6 enemies of female beauty: how to defeat aging?

The intense rhythm of life of modern women has led to the fact that health care simply is not time and effort. And because women’s health affects the beauty and attractiveness of every woman. But don’t despair, defeat aging is quite real, if you know all the weaknesses of his «enemy».

Unfortunately, today women are forced to live in constant stress and worry it, preserving the health and beauty, extremely difficult. Even a healthy young woman, overcoming difficult emotionally, life-span, looks old and tired. Experts believe that the cause of stress is any situation in which the human psyche reacts to strong excitation.

Completely avoiding stress is impossible, but to mitigate their impact on the forces of any woman. This can help correct doctor prescribed. Such bio-complexes successfully eliminate the physiological symptoms of stress sweating, sleep disturbances, decreased sex drive, palpitations, and also enrich the body with minerals and vitamins.

This problem is faced by almost all residents of cities. Convenience food and fast food, high-calorie snacks, consumption of smoked and fried foods and at the same time, the lack of minerals, vitamins and fiber. Such a diet is no good cause can not. Arise health problems, gaining weight worsens the condition of nails and hair.

To organize rational diet is easy. The main rule — try to drink at least two liters of water and do not hassle yourself with limitations. Tasteless food and a strict diet can cause flares of appetite and thus — overeating.

Our body needs regular exercise, however, to find them at least an hour, considering the tight working schedule, it becomes an unattainable dream. Doctors warn that physical activity is very important. If the muscles are «stagnate», they over time become weak and can no longer work normally. And the result is suffering the whole body.

If you have lead a sedentary lifestyle, do not forget about physical exercise, to preserve the beauty and health. Regular yoga classes or a swimming pool will provide your body with the essential loads.

We all are well aware of the dangers of tobacco smoke, which negatively affects the complexion and harmful to the whole body in General. Nicotine causes early wrinkles and spoils the teeth. No less dangerous and alcohol, spoiling the complexion and contributing to weight gain. If you can’t imagine my life without alcoholic drinks, at least avoid hard liquor and drink quality dry wine, of course respecting the norm.

Healthy sleep and daily routine — the main allies of female beauty and health. It is unacceptable to bring down the circadian rhythms of the body, «changing» day and night. If you still have to do, for example, in connection with the production necessity, it is necessary to have a rest day.

Should listen to the opinion of doctors who believe that immunosuppression leads to chronic diseases and frequent colds that seem to affect the gait and posture, teeth, nails, hair and skin. If you strengthen the immune system, the body can help. Only healthy and properly functioning immune system wins of chronic disease.

Tempted by advertising, many women spend vast sums on beauty products. For the sake of beauty they can easily experiment on their nails, skin and hair, not thinking about the fact that the aggressive components contained in cosmetics, curlers and hair dyes, affect the appearance. Preference should be given to natural and hygienic means of using them minimally necessary quantities.