40-year-old woman: specific health and care tips a

Everyone knows the phrase «After forty years the life only begins.» And this is largely true, although until recently it was assumed that after thirty years a woman loses its vitality and attractiveness. Today the forty-year woman very active, independent, purposeful, successful. As a rule, women at this age, hold any managerial position or is developing a serious project. They take care of themselves, know their value.

Old women devoid of any prejudice, to think sensibly, behave fairly relaxed, know how to enjoy life.

However, despite all the advantages, you need to understand that their health is in 40 years is not the same as 20. For this reason, women need to carefully monitor their health. You need to understand what can be the signs of illness and where they can be expected. It is important to monitor your physiology, in time to correct your health, prepare your body for menopause, which should go smoothly, without any complicated problems.

Physiological processes occurring in the body of 40-year-old woman, invariably reflected in the form of various age-related changes. That is why experts in observations and research was developed following periods of women’s biological clock: puberty, sexual maturity, fertility and menopause.

Menopause occurs in all women differently. After forty, close to fifty years the body’s hormonal rebuilt, resulting in very frequent cases of metabolic disorders, various disorders of the muscular, nervous, cardiovascular system, and gastrointestinal tract.

In order to avoid this and make the flow of the climax for the body painless necessary not only to lead a healthy lifestyle and eat right, but to understand that the body needs. In particular, it is important to know about the vitamin complexes, which in each case will be different.

Speaking of proper nutrition, first of all, this refers to the diet and number of meals. It is known that it is better to eat often but in small portions. The last meal should be no later than three hours before bedtime.

Doctors recommend before bed drink a glass of low-fat yogurt, eat an orange or an Apple. To consume or not bakery products – a complex question. And in each case must be addressed individually. Better for this reason to consult with a nutritionist.

Gradually the need to reduce the amount of salt intake because an excess of violate the water-salt metabolism, affects blood pressure, flushes the body needs potassium.

As a rule, women during menopause gaining weight. Accordingly, it is necessary to monitor the amount of consumed sugar, bread, jam.

After forty years of the woman enters into the period of heyday your appearance. To understand this is important. Often women are frightened of the onset of «middle» age, «rushing» in search of a change of image, tending to maligawatte, smartness. You need to follow the fashion trends, «to try on» existing trends, to try new products in the hair cosmetics.

Psychologists found a direct relationship between the appearance of the woman’s state of health and internal sense of self. It is therefore necessary to monitor their weight, hormonal, exercise, have an active life position.