50 things that should make every woman to stay beautiful and young

Breeches Bordeaux authoritatively stated that there is in the world more hard work than to look beautiful from early morning to late evening.

So it can be trusted in this matter, especially every woman would agree that to maintain themselves in great shape, stay young and beautiful is not so easy. It’s really hard work, but he can deliver the woman a lot of fun and a great result.

1. Consciously strive to look beautiful and attractive. The sincerity of such intentions is the key to a great appearance for years to come. While a woman will not commit itself well, until will not help any one cosmetic product, even very expensive. No need to spare time and energy to maintain youth and beauty. And it is not so much about the actual appearance, but about the attitude to themselves and their beauty. Feel beautiful, youthful and will see you all the rest.

2. Often smile. A smile transforms any face, giving it a charm. Moreover, it is able to create a good mood to you and your surroundings.

3. Keep your back straight. Always pay attention to your posture. The head should be slightly raised, shoulders lowered and pulled back — this gives me confidence and looks great!

4. Let your mood will be positive. Often think about something good, notice their strengths, and you will look harmonious and attractive. Most often women are not even aware of how beautiful they are! Do not underestimate its appeal and notice it!

5. Appreciate your own body and its daily efforts. And who cares what size clothes you wear, what you forms. The body is your loyal ally and colleague, who daily perform a lot of your tasks. Appreciate it!

6. Make your weaknesses strengths. Some celebrities have mastered this technique — make a flaw a real diamond. You should try it, instead of complaints about their own «flaws» to love them, and to turn in a vivid dignity and zest.

7. Openly Express themselves and their individuality. The more you will be open to the world, its beauty, and phenomenal the more attractive you will look in the eyes of other people.

8. Exercise and keep your body in shape. This will allow not only to stay slim and toned, but will also increase the level of endorphins in the body that affect your mood and appearance.

9. Be graceful. An incredible sight you can see a little bit after watching the graceful girl. Her every move is tempting and fascinating, riveting look.

10. Appreciate inner world. Think about how you’re a good man, how much positive you make in the world around people. Your face is already transformed and shone with an inner light!

11. Please. When the eyes radiate goodness, they can’t be ugly. The kinder, nobler woman, her beauty becomes more elegant and more noticeable to others.

12. Relax, never overdo it and do not overdo it. This also applies to the activities of self-care, not to get the opposite effect. The classes themselves should be fun, peace, joy. You can’t bring yourself to exhaustion.

13. Eat right. Eliminate from your diet: sweet, flour, and smoked — they age the skin and contribute to its decay. Let the diet is a lot of fruit and vegetables every day, eat beets. It perfectly cleanses blood, which has a positive effect on appearance. Your skin will glow with health and attractiveness.

14. Be creative and create. Creative people, who from the heart do what you love: draw, sing, embroider, cook, etc. — always look good and much younger than his years. They just satisfied people who do work with pleasure.

15. Find the beauty in everything. Celebrate the beauty of nature, people, art and then your own beauty will sparkle all the facets! Noticing the beauty in everything, you’ll learn to see it in themselves. Your eyes will look a little different and beyond the appearance of not only their own shortcomings, but also a charming dignity.

16. Look at yourself with loving eyes. As you watch your favourite and native people? Why not look through their eyes at yourself, and see, finally, all beauty and attractiveness.

17. Meditate. Try to draw your own beauty from the awareness of belonging to the divine. You inseparably linked with the surrounding beauty, understand and accept its appeal.

18. On an empty stomach, eat a spoonful of Flaxseed. This will cleanse the body, the skin becomes more smooth and fresh, hair and nails — stronger (do not use seeds in the case of the presence of stones in the body, consult your doctor).

19. Eat a small handful of nuts daily. Your hair and nails will be beautiful, strong and healthy.

20. Listen to your favorite music. This exercise, and exercises, and an incredible source of positive emotions. Your soul will rejoice and, as a result, you will become more beautiful and feel younger!

21. Love. About love for myself have talked a bit, and here we are talking about romance. Love transforms any appearance, and the girl in the eyes and blooms a real beauty. And often make love!

