5 ideas for beach makeup

The beach is not a reason to abandon make-up, especially if you feel uncomfortable with a bare face. Moderate use of water resistant equipment will allow you to remain attractive and confident.

Basic rules of makeup on the beach

  • All the tools that you use must be waterproof, regardless of brand. Give preference to light textures that do not flow in the sun. Experiment with the degree of water resistance of your makeup in advance at home.
  • The first stage of any makeup, if you are going to spend time in the sun, moisturising face cream with SPF factor. For beach, SPF should be at least 30 for fair-skinned blondes — 50+.
  • To avoid the feeling of «mask» on her face, it is not necessary to put a thick layer of dense Foundation. It is better to mix several drops in the sunscreen – you will get an analogue of BB cream with high SPF.
  • The most important means of transforming your look — mascara. Stop for the usual extending or waterproof mascara. Mascara volume under the action of the water tends to roll into clumps.
  • If you are going to use the shadows and blush, they should be waterproof and loose. Creamy means in the heat hold less and often give the skin a greasy look.
  • Instead of lip gloss, apply a lipstick. Opportunities to improve the Shine on the beach you will not, and mouth may look sloppy.

A natural way

Harmoniously on vacation looks the most natural makeup. Prepared as described above the skin, apply a matte powder in the T-zone. Emphasize brow pencil, as close as possible in color, or use a colorless gel for styling. Apply a matte shade of beige or cream color, a brown mascara. Lipstick should also be matte, natural shades.

Bright and perky

Where as on the beach, to Shine bright tropical makeup? Get creative and armed with a fashionable blue, yellow and orange shades. The lash line can emphasize the brown or black water-resistant pencil, carefully rastushevok it. On the protruding part of the cheekbones, apply a little coral or pink blush. Lipstick is also suitable coral, bright pink or orange depending on your color type.

A La 50s

Clear arrows and bright lips is a great addition to fashionable swimwear in retro style. About the intricacies of this make-up we mentioned, we emphasize only that the lipstick and liquid eyeliner should be waterproof. By the way, bright lipstick cherry red or fuchsia will perfectly emphasize the tan.

Bronze glitter

A nice tan will accentuate and makeup in bronze tones, which is relevant for several recent summer seasons. Choose a bronzer that is close to the tone of your tanning and does not contain large pearl particles, as in the bright sun they’re irrelevant. The skin powder the bronzer just above the cheekbones, on the apples of the cheeks, a little on the forehead, eyelids, temples and chin. Tiny amount of pink blush to emphasize the cheeks. On the mobile eyelid apply a bronze shade darker on the lashes – lengthening mascara. Beach makeup in bronze tones, it is better to use soft and light lipstick.