7 myths about shampoo

Shampoos and other care products for the hair are now an integral part of our hygiene. Their range is huge. Women with the most careful attention to the selection of shampoo. Advertising different brands and types of shampoos have created many myths, and most of them completely unfounded. All of this raises many questions regarding the principles of the choice of shampoo, as well as its use.

I can use any shampoo

The first thing to remember when choosing the shampoo – consider the type of your hair. For example, if you have fine hair, you can easily buy shampoo, girls with thick and dense hair suit moisturizing shampoo.

I no shampoo

Many shampoos only because do not condone their properties that just don’t work for you: they can make your hair dry or, on the contrary, fat. In these cases, you want to stop using shampoo and wash the head of a special cleanser, the label which should say «clarifying shampoo».

Cleansing shampoo suitable for all

Remember, cleansing shampoo is needed women with colored hair, especially bleached blondes or those who prefer a Perm. In these processes the hair is very weakened, their structure is porous, so fibers they trap more harmful toxic substances than natural.

The shelf life for shampoo is not important, important only price

When choosing a shampoo, pay attention to its shelf life and cost. Expired shampoo much harm the hair will not bring, but good too. At the expiration in any, even the most expensive shampoo, you will lose all its useful properties. Speaking of cost, you should know that the quality of the shampoo is not depends on its price, but only on the composition and production.

Head better to wash in a hurry

An important point on the scalp massage. If you thoroughly massage your head when applying shampoo, it will improve blood circulation, strengthening hair follicles, which in turn will preserve the beauty of the hair and stimulates their growth. Do not be lazy to systematically make masks from natural products, it will saturate your hair with vitamins for a long time giving them a freshness.

The more you shampoo, the better

Do not use too much shampoo in one application. This may lead to poor rinsing of the hair. Even for the most thorough cleansing you will need a small amount of shampoo – about the size of a 5 penny coin. Apply shampoo only on the roots, as by washing it remains sufficiently washed with the rest of the hair to the ends without drying them.

The head can be washed in any water

Never wash hair in hot water, it makes them weak and dull. It is better to use warm water, and after wash is desirable to rinse the hair with cool water, it longer will leave them clean and fresh, giving strength and Shine.

Try to find the appropriate hair shampoo, however, don’t change brands too often. Take care of your hair properly, love them, because beautiful healthy hair makes a woman attractive.