7 advantages masquerading as cons

Sometimes looking in the mirror, it is possible to see what can spoil the mood for the whole day. But this can be dealt with. And sometimes even make cons own appearance to work for themselves. How to do it? Will cover in this article.

1. Sleepy face

It is an occasion for hardening! You should try to wash in cold water (you can even pour yourself a pelvis), or wipe the face with ice cube (better yet – frozen decoction of rose petals or chamomile flowers), or you can use tonic, chosen specific to your skin type. Everything will fit, just not at the same time. Plus good memories and lots of smiles (such «intangible» things quite easily materialists in a pretty face).

2. Pale cheeks and dark rings under the eyes

This does not look tired, and the mysterious face of a beautiful era of decadence. If this is not the correct image – not scary! It is impossible to always look the same cheerful. Speaking of decadence: in the beginning of our century languid faces were so fashionable that some ladies were added to the food vinegar to kill the blush.

Actually, this image seems romantic and mysterious. Pallor fabulous fit lace and feminine dresses. Pale skin looks unique against the background of millions of fans of the tan. In addition, pallor – a sign of gentility.

3. The «unfortunate» trait of a person

It is, of course, water will not wash away. But it’s a good excuse to try something new from cosmetics and practice in its application. And then the eyes will become bigger, lips look fuller, and the whole image takes such a charm that it is time to start to worry about the nerves surrounding men.

4. A mole in a visible place

In this case, we must assume that it is a very pretty fly. These were all ladies of the past centuries, as fashion, as we know, has a tendency to come back. Thus, mole is a modern natural decoration, elegant and refined.

5. Unlikable smile

Of course, if you smile or, on the contrary, strongly stretch, sad lips, it will turn out unnatural. If you try to smile at the reflection in the mirror, you can see that it is something smiles. Probably, think about something pleasant, for example, about your mistress…

6. «Stubborn» hair

Here is a good occasion to experiment with hair! It is desirable to make at least five original styling (only without the aid of a Hairdryer), then to immediately wash all this mess under the shower. The only condition is that five minutes will not have to go out.

7. Dark eyes

Actually, the dark eyes are stronger than light highlighted on the face. «The eyes of burning!» — it’s just about them. The glance of the eyes seems mysterious, even when you’ve got thought about completely banal things. Dark eyes look bright even with minimal makeup. But if the dark color of his eyes still haunts my mind, a trip to the optician can fix this as well: buying colored contact lenses of the color that the soul requires.

Or, conversely, bright eyes. Those eyes against the dark shadows and mascara Shine like precious stones. They are very variable depending on clothes, makeup and even the weather – and because change is so nice!

If there is something that prevents to live happily today you can try the following just to say: «Nonsense. Pass. Today all too well that this little thing could spoil the mood. And is there a problem really? In fact there is. And tomorrow will be better than yesterday.» And be sure to send a kiss. Who? Her reflection in the mirror.