22. Select clothes with taste and knowledge. With the help of clothes can highlight your individual beauty and appeal. If you fail to dress themselves so that you have transformed in the eyes, you can consult your stylist. Oh, and wear heels. God bless the man who with the help of heels made all the women slim and attractive.

23. Hug. Give your loved ones and family strong and hot embraces, kisses, which are able to reveal your sensuous nature. A good mood really helps the girls look gorgeous!

24. A good night’s sleep. It is recommended to sleep at least 8 hours, but all very individual. But if you regularly don’t get enough sleep, it will quickly affect your appearance not only in the form of under eye circles, but the General appearance. Tired look gives girls of beauty and grace.

25. Drink plenty of clean water. It is recommended to drink more than 2 liters of water, but choose your rate. It should not be juices, tea, coffee, and clean water.

26. Regularly dance. The dance reveals the grace, beauty and elegance of your body. Dance by yourself or with a partner, but feel the power and agility of his body! Besides this boost of happiness and joy.

27. Know how to correctly apply makeup. It is an indispensable skill that will allow to repeatedly transform the appearance of becoming brighter and more beautiful.

28. Do regular pedicure and manicure. Grooming beauty is in the first place, and his hands and feet eloquently give the ratio of women to themselves and to the world. Follow the status of their handles-legs and delight the world with their beauty!

29. For soft and silky stop regularly moisturize them.

30. Work on gait. Beautiful gait — is an art that will make turn around after you!

31. Every morning wipe the face with ice cubes from broth chamomile or plantain. Toning and skin rejuvenation guaranteed!

32. Exercise for the face (after 25 years). Knead with your fingertips for five minutes on your face. To improve blood circulation, tone and condition the skin.

33. For softening and cleaning the skin of the body add 200 grams of milk or cream in the bathroom.

34. For the beauty and tenderness of the elbows, attach them to slices of lemon for 15 minutes. The procedure must be done once a month for lasting results.

35. Discard bad habits, lead a healthy lifestyle. Limit alcohol, don’t smoke. It is very effect on the skin.

36. Drink a nutritional Supplement rich in Pantothenic acid, zinc, calcium. Your hair will become thicker, stronger and more beautiful.

37. Honey is a great remedy for wrinkles. Make a homemade mask with him.

38. Do not worry about your age, you are only as young as you feel.

39. Before applying the cream, make a steam bath, it will enhance the effect of cosmetics.

40. Be the center of attention. In the company, even if it exudes optimism and cheerfulness, be interested in people, talk to them first. It will make you in the eyes of others is a very attractive person-magnet.

41. Let your teeth will be healthy, white and smooth. A beautiful, white smile rejuvenates for ten years.

42. Let your own home be clean and tidy, beautiful. Mess and dirt will never look harmonious with a beautiful, young woman. Let the home be a cozy, pleasant-smelling. It can be decorated with fresh flowers, paintings.

43. Seek beautiful to serve food. For yourself and guests. Lovingly prepared with your own hands healthy food — the guarantee of health and beauty of your body and spirit.

44. Avoid stressful situations. Zadignose, fussy, frown not very good allies of attractiveness and grace. Don’t worry on the little things, in every situation, radiate calm, optimistic, and you will always look beautiful and dignified!

45. Be confident in yourself. The confidence in her power, attractiveness and youth conquering cities and overseas princes. The more confident you look, the more beautiful you are perceived by others.

46. Pick your flavor. Beauty is always enveloped in a light scent of your favorite perfume.

47. Be thankful for everything. For life and for terms and conditions (whatever they were) for body and face, for satellite and for work — for all the things that you take for granted. You will become a very different place back then, when we learn to be grateful to the world, your beauty will be revealed and will become softer.

48. Protect yourself from ultraviolet radiation. Are not under the direct rays of the sun from 11 to 16 hours. UV light ages the skin and dries it, and a pledge of beauty has always been considered a velvety, smooth skin!

49. Allow the skin to rest. Let once a week the skin is resting, do not apply to her makeup, can even do without the means to care, just keep it clean. Fasting day will allow the skin to relax, gain strength and Shine.

50. Be feminine. For centuries to female qualities include gentleness, kindness, tenderness, humility, modesty. These qualities of a real woman adorn and increase women’s attractiveness.