmoral red color with a purple hue.
  • The second World spared no production in the UK stopped all cosmetics except for lipstick. According to Churchill, she supported the morale of the people.
  • Worldwide, more than 75% of the population uses lipstick on a daily basis.
  • Modernity is also not without interesting facts. Beautiful Elizabeth Taylor loved red lipstick. In her days there were riders, however, the actress still set the terms of Directors, during the filming none of the other Actresses should not be the same makeup as her.

Data scientists

The men in my life eat at least 3 kilograms of lipstick, it goes to them through a kiss.

Women eat more to 4 pounds.

According to doctors, lip caught on tooth enamel, its composition leads to the formation of cracks, subsequently, the tooth can break down. So sweet it turns out.

By the way, doctors and scientists have performed many experiments to prove that the poison lipstick is possible only in case, if you eat at a time, three tubes of cosmetics.

Text: Kseniya Aleksandrovna