70% of Spaniards and 43% of Russians are ready for plastic surgery

In different countries people have different attitudes to plastic surgery, especially if we are talking about surgical intervention in the appearance of a man.

European Dating service asked their customers the question: is it acceptable for them plastic surgery. Answered the question more than three thousand citizens from Austria, Germany, Spain, Italy, Russia, Switzerland and Sweden.

The most conservative and old-fashioned Russians. Among Russian men is only 12% think it is acceptable to adjust their not very attractive facial features.

Europe is twice as high. Champions are the Spaniards. 37% of them are not averse to change something about their appearance through plastic surgery. But they do not keep up with their ladies. In the quest to become irresistible 70% of Spanish women with ease went under the knife.

The Russians in this respect are still far from European women, but unlike their men, they showed great loyalty to change. 43% of them answered the question positively.

But in Europe, it turns out, there are women, even more conservative than our compatriots. Only one third of Italian ladies ready to dialogue with your plastic surgeon.

To the question about what plastic surgery they have gone to the clinic of plastic surgery, men and women also responded differently.

In women in the first place, the tightening of facial contours. It is a dream of more than half of the ladies who participated in the survey. In second place liposuction, but surgery to increase the bust by only three.

In men, the «sick» place ‒ nose shape, which not always corresponds to their ideas muzhestvenno profile. To correct the shape of the nose I would like 38% of them. 34% dream about facelift, 15% – about thick hair.

And yet, in spite of some differences in opinion, becoming more and more people ready to change in appearance.