8% of women apply makeup several times a day and 15% never

Women used to spend in front of a mirror a lot of time. And today, they are, as they say, all the cards in your hand: the shelves SAG under the abundance of decorative cosmetics. The portal «Women’s opinion» conducted a social survey to find out how often Russians use it?

According to the statistics, which were obtained in the course of the study, 8% beauties generally do not extend to men without makeup. They can be painted several times a day, altering the make-up as needed. Even being in the decree, these girls use makeup to a greater or lesser extent. The course is everything: make-up base and Foundation cream, eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, eye and lip, blush, powder and bronzer, lip gloss and lipstick.

Almost 52% of women once a day, applied minimal makeup, but the circumstances make the evening make-up. Some under the concept of «minimal makeup» you know, painted eyebrows and eyelashes, others diligently use the cream Foundation, mascara and lip gloss, others are painted a bit even on vacation.

The mood or the occasion do make up 24.9% of Russians. Many of the interviewed consider themselves too beautiful to organize the tons of makeup, however, argue that makeup is a part of business image. Therefore to work they go badly painted. If a woman going to a business meeting or for a party, how not to embellish yourself? Before the most important events and make-up artist to visit. But while staying at home makeup to anything.

And 15% of women never use cosmetics or makeup is applied very rarely. They believe that natural beauty, which they got from mother nature, above all sorts of tubes and vials. Thus, according to our conservative estimates, almost 60% of Russians do daily make up.

In the social survey, «how Often do you wear makeup» participated 5980 women aged 20 — 45 years living in 149 cities of Russia.